“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week to week

Well I'm home from church today with a hubby who doesn't feel so great so I'm taking a few minutes to relax and blog. Somehow I still haven't gotten back into my blogging groove. I hate that because I love blogging. I still think Instagram makes for an unintentional replacement from time to time with pictures and quick blurbs. If you don't follow me there do that in order to see much more from me. (@findtheskinny)

So two weeks ago my husband and I had found a good gym routine. We were arriving before the New Years crowd each day I was swimming etc. things were good. Then on Wed of that week we got a call that his dad had been taken via ambulance to the hospital unable to breathe. I won't go into a lot of detail but one hospital transfer,  six days in the hospital (2 in ICU) and 4 doctors later he was released into out patient therapy with a diagnosis of having had three strokes stemming from his carotid artery. His road isn't over. He's scheduled for therapy three times a week for 8 weeks and will undergo surgery in a few weeks to clear the artery. Please be in prayer for his recovery. 

I took a selfie of my fear when I got in the ambulance to ride along on the transport! It wasn't too bad. Max speed of 80. Interesting to see what people do though. I saw one car get on the shoulder but stay at 70 mph. I was scared for them! 

In those 6 hospital days we made efforts such as taking the stairs making good choices in the cafeteria and trying to get sleep. However hospitals create a tough situation. You don't want to miss doctor rounds and when you're seeing three doctors a day for that you find yourself planted in an ICU room for 14 solid hours! You make the best food choices possible. But... When you're tired and stressed and your hospital has ice cream snickers for sale.... (If you're me you'll break down and buy one two times over the 6 days) and there is only so much movement you can get in a 10x10 room with enough cords to trip a bird!

Anyhow. We've had a tough time getting back to our routine since he left the hospital. 

Why is it so hard to go after a week off??? And GREAT!... Now it's been two weeks off!

I gained weight the hospital week. Began losing it this week though. Thankfully! We even travelled for work last week. But believe me the movement increased. Busy schedules and our feet for transportation for 4 days. Loved it! Seriously! I took my gym clothes there with an idea of grabbing the routine back but literally the gym wasn't open when we finished each day and the sidewalks were icy. Slick icy. 

Pic of my hubby and I when we took his students to a celebration dinner in the revolving restaurant on the 25th floor. 

So a bad week followed by a better week. 

My plan this week is to write a weekly schedule down tonight with my hubby. Get his mtgs, pep band nights, appts, etc all written down. Get my mtgs all written down. Then schedule in gym time and make a plan. I'll prep food tonight too. (Im going to out my green smoothie ingredients into freezer bags in the freezer for the week. I sure miss my smoothies!  I'm hoping this week can get us on track. 

I can say that this hospital experience didn't sabotage us like the last one when his parents ended up in two separate hospitals at one time during marching band season. That was next to impossible. I find this experience was improved from last time and with the upcoming stay for surgery if we can plan ahead maybe we can keep our routine. 

I just hope that we don't have to visit any hospitals any time soon (except when our new nephew is born). But if we do I hope the next experience we can be more ready for staying on track. 

My view for the upcoming week is the more "perfect" it is the better. I want to plan the cleanest most perfect week possible. I think it will help the routine settle in faster. 

Any tips for any of these things? please comment!

Also I giant thank you to the friends and co workers who offered to bring "my kind of food" to me at the hospital. If ICU had lasted any longer I would have put in my orders.