“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Cardiologist Update

My last post was about my trip to the cardiologist. I forgot to update because the appointment got cancelled because they had accidentally scheduled me with the PA and she cant read the test. So had i gone that day i would have had no info. I did however have my echo done and I called a few days later an was able to get very basic results. The basic results were that my ejection factor increased (improved) by about 5% which I believe bumped me back into normal range.
I go back on Presidents' Day to see the cardiologist to talk in detail. I was pleased with the news!

Post coming tomorrow about my 2012 wrap up and my 2013 goals.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Back to the cardiologist I go tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I am taking my boys choir and show choir to the courthouse to sing on live tv. Then I have my appointment right after school. Then off to my training/Christmas party with the jewelry ladies. Somewhere in there I have to stop to get my gift for the party. Whew! Then Tuesday I take the mixed choir and girls choirs (150 kids total) to the courthouse to perform live and then the concert with all choirs that night. I can't wait until Wed! Seriously. Anyhow. Back to what I was saying.

The cardiologist is supposed to test my ejection factor tomorrow. It is the strength that my heart has when it pumps. It had been weakened. Now that they've lowered my heart rate and palpitations with meds for a few months they are looking for an increase in my ejection factor. Lets go heart! I hope you're stronger tomorrow!!!

I won't know for some time though. I also get to tell them that a ran the 5K this weekend which is big because the palpitations had scared me from races for a little while. I'm proud of myself for moving on. Now I have a race with no medical tent under my belt as the most recent. No longer is it "last time I ran I ended up in the med tent for two hours"

I feel like all of my doctors need Christmas gifts this year... Hmmm...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jingle Bell Solo

So I ran the Jingle Bell Run 5K today with Jamie (my sister in law) and her BFF in Knoxville. We had fun. I was nervous. I've only run sporadically since my 13.1 and certainly hadn't "trained" for this 5K. But I knew that you don't lose your ability over night and I've done other exercises etc to keep in shape. So off we went. Today was Becca's first 5K. So Jamie was going to stick with Becca. We got there and it was a beautiful day. It was a running skirt/ short sleeve day. Could have even gone for a tank top. So we saw lots of costumes etc. it was fun.

I knew I'd be slower than them. I stick with them until .8 miles. I then swapped to intervals. Run/walk alternating run. Few minutes walk one min. At the turn around (half way) I was
.2 miles behind them. I was pretty excited. Thats when my legs started to fatigue though and I slowed my pace. That's when the solo happened. As I ran and my jingle bells jingled it was like a jingle bell choir. People and bells all around. Then it happened. I was jingling alone. Not because I was last but because I somehow ended up alone for like 3 min. Lol. Weird. Anyhow. The choir came back toward the end!
At mile 2.1 I stopped intervals and ran to the end (3.1). I ended about 10 min after them. I ended strong feeling good. Never really got winded today just tired legs.

Glad I did it. These are
The things I will be focusing on with my new type of doctor suggested goals as stated in last nights post.

Here is a picture. Me on the right. Becca in middle Jamie on left.

Friday, December 7, 2012

New puzzle piece.

Ok. So I've been treating hypothyroidism for a few years now with no significant weight improvement as I'd hoped. I've got fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome which I've learned over the last 12 years how to live with almost to the point of forgetting / ignoring. Both of these things can make weight loss more difficult. The Fibro / Mps also become better with weight loss success. Well what the heck?! I need to lose weight to make it better but it makes losing more difficult? Nice! Anyhow moving on that's old news.

So I went to visit my OBGYN a few weeks ago to deal with some pain etc. I was dealing with cysts on my ovaries. Something I'd dealt with before. Well while I was there the doctor and I discussed my struggle to lose weight. I've always made it clear on my blog and to my doctors that one of my main goals is to be at a healthy weight when Brandon and I decide to have kids. He did something nice. He assured me that my current weight is perfectly healthy for a healthy pregnancy. Good to know. Then..... We discussed how he thinks we are dealing with PCOS. I immediately burst into tears. Thank goodness my OBGYN is the kindest person ever. Brandon was sitting there and was mortified I'm pretty sure that I was having a break down in a public building where he was less than comfortable anyhow. So. I then get this sentence out.... "Add that to my list of reasons it's hard for me to lose weight". He passed the Kleenex and we continued. He shared that weight loss would also improve the PCOS. Me: "add that to my list of reasons I need to lose weight!" Bless his heart he just listened and nodded. We discussed possible medicine options that could be helpful but at the moment he was more worried about me feeling better from the immediate issues I was having which also added to my emotional sensitivity. Lol. So he wants me to get back into any healthy habits (exercise and nutrition) that I may have slacked on. He shared that simply being in shape can make many aspects of my health easier. He encouraged me that I've been working hard, doing great things, and just to keep it up and see him in Jan.

Moving on..

I left work on Tuesday afternoon throwing up.

No I'm not pregnant!

I went right away to my general physicians office to make sure I didn't have the flu it's running around pretty crazy right now.

The nurse practitioner saw me. I like her I've seen her before. She walked in and said let's double check your meds. Wanted to make sure her computer was updated. She listed the med the endocrinologist put me on in early Oct. I said "yeah, just picked up a new prescription at the window when I checked in (offices connect). I don't think it works but oh well. Whatever."

So it led us into the infamous weight conversation. She said she wanted me off that med. she agrees with the cardiologist who couldn't "recommend it". She worried about it affecting my heart. So off of it I go.

Then she says. I just happened to notice something interesting on your blood panel from May... She turned the computer around to show me. My glucose was 126. It was the 3rd out of 4 panels if had since establishing care with them. Two were normal two were high. We aren't sure if it was fasting. We don't think it was. Had it been fasting it would have indicated type 2 diabetes. Thank goodness it wasn't so it just indicates higher than normal levels. So she says this with no knowledge of the OBGYN appointment. "Have any of your doctors ever discussed the possibility of PCOS with you?" I almost fell out in the floor. I said yes and described my recent discussion with the OBGYN.

In case you don't know PCOS causes insulin resistance which causes weight gain especially in the mid section.
She talked with me about the same
Med that he did. It is actually a diabetes med that helps with insulin I guess. I haven't read a whole lot yet. She said that if they use that medication and it works I will begin to lose weight because my body will use insulin properly and it will decrease the ovarian cysts.

She said that she thinks this may be the missing puzzle piece to my weight loss success. So I have to eat low glycemic index foods. Kinda like a diabetic eats. She then continued with a discussion about weight. Here was her advice...

Put your scales away. Focus on goals like "running this distance", "going down a pant size", "meeting work out goals" etc. she talked about setting aside society's expectations for my weight and focusing on getting healthy. We talked about her experience recently with working extra hard to she'd an extra 25 lbs. we talked about how when I look back at the half marathon in April I weighed the same
But looked and felt better. I didnt even notice my smaller waist so much because I was stuck in 195 lbs that I was when I ran. All 195 lbs of me ran all 13.1 miles that's all I could think of.

She did give me a plan to combat the icky stomach virus I had and I'm almost 100% again.

So now my plan. To reevaluate my goals listed here on my blog. I'm not going to have goals for every five lbs now. I'm going to have achievement goals. I'm going to set the scales aside and weigh again in a few months. I also see my cardiologist this week. Hoping my heart ejection factor has improved. )That is the strength my heart has when it pumps.) Then I'm making an appointment to discuss PCOS options with my obgyn in Jan. in the mean time I'm working to structure my workouts, nutrition, and goals to accommodate my latest puzzle piece.

New goals coming soon. Accepting all ideas you have.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Upcoming post

I'm sorry I never posted today. I didnt feel well most of the day and was home from work. Then once I started feeling better I got busy doing other things to prepare to go back to work.

Ill try again tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Changes are under way...

So tomorrow when I have more time I will be writing a good post and revamping part of my blog (the goals
Section). I was redirected in my goals
At the doctor today. A lot has happened medically since my endocrinologist appointment. It's a bitter sweet type update. They may have found the problem, but unfortunately there is a problem.

Last week I visited my obgyn and that's when this began. Today I had to leave work with a stomach virus and I went to my doctor. I saw the PA there and she had noticed some things in my chart leading to discussion about my weight which all came full circle to
The obgyn's opinion again.

I've been on the couch with diet ginger ale and whole wheat saltine crackers all afternoon/night. I would love to post now but I am tired and would like to have better focus when I make my changes and my post about the changes.

Check back tomorrow for the new post.

Lose it before they do challenge. I lost 1.5 lbs in Nov. how did y'all do?

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Yeah so I lost about 1 lb during thanksgiving break. I was excited. A pound loss for me is huge much less during thanksgiving. I just wanted to share. I'm proud to say that I had awesome portion control at both family meals. :)

How did y'all do?

Don't forget to submit your Nov Lose it Before they do challenge numbers to me on Sat of this week. If you didn't submit October you can add that to it.

Happy Start of your week!

Friday, November 23, 2012


So I've really been struggling lately. The medicine that the endocrinologist prescribed is not working very well. I have not been as on too of my nutrition as I could have been. I feel like I get so many opinions from so many directions. It's nuts!!!

I recently saw Chris Powell on dr oz sharing about carb cycling. It made sense. There was science behind it. Then I was at the chiropractors office this week for help with my fibromyalgia which made a big appearance last week. She talked to me about my weight and said I need zero carbs. I said "what about energy to work out?" She told me that its a myth that we need carbs. They we can get energy from veggies. Ok so I'm pretty sure she's good at adjusting my back and hips and I had great results between that and the hour massage I got in the office as well. But that carb advice I believe was a bunch of bull.

So My husband and I are at my parents for Thanksgiving. I got to be around lots of thin family and wish that I could be thin too. I was in my room and noticed a stack of pictures I had taken off the wall in the summer for mom to repaint that room. I pulled out school dance pictures. I've always known that I gained weight my senior year but I never really looked at how much my body changed. When I was a junior and younger I thought I was fat. Now I look at those pics as some of the few pictures I can now see myself as thin in. During my senior year I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome and began the Fibro journey. I also became drum major for the band so I quit marching and quit playing soccer. All at once. At soccer we used to run 2-4 miles a day at practice. When I had games with band I'd run 4 miles then report to the game. It was just life. I also played tennis which included a great deal if agility work. I still did tennis my senior year but hadn't conditioned all fall and winter like normal. I've included a picture of three formal dance pictures. Sophomore and junior years (very similar) then senior year.

After my senior year mom and I did the south beach diet and I lost like 25 pounds before heading off to college. I guess that's when my struggle really began. I also include a picture from August 2003 at my freshman year college band camp. (Where i met my husband) I'm in the center of the pic with shorts on. It's amazing how quickly I lost the weight after that may.

These are just my thoughts here. No profound ideas or challenges. Just my thoughts. I'm tired of being fat. I want to be thin. In trapped in my own body. I need a plan. One I can stick to. One that depends on me and no one else.

The last picture I added is from yesterday. I'm happy as can be but I'm stuck in this fat suit!!!

Pictures may not be in order. I'm on my blogger app.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A series of FORTUNATE events!

So after my half marathon in April I spent time at cardiologist appointments, on a heart monitor for way too long, and being nervous to run so I got out of the habit. Then hot weather hit. I hate running hot. I wonder if ill like it when I no longer have chub rub and 70 extra pounds on me?

So long story short I didn't run May-Oct... 6 months not running. I trained for my half last year in 8 months. So I was scared of how much undoing could have happened in 6 mo.

So I'd been tempted recently to run the 13.1 that Rock n Roll series is bringing to Lexington in march for the first time. I went back and forth. Never quite convicing myself to lace up and go out the front door.

My brother and sister in law sent me a birthday present last week and it gave me a nudge when I opened it. It was a new Tervis tumbler with a pink top and a patch inside the layers that says 13.1. (I also got a set of cool personalized coasters).
So the fact is once you run 13.1 you forever and always have the right to display that number in whatever way you chose. You can never run ever again and still rightfully have the 13.1 sticker on your car etc. but it gave me the fever to do it again.

The weather is cool and brisk here in KY right now which is my very favorite running weather.

I took my 13.1 cup to school this week for my water cup that I keep near my piano. All of my 8th graders pretty well know I ran 13.1 because they had me for class when I did it. But the 7th graders don't know.

So here came the questions....

"What does 13.1 mean?"
Me- "half marathon"
"How many miles is a half marathon?"
Me- "13.1"
"Ohhhh... So YOU ran a half marathon!!!"
Me- "yes I sure did"

I had variations if this conversation multiple times this week. One of them was an 8th grader that must have just been dazed out the day the newspaper and run2walk followed me with cameras all day. Lol

But it got me to thinking...

How sad that these kids are surprised that I did that? Yes I ran a half marathon at 195 lbs. sure did. Now I know I can do it again. But I don't want people to look shocked anymore. I want it to make sense when people see me. I also want my students to see me do it again. I'm a role model for them beyond choir and singing. I hope that my running made a difference for a kid last year. Maybe it can do it again.

So I came home with intensions to run. I decided to get ready and go. I also decided to charge my phone and rest while it charged. Two hours later I woke up. (It was a long week folks) and I found myself making excuses. It's late... It's dark... I don't like to run when Brandon is not home. But I had todo it. Just like I posted on Facebook before my nap "in going running. I'm tired of letting myself and others down"

So I laced up an went.

I'm using Jeff Galloways app for 13.1 training on my iPhone and I love it!

I broke through tonight and I can't wait to keep going!

I'm glad that these little things here and there added up to my motivation to get back out there.

"Lose it before they do" challenge

I heard from Brooke she lost 5 lbs in Oct. lemme hear from the rest of you no stayed the same. Sorry I'm asking late. Forgive me :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Results so far!

Here is results so far for September! Good job everyone. Leslie lost several inches during September which is awesome. Brooke is joining the challenge starting in Oct. I'm excited for her to join! I put + 1 for me. It actually went +5, -4.... So I recovered from a big set back and I'm thankful that its +1 and not +5. I have a good feeling about October. If you read my most recent post I talked about the endocrinologist appointment. So far my the new med is doing good. I can tell a difference in how I feel when I eat. Kinda hard to explain, but I feel like I'm processing the food better.

If you haven't reported for September go on and send me your info and Ill add you in. Want to join us? Read the "Lose It Before They Do" post and send me your info.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lose it before they do challenge - 1 month down

Hey y'all. It is Sept 30th. That mean its the day to report your successes from September!!! Send them on in and I'll
Report back tomorrow. All I need is pounds lost in Sept. below is the list again of those participating with their goals. If you have t signed in yet then send me your goals any sept success you may have had. Just now starting? Send me your goals and head back over to the Lose It Before
They Do Challenge Post for details.


Friday, September 28, 2012

So heres the new deal....

Ok, so I went to the endocrinologist today (I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow when people are actually awake).  I had very mixed emotions both on the way to the appointment and when I left.  Thanks to my brother for helping me sort out my feelings afterward (and Nola too).

I've been so determined to do all of this weight loss on my own with no help.  I've done that now for over 18 months solid.  The last two months have not been as intense because of my crazy busy schedule, but I've still be trying none the less.  So 18 solid months and 2 months of trying less intensely.

Along the way, I've had all the cardiologist stuff too., which is going well.

I've posted before about how strong I feel.  I ran a half marathon, I've done some awesome workouts with trainers, I can totally keep up in RIPPED class.  Its just that I feel like I'm in a fat suit.  I seriously feel like a skinny girl inside a fat suit.  I dream of the day that I run without my 60 extra pounds of fat going with me.  I dream of going to yoga and being able to stretch to my full potential because no stomach fat will hold me back.

So, after my regular doctor (who is awesome) and my cardiologist both suggested an endocrinologist appointment my regular doctor scheduled it for me.  I got there and was nervous.  If something is wrong maybe they can fix it and it will help, but I don't want something to be wrong.  Ya know.  Weird mix of emotions.

I got there and the Dr. was nice.  He listened a lot and we discussed all of the million tests that have been run so far.  EVERYTHING has been normal so far.  My thyroid is still balanced by the smallest dose possible of Synthroid.  My doctor said that means that my hypothyroidism is so minor that there is no way that it is causing the issue.

So here is his opinion:  He believes that I am genetically predisposed to being overweight and to having a struggle to lose (like my body doesn't like to burn fat).  I've had plenty of the simple calorie in / calorie out being correct for loss and nothing happening.  He asked about my family and I shared that I'm the biggest one.  You can look below and see that I just look swollen compared to my other family members.  I told them that Mom and Dad both have had weight loss success from time to time and that my brother has a BMI of like 3.6, not 36 like mine.  My brother recently told me that he was planning to lose 1-2 lbs for his next marathon.  I almost went through the phone. LOL, just kidding.  I'm so happy that he is in so much control of his weight.  I can't wait to be there myself.

So, the plan..... He is running test on my Pituitary Gland and my Adrenal Gland.  He does not expect any imbalances there.  He said they would be rare, but he wanted to run the tests to be sure.

So, the next step when we determine that there are no imbalances that we can fix and it will be confirmed that it is a genetic issue that keeps my body from allowing me to lose weight (I used to think that was a lie that overweight people said to make themselves feel better.... now I feel bad because its actually true).  The doctor has determined that my body needs help.  He said that I need Medical intervention to lose weight.  So I have a medicine he gave me (not a diet pill) that is intended to help boost my adrenaline function and metabolism to go along with my calorie counting/healthy eating and work out regimen.  He wants to see me back in two months and expects that I will have lost some weight at that point.  He wants me to lose 60-65 lbs.  Thats so much, but to have a specialist tell me I can do it was really good.  I have hope again.  There is a possibility that this medicine can raise my heart rate back up, but for now I'm just monitoring it and giving it a shot.

I hope that none of my readers judge me because I've allowed an endocrinologist to prescribe me assistance in my weight loss.  I called my brother and said "I've been so determined to do this on my own with no medicines or drinks, or pills. How do I blog about this?" My brother's answer , "Your blog has always been about being open and honest right?" That's all he had to say.  I've not jumped into one of those million products that I've blogged about staying away from by doctors orders.  This is actually a medication to help my body get up to speed.  I have hope again that I can do this.  There are so many reasons that I want to lose weight and it is important to me.  They are listed below:

Reasons to Lose:
-I want a healthy pregnancy when its time
-It will help me manage my fibromyalgia better than ever
-I might feel pretty again and feel good about myself
-I want my body to be as healthy as possible so I can live my life up to my potential.

As I was telling my husband about this tonight I said "I just dont fell pretty" His response "I think you are pretty"  What a great husband!

I look forward to seeing some  improvement.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So I had surgery yesterday to extract a tooth. Fun times! The doctor did a great job. The anesthesia they use is amazing. I can remember parts of the procedure but didn't feel a thing and I woke up with very little "hangover".

I struggled with nausea off and on yesterday but that is likely because I struggled a bit to sit and do nothing. I went out with my mom to do a few things (use a coupon at NY&Co that was expiring and go to the band booster meeting because I am in charge of the up coming contest)
My body felt so exhausted yesterday. Very weak and achy almost. It's weird how anesthesia and meds can affect you.

So I took it extra easy when I got home last night. Slept well and feel better overall this morning but my face feels like it was punched!

So my eating is all different. I can have anything hard or pokie (like nuts/popcorn) so yesterday my diet consisted of chicken noodle soup, Ramon noodles, potato soup, and Mac n cheese. Not too terribly healthy but they were definitely in moderation. It took me two settings to finish a small cup of potato soup because of the nausea. Blah!

So let's see what today brings. Below is a picture of me after surgery. Lol. They tied my ice to my head for the trip home! Very fashionable!

Challenge update:
Two gals added info. It's all listed below. Check for accuracy please.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Challenge Update

So here is what I have so far from people on the Lose It Before They Do Challenge. Check your info to make sure it's correct...

First number is Jan 1 goal. Second number is finale goal. Some just have a Jan 1 goal and that's cool too!
Shout out to Jamie and Whitney who will hit their goal weights if they hit their goals here! Yay!

One more week to enter the challenge! Tell your friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lose It Before They Do Challenge

Okay, so who's the biggest Biggest Loser fan ever?!!!! THIS GIRL!

I'm sure that I have many readers who are huge fans as well.  I have never missed an episode since the Season Premier back in fall of 2004.  I was a sophomore in college in the midst of losing 20 lbs before I performed at Carnegie Hall with the Murray State Wind Ensemble when the show premiered which made it perfect for motivation for me.  I think back to times like that and I realize that I really didn't want to perform in NYC without looking better so I made it happen.  Here is a picture of me the first night in NYC in spring of 2005.  This is by far my healthiest weight in my adult life.  Shout out to my good friend Beth in the picture with me (I'm on the left).  She was my work out buddy.  We MADE each other do it. LOL.  The university workout facility was brand new and it was out my back door of my dorm.  Pretty convenient

Ok, enough of that side track and rambling.  My point.... I'm a huge BL fan and its always been a motivator for me! 

So how many of you are just like me and EVERY season you say you are going to lose weight with the contestants and end up mad one week when someone on the show drops below your current weight.  Then you find yourself totally unmotivated.  I do it every season, every season.  I mean I'm always happy for them but I don't want to weight more than someone that is not done with their Biggest Loser season.  I wanted to do it too!  Then my poor husband has to listen to me: "Honey, does my 190 lbs look like her 190 lbs?", "Brandon, do my calves look likes hers, I mean we weigh the same, but do I carry my 190lbs different" I mean what is he really supposed to say? "yes" "no".  He usually finds a way to exit the room. LOL. I don't blame him.

So, I was terribly disappointed when I jumped my DVR ahead the other day and discovered that it was not going to start recording BL for me this month because it isn't coming on this month.  To me BL seasons are just as much Sept. as Labor Day (no disrespect  to Labor Day).  So what am I going to do now?  I heard from some former BL contestants on Twitter that the wait would be worth it, but how can  I WAIT!!! What will I do!?!

So I started thinking.  Why lose weight with the contestants this upcoming Jan. season and chance the dreaded "they pasted me up week"?  I'm gonna do it now!!! I'm gonna lose it before they do!  So I am challenging myself to lose a certain amount of weight (see below) before the season starts.  That way I have a jump start on the contestants and maybe just maybe no one will pass me up (until the finale where someone's goal weight might just be less than mine).  I can totally do this this time.  I'm not going to be disappointed for the 14th season in a row.  13 seasons was enough.  I'm going to have a finale party at my house and its going to be to celebrate the success I have had as well.! (and hopefully some of my local friends as well)

So here is my challenge.... set two number goals....

Goal one - weight to be at Jan. 1 so that you've got a jumpstart on the BL
Goal two - weight to be at at the end of April for the finale (don't know the date yet)
Write it down, post it here in comments and I'll do updates each month on where we all are in reference to our goals.  You can send me weights or lbs to lose either way.  

So here is my info for my goals:

Lose 24 lbs by Jan 1. / Be 175 lbs on Jan. 1
(6 lbs a month / 1.5 lbs per week)

Lose 48 lbs by end of April / Be 151 lbs. for Finale

I still won't be at my goal weight but I'll be within 20 lbs and have accomplished a lot more than I ever have before.  So, go ahead.  Make a goal and send it to me.  Tweet it to me, Facebook it to me, or comment it here.  Maybe you need to lose 10 lbs, maybe 50 lbs like me or more.  Whatever you need. Make your goal known and lets do it together.  Get to goal setting and sending. Remember you can simply send me lbs to lose.  There is no need to send me your weight unless you are like me and feel very freed by putting the number out there.  I hope to hear from a lot of you.  I would like to do some kind of small prize for whoever hits their goals most consistently but I'm not sure how to determine that.  Stay tuned for that info. 

*** I need goals by Sept. 15th and the first report back on how Sept. went by Sept 30th ***
***I'll report on the first of Oct***

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here goes the fresh start

Ok so I've recently mentioned my preparation for a fresh start in this crazy journey of weightloss that I'm on.  I mentioned previously that I wanted to give the Curves nutrition plan a try again.  Looking back over the years it was the most successful plan that I've ever been on and it super easy to plan for and stick to.  In the book there are recipes (good recipes) for every meal in every phase.  So when you don't want to think through all of the ratios too much you can pick a recipe and the ratio will work for that meal.  The further you go the easier it gets to substitute the parts of the meals to create your own.  You can do that from the beginning if you have the time and desire to do all the math and figuring.
So here is how the curves nutrition plan works.  I've been reading the book over the last week or so just familiarizing myself with the plan again.  
It works in phases on a 30 day cycle:
 ***All three phases have the same carb/protein/fat ratios***
Phase 1 is 7 days long and is your lowest calories and is used as a jump start basically.  
Phase 2 increases your calories to protect your muscles and metabolism and lasts for the remaining 23 days.
Phase three is after the 30 days of Phases 1 and 2.  It is intended to last for 2-4 weeks.  It is designed to give the body a break and teach you and your body to maintain weight after weight loss.  During this phase it is your goal to maintain your weight.  At the end of your two weeks or if you begin to gain weight you start over at Phase 1.
The only thing that changes between the phases is the caloric intake, that is what makes the phases really easy.  The ratios stay the same.  You just keep choosing meals and adjust with snacks etc.
I am on the lower carb/ higher protein version.  They have a higher carb version as well.  This is determined by body type.  I gain weight in my mid section and crave carbs a lot therefore I'm going to hold my carbs to 30% of my caloric intake each day.

Thank goodness that I can manually adjust my ratios in myfitnesspal app on my iphone and it will tell me my goal of grams for each section each day.  Picture below...

This idea may seem complicated but it really really isn't.  I'm thankful that I still have all the tools.  

I tried my favorite recipe from the Curves book recipes today for lunch.  Here is a picture, the recipe is on the left of the page under "healthy recipe of the week"

I lost 3 lbs this past week just by cutting down on my portion size.  So that was successful and exciting!  I'm now 198 instead of 201.  THANK GOODNESS!!!
I'm glad my trip to the 200s was short lived (one week) and I'll never go back!

I have totally revamped my rewards for each 5 lbs since I'm starting over.
I got to 10 lbs previously, but its all brand new now.  

I'm still blank on a few rewards and so I'm open for suggestions if you have any.

I also renewed mine and my husband's membership at the gym this weekend. That got me excited about getting back into the gym.  I had some text conversations with my trainer this weekend which I needed.  I can't wait to get back into my healthy routine.

So here goes.  Tomorrow I begin Phase 1....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Searching for the wagon. Going for a test drive.

So in my previous post I shared that not only had I fallen off the wagon I felt like I had lost the wagon all together. I have had quite the morning. This post is going to be very blunt and straight forward. I hope it empowers someone else to be open/blunt to help themself.

Got on the scale this morning. I knew I'd gained weight. Recently I was walking on eggshells at work for fear that one of my darling students would ask me if I was pregnant. because in my opinion, I looked like it. Every last bit of weight I've gained ha been in my mid section.

So. I stepped on the scales. "200.0"!
I jumped off, removed my hair clip and peed and jumped back on. "199.6"
Ok, much better. I said to myself. I must do something! I must do it NOW!

I felt as though all I the hard work over the last 18 months was for nothing but apparently it was doing something because when I quit I gained 10 lbs.

I thought to myself yesterday that I can be thin one day. I really can.

So I called one of my very best friends who also has struggled with weight loss being successful for her. I'm talking we were on the phone before 8:00 AM! I shared all of this with her. We talked about her recent efforts and we decided to be accountability partners and see what we can do.

I share with her that two years ago when I lost 20 lbs just before we moved I got down to 171 and I remembered how I did it.... The Curves eating plan. When we lived in TN there were no gyms worth joining (based on cost vs. what they offered). So I joined Curves. Loved/Hated it. I loved the atmosphere and the support, hated the type of exercise as an athlete I'd always been used to a high intensity and at Curves I just couldn't get that. It did help but it just wasn't my thing. But 90% of Curves is about nutrition and the lady there who was sweet as could be was so helpful. I learned quite a bit. I stopped going to curves when my contract was up but continued the eating plan as I started taking Zumba classes 3 days a week at the local gym where you could pay per class without a membership. I loved it. I lost 20 lbs.

The weight came back on during the moving process and I've faught it ever since. So I was discussing this with my friend and she said "it's worth a try again for sure". I went to the kitchen an pulled the book out.

Guess what ? It's all about ratios (where do your calories come from? Fats? Proteins? Carbs?)

My most recent discussion with my doctor was in reference to decreasing my fat% in my calorie ratios and I got overwhelmed thinking about such a detail. I am a math person but struggled to determine how to adjust my diet to change my ratios.

The curves diet is full of great recipes and it give you your ratios and grams for each day and each recipe fits into a category that you can pull from for each meal/snack to get your ratios right. They teach you how to substitute to eat most anything but it can be as simple as pulling a recipe from each category for each meal each day.

My favorite recipe from Spring 2010? Quick Chicken Nachos. Brandon loved it too. He did curves with me. I have all of his calorie amounts and ratios written in. He lost weight too. So I'm thinking it worked before it will work again. So here it goes. I can't wait until tomorrow but I have a busy busy day so today it's all about portion control and avoiding sodas an sweets. Tomorrow I will hit the grocery and get this underway.

I think I'm back!

I do t have time to post the diet details this morning but I'll post them tonight or tomorrow. I've got 4 jewelry shows in the next four days (starting today) and today is the first band competition so life is a balancing act right now. Welcome to Fall!!!

I'm glad to be back!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I lost my wagon!

Ok all this doctor stuff has made me fall off the wagon. I think it ran off without me!

I cooked a healthy meal for dinner and it was so great!

I knew I had to get back to it when I hit the scales this morning and they said 197! I gained 4 pounds above my highest weight!

Then I had a friend request on MyFitnessPal today and felt bad that there is nothing there that I have done. So here I am saying that I've been off the wagon and I'm getting back on. Plain and simple!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There is no TRY!

Today has been my first day on my beta blocker.... The only thing I notice is that I'm tired.  That is an expected side effect.  My pulse is down in the low 90s today... was a solid 100 this morning.  I'm looking forward to having the medicine balanced in my system.  I think the drowsiness will go away as my body gets used to it.

I just wish I weren't over weight.  I want to unzip this silly fat suit and walk out of it and be who I am.  I am a bubbly person just like my cardiologist said yesterday.  If you met me but didn't know me you might think I'm hyped up on coffee but in reality I don't drink caffeine at all.  Crazy I know.  But that is who I am and it'd be so much more fun to be that way if my body didn't lag behind.

Just a few thoughts for the day.  I went back and found this quote from my post 13.1 blog post in May...

I was standing in Sherwin Williams purchasing paint for my classroom when the owner of the local running store came in.  Last time she saw me I was training for 13.1  I got to tell her today that I completed it.  It felt so good to go back to that moment.  I think I want to do a race again.  I'm thinking that the 10K here in town in October might be just right.  Would love to do another 13.1.... I want to get my heart all better before I do that again though.  I'm getting impatient.  I want to get back out there.

I will lose my fat suit one day.  Not sure if it will be from 10 years of persistence and a half a pound a month or if it will be because they find an imbalance in my endocrine system.  Not sure, but what I do know is that I WILL lose the fat one day.

I've been working in my jewelry business on not saying I'll try, but rather deciding what I'm going to do.  I'm applying it here too....

To quote yoda... "NO!, tryeth not!, you either do or do not... you do not try!"

So there ya have it.  I'm sad that its not happening faster, I've had obstacles but I'm not giving up!

Not going to lie though... I wonder if they find an imbalance if I will get back pay for all of my hours on end of hard work and have weight melt off.  hmmm...? We'll See!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cardiologist Appointment went well!

So When I arrived at the cardiologist's office I was not cool with being there really.  I'm 27... I don't like to be in waiting rooms with lots of  "old people" it makes me feel like I have a weird health issue that I shouldn't have.  It's just my own silliness.  My doctor's office staff was great, they didn't make me feel bad for being there.  They were very nice.  I did pulse rate (of course it was like 97), blood pressure was good, did an EKG (nothing quite like being exposed within 5 minutes of arriving).  The physicians assistant was fantastic.  I loved her!  She reminded me of my Aunt Janie in her mannerisms.  When the doctor came in he, too, was very nice.  I was complimented on how healthy I am and how bubbly I was.  They say they don't get bubbly patients very often.  I guess not huh?

So here is what they determined.....

My heart rate is too high (odd for a person in good shape) my resting heart rate is in the 90s usually. 

I do have tachycardia which causes something called "skipped beats" which really aren't skipped at all. Its kind of an extra beat but not really that either.  Its actually a palpitation. Think of it this way...
     *your heart beats once per second (just an example)
     *this "skipped beat happens after only .5 seconds and has very little blood to push
     *so the next beat then happens after 1.5 seconds and pushes extra blood out like a canon, that is
       why I feel that beat in my throat.

On my 2D echo the cardiologist also noticed a slight "wimpy-ness" as he called it.  It is a very slight weakening of the heart due to a consistent rapid pulse.  This is how he knows that I'm not imagining my symptoms.  It is not damage to my heart to worry or be concerned about but an indicator that the rapid rate has been for an extended amount of time.  He said this is not a big deal, nothing to worry about, he said it was so slight he almost noted it normal.  He said on a scale of 1-10 it was a 1, I asked him if we could call it a .5 and he said yes.  So we are calling it a .5 :)

He actually got to hear a palpitation while I was there... It was one that I did not feel, which kinda freaked me out because it made me feel like I must have more than I realize :/

So what now?....

I will begin taking a "beta blocker" to slow my heart rate down.  He said "I don't want to slow it down to much and crimp your style".  Everyone that knows me knows that I'm hyper, but my doctor thinks that is good and wants to keep me that way.  If you met me only once you might think I'm a coffee addict which is not true, in fact I do not consume caffeine.  Imagine if I did. OMG!

Once my heart rate is slower it will decrease the palpitations and will also allow my heart to strengthen back up.  Yay. Maybe I can go from .5 to .0!

I think its funny that I do so much to strengthen my heart but its actually weak from resting at to high of a rate.  Its all kinda funny.  I asked the doctor why a rapid rate doesn't just burn more calories and make the weight fall off....

So on to that point... the weight....

He is concerned that I haven't had any weight loss success at my activity level and nutrition habits.  So he has ordered tests that have to do with the endocrin system.  My cortisol levels which indicate adrenal gland function and other things along with a few other hormones that include T's and H's and have to do with my thyroid, and my electrolytes.  He things between him, my regular doctor and an endocrinologist that we can  find something that may not be in balance that can help.  He understands my desire to be at a healthy weight before having children and wants to help me get there.

So basically this is the beginning of what may prove to be quite a journey. 

I'm a bit nervous to take the beta blockers but I know they will make me feel better.  I go for blood work in the morning and then we go from there.  I'm not restricted at all, in fact he wants to make sure my dosage of beta blockers does not affect my energy and keep me from exercising. 

So, please keep me in your prayers and I'm going to keep trying and keep blogging and one day I'll findtheskinny!  Right now I feel like a healthy person in a fat suit, one day I'll feel like a healthy person in the right body!

Thanks for reading. 

Doctors Opinion

I haven't posted since my physical two weeks ago. I got some thoughts from him that are both good and bad depending on how I look at it. Some days I like what I heard some days I don't. I also traveled for two weeks and just don't have much time to blog. So here is what happened at the physical.

Background: at last years physical my doctor and I discussed how in 6 months (that I had been actively and consistently working on my weight through healthy eating and exercise)
That I wasn't please with my lack of weight loss. He checked my thyroid and was pleased. He suggested at the time that I increase my intensity. At the time I had a hard time sweating during workouts so maybe intensity was the answer? I worked on that with my trainer set new goals etc.

I also changed trainers and set my half marathon goal. I accomplished thT goal an many others. Through drinking citrus water I was able to activate my sweat glands and began sweating a lot. I knew my intensity was not lacking. I've posted before about being strong. I am strong. I feel like I'm very healthy. Just fat.

I spoke with my doctor t this physical. I now had worked consistently for 18 months and hadn't lost a pound. I would lose a few pounds here and here but I fluctuate badly up an down 4-5 pounds at a time. Not true weight loss. I told my doctor that I an do yoga, ripped class, run 13.1, mountain bike, and do 50 pushups (the right and real way) in one training session but I still feel like I'm wearing a fat suit.

I can only imagine how much easier pushups would be or how much faster I could run without this extra 50 lbs. I also know (and my doctor agreed) I shouldn't have to go forever without a treat or something sweet. I should be able to lose weight doing what I do even with a sweet treat once in a while. Everyone seems to think I just don't work hard enough. "I shouldn't have had that ice cream on vacation" or whatever. But the fact is its a healthy lifestyle not a restricted diet. I'm rambling now.

Anyhow. I had the heart issues after the race. My heart monitor showed extra intermittent beats (whatever that is)

He ordered a heart echo. I did that last week.

My doctor wants to see what the cardiologists thinks and possibly an endocrinologist to see of we can get to the bottom of my inability to shed the weight. So he told me "you're doing everything right. You Gould be losing. Keep doing what you're doing and let's see what we can figure out."

Good part- in doing good and working hard verified by my doc.

Bad part- its not getting me anywhere.

So here I sit at the cardiologist office wondering. I'll blog tonight!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The reason I blog is to motivate others but also myself. If the world is my accountability partner and I never know who reads then I have to bring my A game all the time. No exceptions.

So a few things. Below you see my latest before and after picture. Left side is my first ever trainer Jan of 2010. Right side is my 2nd trainer with me. He stopped by a cook out at my house to say hi. So that picture was June 2012. I have only lost like 4 lbs in that time (was about 10, but I put on weight training for the half). But I've lost 7+ inches in my waist etc. I think my posture is better. I think that I just look healthier. I hope you can see the difference too. I hope it's not just wishful thinking on my part.

2nd thing... I was at a friends wedding tonight. I did a reading and it was a Catholic wedding (my first to attend, I'm Baptist). I was nervous but it went well I was confident walking up in front of people. I actually enjoy public speaking an it gets easier to do those things as I get in better shape.

At the reception I saw a girl that I worked with at the mall in high school (I hope I have that right Anna... Sometimes I get blurry on where I know people from). Anyhow. We are Facebook friends and I saw her and we spoke and she told me that she has been watching me on facebook and is motivated by what I do. She wants to lift weights more and ha already run her first 5K. She's so pretty and bubbly and seems to just want to be healthy and fit. She's a thin girl. I'm so glad to have spoken with her and refreshed me on why I do what I do. I love having those chats with people. I hope I motivate someone each time I blog and just know that having readers motivates me. Thanks!!!

Also a picture below with my hubby tonight after the wedding reception.

Friday, July 6, 2012


So we have been here to visit my parents and family along with my brother, sister in law and nephew who also came to town.

I haven't really been logging my food. Well I haven't logged at all. Here's what I've been doing...

Watching portion sizes

Not snacking between meals

Having a few treats (key lime pie in a small portion size) so that I don't go over board.

Relaxing and enjoying my time here.

I brought my weights and pull up bar and I'm ashamed to say that if I use them in the morning it will be my first time and it's our last day here :/
Haven't been quite disciplined on exercise here.

So what I'm curious about is what my weigh in will be like on Monday...

It's been nice to relax and be away. I'm headed to Texas next week and I'm determined to do better there than I did here. I'll be up and going much more there. So maybe it will be easier to stay in routine. My hotel has an awesome gym there. I plan to utilize it!

Quick update on Miss Gracie (her story is on the right side of my page)
She went to the vet on Monday and has officially lost 3 lbs. she is 19 lbs now. Her goal weight! Yay Gracie! 3 pounds was 15% of her starting weight just to put that in perspective that is like me losing 28.5 lbs! Big deal for her! She's maintained for several months! Now if I can keep her weight down through winter we will be good.
This might seem silly but I take my pets weight/health very seriously. I feel that it's my responsibility because she can't take care of that on her own.

Very random post here but I wanted to add some thoughts from this trip.

I wonder if the relaxation has helped? Maybe destressing has helped?

I hve mentioned many times that I lose inches but not so much pounds and that I can tell a lot of difference in my body. Check out the pictures I adds to the right of my trainers. Picture on too is with Linda my current trainer taken back in Feb. then a more current picture with my 2nd trainer Chad taken in June. (he stopped by to say hi). I can see a difference between the pictures. Then you can look all the way back to winter of 2010-2011 with my first trainer Greg. I think it's been consistent progress. Not rapid but consistent. Maybe one day the pounds will leave too. I have a physical on Monday and plan to discuss my struggle with my doctor.

Here are some pics from the trip!
Oooing and Awwing at the fireworks with my nephew

My awesome nephew! 17 months old 
My hubby and I!!!

My family (mom, dad, brother, sis in law, nephew, hubby and myself)
My 19 pound healthy Jack Russell... Gracie!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Products and why I love Twitter

So since I began blogging I've been approached by friends about four different products for weight loss / health etc. I will not name any of these products out of respect for those who use them and I wont mention who has suggested products to me. I will say that every single person who has approached me has been someone in my life who I respect and trust.

That's where the problem comes in. When I see a commercial or general statement by someone on Facebook etc it's easy to hear it, listen, and go on about your day... However when it's someone you respect and trust you start to put thought into it. A lot of these people or I'll say all of the people I'm referring to in my life have had good success with their product. So if I take a product will I have some success? Most likely! But I set out to do this naturally. That's what easily came out of my mouth when I was first talked to about a product 18 months ago. The longer I struggle the more I think over them. The fact for me is that neither my trainer or my doctor have approved any of these products for me. Does that mean they are bad? No! Just not for me. I have a physical in a week where I will ask about the last two products I've been approached about. Not because I want to use them but because I do like to have a conversation with him about them. If my doctor ever thinks that one is good for me it will then become a discussion. For now that has yet to be the case.

I've been at this steady for 18 months and I've lost as much as 12 lbs and right now I sit at 3 lbs... Why?! Well last time I visited my doctor last summer he suggested I increase my intensity. I did that for sure. My body has learned how to sweat like I don't think it knew how! So when I see him I'll ask about what to try next for better results. Since I have hypothyroidism there could be some things out of whack. I don't know. I can say that I'm gaining muscle on a regular basis and I see new tone and definition each week. So I must be losing fat to be maintaining/slowly losing at the same time. Maybe the pounds will show up soon, or should I say not show up soon.

What I do know is that one day I will meet my goal. I'm headed that direction and when I get there and I didn't use a product I'll be so proud!!! Sometimes my motivation to lose weight, which comes from many different goals, can tear me down in itself and make me want to give in. I'll give a very candid example. I want to be at a healthy weight before getting pregnant. Guess what? Our timeline is getting closer everyday but my goal weight doesn't. Now that can make a women desperate! I don't want to let me, my husband, or my future kids down when it comes to being a healthy mom with a healthy pregnancy. I'll tell you how this goal originated. I thought this...
"I've never been at my ideal weight...
... When I'm pregnant I will have weight to lose afterward....
If I start from above my ideal weight then after pregnancy I'm headed to a weight I've never been at before"

Now THATs setting me up for frustration because if your body has been there before it has a bit of a memory to get you back. If not your body just says "what the heck!"

Another reason for the goal is that I don't want complications or anymore difficulty than necessary during that time. So the more in shape you are the better.

Last and least reason for the goal. When I post my obligatory Facebook preggo pics I'd like to be cute and not all puffy. I'd like to glow and look
Healthy. I think that would be hard if I start out overweight or in my case obese.

I can't wait until our timeline gets here for our kids (I don't discuss it specifically... Only me and hubby know and it will stay that way until time) but I want my health goals to be achieved when the time arrives.

If feels so good to get that out. That's been weighing on me very heavy for a little while. Sorry for the tangent. I would love comments on that topic from your experiences or things you know about all that.

Last think.
Why do I love twitter? When you are told your favorite Biggest Loser contestants use a certain product you can just ask them. That's what I did tonight. Guess what? In my situation tonight... They don't use it. That made me feel better. If they had used it I would have felt doomed.

So I'm 240 views from 10,000.... Help me get there this week! Check back for more posts, retweet and share my blog with friends.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today my thoughts were about strength. You'll see a picture below that I just love. It says "girls that are naturally skinny are lucky, girls that have to fight to be skinny are strong"
If you are naturally skinny don't be offended but I've always thought this way. I would rather be able to do 50 pushups in a 30 minute circuit at 190 lbs than to struggle to do 5 at 130 lbs. I've always looked at it this way...
(I think my mom taught me this)
My weight struggle forces me to be conscious of my health which allows
Me to be healthy on the inside while
I work on the outside. Those who are naturally skinny may be lucky in the sense that they never have to check for back fat while trying on clothes or never worry about pictures at the beach in a swim suit or never perfect a head angle for pictures to reduce multi chin or worry about what they look like every step of every day!, but they're not so lucky afterall. Their body may not indicate high blood pressure, plaque in their arteries, etc.
So I've always been thankful for a body that keeps me making healthy choices for my inside. I'm proud to say that i may be currently in the obese BMI range (I know the charts are a bit iffy and don't take muscle into consideration etc...) but my cholesterol is good, my triglycerides are good, blood sugar good, blood pressure good. The only thing out of balance is my thyroid and that is not related
To weight at all (meaning that is is not caused my an unhealthy lifestyle). I can run a half marathon! There are a lot of people
In the normal BMI range that have high numbers on some of the mentioned tests and can not run a half marathon.

I may need to reapply body glide during a race, but I wasn't dehydrated or hurt when I got done ....

When I go to yoga my chubby midsection may not look so fantastic in my poses but I can forward fold until my hands are flat on the ground. I can do the most advanced tree pose and a crescent pose with only the foot
and hand from my same side on the floor while the other two stretch to the sky....

I may have more to push up but I can knock out my pushups!....same goes for pull ups....
That just means when I lose more
Weight they will be EASY!....

When I go to ripped class my arms
might jiggle a little when I throw upper cuts, but they jiggle less each time....

I walked in to yoga tonight for
The first time in almost a year. It was always a favorite but I dropped
It when I began training for 13.1

I was sore as could be tonight!
I was unsure of how I would do...
Guess what. I did better than the last time I was there. No lie! I was a strong as ever. Stronger actually. My balance was awesome an my flexibility I believe was better (it's always been a strong point for me, but tonight was great)

What does that mean?!
It means that over the last 18 months I may not have lost much in pounds but those inches I've lost aren't just inches. They unlocked strength!

Circuits with Chad that made me want to vomit... Made me stronger

Crossfit circuits with Linda!... Made
me stronger

Water workouts ... Made me stronger

Couch to 5K ... Made me stronger

Training for 13.1 for 7 months... Made me stronger

Run2Walk .... Encouraged me to be strong in someone's place

Cross training on my bike ... Made
me stronger

Running a 5K and 13.1 all
in 9 months... Made me stronger

Blogging... Made me stronger

Yoga, Zumba, RIPPED ... Made me stronger

Making healthy food choices... Made me stronger

I, with Gods help am stronger!!!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

I looked in the mirror today at yoga during tree pose and as we were instructed to clear our minds of our life's hustle and bustle. I looked myself
In the mirror and focused on me and I said to myself. "you are strong"

Does this mean that I think 190 lbs in unhealthy? No Way!!!

What I think is when I lose weight to my goal weight I'm going to be unstoppable!! That's what this means. I want to lose weight to make all of those things listed above easier! Then I'll have to find a new challenge!

I continue everyday to get stronger both physically and mentally...

Focus on being strong!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fantastic Day!!!!

So today was fantastic. It was just what I needed!!! I met with my trainer at 10:00. I arrived at 9:58! I was ON TIME! At weigh in I was nervous and dreading it after such a crazy week this last week. I actually lost 1 lb though! So Yipee. I celebrate any loss big or small!
We headed to our workout spot. Crossfit circuit today. We were going to do 4 rounds of the circuit. A circuit went something like this:
5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 squats or lunges with weights
20ish core moves some w weights

Core was a set of either sit ups/roll
Ups. Leg lifts, or plank ups (which made me want to throw up literally).

Push ups were varied between regular and tricep

Pull ups varied between 3 grips and I use the machine that assists you with your body weight in order to have great form. They are very tough!

Squats were squat touch weight to the floor then push the weight over head.

After 3 rounds Linda said "3 down 2 to go" I said "what?!". We were making such good time I got to get in a fifth round! Wow!

Afterward. I was sweaty and it felt
Good. Our gym was doing free health screenings and had fresh fruit at the pro shop for members today. So Linda had me eat fresh fruit before hitting the elliptical. It was delicious. Nothing like
Fresh fruit when you are hot and exhausted! I did 20 minutes of elliptical. Then I was off to shower and head out to get the day underway with my hubby. I grabbed a low fat chocolate milk for my after.

RIPPED time rolled around and off I went. I have yet to make it to my personal training session and ripped all
In one day until today. And I got in my cardio. RIPPED starts at 5:30. I arrived at 5:27. On time again! Yeah!
Class was NOT easy. We advanced the power segment and OMG!!! I got very fatigued toward the end. The mat had never felt so good like it did when we did our last core set tonight!!!
Stretching was so fantastic!

Food today?
Here's the rundown:

Cream of Wheat and fresh peach

Mid workout snack:
Fresh fruit (watermelon cantaloupe pineapple strawberries and blueberries)

Post workout snack:
Low fat chocolate milk!

Steamed broccoli and 2 oz Salmon
3 fresh cherries

Afternoon snack (kinda big because lunch was ridiculously too small):
6" Sweet onion Chicken sub on wheat (subway in the hospital, waiting in the waiting room for my MIL to have a test done and my stomach was GROWLING) *i really had my metabolism in high gear today*

Pre workout snack:
1 TBSP natural peanut butter
String cheese (lowfat)

Turkey Mingnon (spelling)
Grilled squash, zucchini, onion

70 cal fat free no sugar added yogurt bar! Yum! I enjoyed it!

I had like 9 cups of water today
No soda!

Calories Eaten today 1630 (goal 1600)
Calories Burned today in exercise 1527!

I had a great day!

I used to have trouble sweating. Now with my citrus water it's not a problem
Like it was! I had sweat drip into my eye at class tonight. I was so excited! Then at the end of class as we say for core I noticed a sheen of sweat on my shins and basically all over. I love sweating!!!!

I had been very down lately and today was just what I needed. Let's see what my body thinks in the morning when it's time to head to Pilates at 8am!

Veggie ideas!

Not a veggie lover? I've found some great ways to prepare veggies to make them lovable. Maybe not lovable but at least likable!

Old Bay Zucchini and Squash
Slice them about 1/8-1/4 inch slices. Spray a pan lightly with extra virgin olive oi (EVOO)l. Place slices in pan. Sprinkle with old bay and cook down on low with the lid on. This can be high in sodium if you are heavy on the old bay.
So watch out!

Feta Squash
Slice yellow squash in thin slices (1/8in)
Place in a pan that has been sprayed with EVOO. Sprinkle with dried or fresh basil flakes. Cook down with no lid. Stirring/flipping frequently. When they are almost render enough to suit you sprinkle with feta cheese (I like the feta cheese that has a tomato basil flavor added). Serve. This one is FULL of flavor.

Grilling time. I heart grilled veggies!!!

It's always good to purchase a gill wok from a kitchen store ($6). You can chop season and grill your veggies in the wok with lots of variations and it's easy.

Grilled onions. I prefer sweet onions. If you are grilling right on the grill not in a wok slice the onion in 1/4 in slices. Do not pull the layers apart but rather put a pre soaked toothpick through to hold the layers together. One on each side works great. Or a skewer. Lay directly on the grill and every single layer will get caramelized. What could possibly be any better. Yum!!!!!

Grilled peppers. You can cut them up in small pieces or make big slices and lay them on the grill. They can be seasoned or not. Avoid salt as it increases sodium. Check out Mrs. Dash sodium free or reduced sodium seasonings in lots of fun flavors. To cut big pieces I normally grab my big sharpest knife out of the block and set the pepper up like an apple. I start at the top just away from the stem an cut straight down. I can normally get 4-5 pieces out of one pepper.

Grilled Zucchini or Squash

I make 4 slices long ways an put them right on the grill. You can too them with your favorite shredded cheese (but measure it) or old bay (easy on it). Basil, etc. be creative.

Steamed broccoli is one of my faves. Of course it's yummy with tons of butter and cheese like they serve at restaurants. Dont do the butter. Cheese in moderation is okay though. So I usually rinse my broccoli crowns and put them in my steamer pot. I have two kinds. One is a stove top pan with a strainer type insert. You add water underneath. But the broccoli in the strainer part and place the lid on. This is the best way and you can cook with the broccoli broth that is left behind. I've never done that but I kinda want to and would love ideas for that. I also have a pampered chef plastic microwaveable pan that I put a the broccoli in with a drizzle of water and in 3 min. It's done. Microwave is quick but cooks less at a time. Stove too takes like 10ish min but cooks more.
I like to add lemon pepper (easy if it's not sodium free). Also lemon juice gives a great flavor.
One of my favorites is shredded Parmesan cheese. Real cheese not the powdery type but the shredded type. Or mozzarella. Measure cheese always. The Parmesan is a hard cheese. Not good for you so measure and go with as little as possible to get your taste right.

On to Tomatoes. Use Roma, cherry, or vine, or just regular tomatoes. I think the smaller ones have more flavor unless you find them fresh or home grown then they are perfect to slice and eat plain with some pepper and a dash of salt.
On to other ways to eat them. Mix them with mozzarella and olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make a tomato
Salad. Excellent to go with whole wheat pasta or chicken. Okay. So a tomato is actually a fruit. But anyhow. Moving on.


I like to buy baby spinach and make a pizza. I grab a Boboli whole wheat crust off the pizza sauce isle (not refrigerated). I put about 1/8-1/4 of a cup of pizza sauce on the crust. Then I cook the spinach down (like half a container) in a skillet with a drizzle
of EVOO, minced garlic and sometimes a splash of red wine vinegar. It takes like 2 minutes to cook down. Place the cooked spinach around the pizza and top with Feta cheese. Place the pizza in the oven for 10-15 min. Follow
Directions on the crust. Yum!!!
Don't forget to measure your ingredients and calculate your calories and divide by how many slices you've got. When I do this I get 6 slices out of the pizza. 167 cal per slice.

You can also just eat the spinach with the garlic and feta cooked or uncooked. Very good and very healthy veggie.

I think that about exhausts my veggie recipes.

A few other veggie thoughts.

If you don't like them eat them mixed with other foods (peas in Speghetti, a piece of broccoli with a piece or your meat on one fork bite)

Grab some frozen steamable edamames. Never had them? They are one of my childhood favorites. Just steam them and pop them out of their shell right into your mouth. Super healthy. They are just soybeans. Very good!

Spraying EVOO? Don't go for PAM or that type of aerosol Spray. They are full of chemicals and in my opinion taste bad. Grab an oil sprayer from a kitchen store ($10-$15). Pour in EVOO, pump and spray!!! Yep it's that easy!

One last thought.

Go to your local farmers market. Mine has 3 different ones and most are open Tues, Thurs, Sat. Grab fresh veggies and fruit and enjoy!!!

Pictures below of some stuff.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Time

This summer I've been a bit lazy in my blogging and tweeting but not lazy for sure in my working out and eating right. Here's what I've been up to

Monday- meet with Trainer in the am, R.I.P.P.E.D. Class in the PM
Tuesday - Pilates in the am
Wednesday - Spin in the am or R.I.P.P.E.D. In the pm
Thursday - R.I.P.P.E.D. In the am
Friday - Devoted fitness in the am
Saturday - optional class day I go when R.I.P.P.E.D. Is offered.

What is R.I.P.P.E.D.?
Resistance (work with dumbbells)
Intervals (fast footwork type cardio)
Power (weights and pushups type)
Plyometrics (sports jumping training)
Endurance (often kick boxing type)
D is Diet and I do that outside of class

I love R.I.P.P.E.D. Class. I burn around 800-1000 calories per class. Check out www.rippedusa.com to see if there are
Classes near you.

I'm supposed to run/bike/elliptical or swim each day for an additional 30 minutes but I've not gotten good at that yet. Here's to this coming week!

On I eating. I've been going for 1600 calories a day. Some people think its too many but my trainer is who I trust.
She has me eating whole foods (from the ground or God) so in other words, not processed type foods. I'm not over the top with this but I try to stick to it the best I can. I've been having a lot of local fruits and veggies. Even local milk. I've been visiting farmers markets (my town has 3), the local orchard and dairy as well. Past that I get my meats from Kroger or Aldi along with other staples. My most processed food I guess is my Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter and recently this week with house guest I grabbed a box of honey nut Cheerios.

I also have been drinking citrus water. Did you know that lemon or line water helps you sweat?! It does. I use a half lemon or a whole lime in a glass of water. I don't sweat easily but when I start my day with lime water my sweat rolls down my face at R.I.P.P.E.D. Class. It has a ton of other benefits to. Clearing toxins from the kidneys, aiding in digestion just to name a few. Google it and be amazed.

This week I had a not good week for lunch/dinner and exercise. I taught a drum major camp all week. I was provided lunch some days and ate with the students every day (some days healthier than others). But I was thankful and enjoyed those times. Dinner time was out a lot because we had house guests and wanted to show off our towns great spots to eat. I did stick with a healthier breakfast each morning because I could get it in before the day started. I tried fresh peaches for the first time this week. I loved the flavor. Wasn't huge on the fuzziness. Kinda felt like I was eating a stuffed animal. Lol. Very good though!

The drum major camp kept up some
Of my strengthening. I had the kiddos do pushups and planks each day. I did it right with them. Also conducting properly for hours on end with work those arm muscles and your core

Sometimes life happens and it happened this week. I truly enjoyed my week instructing the kids but I've got to start planning now for band camp
In full force coming up in July. I've got to plan my meals ahead, cook
Ahead, pack them etc.

Amazingly I gained less than a pound this week. I was really worried. So now I'm focused for the week ahead. I can't wait to get back to class and cook up
Some local veggies for dinner!!

It feels so good to blog. Keep watching because I'll keep blogging. Sorry for the recent dry spell!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Save where you can...

So we went to O'Charleys...

It's so insane to look through the nutrition information for restaurants. Seriously an entree that has 2,300 calories? (new York pizza pasta)

I truly believe that all menus should state the calories next to every item. (thank you Ruby Tuesday for doing this!) I had to ask our server for more time to decide on what to order three times because my husband and I were going between the menu and their nutrition info on my iPhone. Are they afraid someone will not want their 2000+ calorie entree item?! Probably.

Here are my thoughts on that. I think that 2000+ calories should be known! It's not lying not to have it printed on the menu but if they are afraid someone won't order it because it's 2000+ then maybe they shouldn't serve it. This is not intended to bash OCharleys. They have healthier options and the health info is readily available on their website. I know of other restaurants that serve 2000+ calorie entrees. It's everywhere!!!

So I ordered grilled Atlantic salmon with Chipolte sauce. My sides were broccoli and a cup if potato soup. I added a house salad with apple honey vinegrette dressing. I also splurged and ate one roll. If I ordered this all without any adjustments and ate it all it would be 1012 calories. That is quite a bit, though since this meal served as a brunch and I allowed more calories for the meal. Still too much though and these were some of the lowest calorie options.

So here is what I did...
-I ate half of the salad,
-half the cup of soup,
-half the Brocolli,
-got the Chipolte sauce on the side and used maybe 1/10 of it.
-Ate the full 6oz of salmon and the roll. These adjustments brought me down to.....735 calories!!! So I saved 287 by making simple adjustments.

After brunch I was satisfied but not miserable. I am most satisfied with my smart choices. I have right at 900 calories left in my day plus a full afternoon of cleaning out boxes of my husbands childhood belongings from his parents house for our yard sale. So I'll get a chance to sweat! Yay!

Have you had any successful eating out/simple adjustment stories? Share your tips in the comments section please.

Have a great Tuesday! My teacher summer has officially begun! Yay!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My first 13.1 (in detail)

Well, it has taken me some time to get to this post, but I'm here and here it is.  I'll get back to that in a bit.

So, the week before my 13.1 I was carb loading.  That was probably my favorite part (just kidding).  I did get to enjoy a nice multigrain/granola and fruit stack of pancakes at Cracker Barrell the night before we left town.

Friday morning was the day to head out of town.  I got all packed.  Packing for a race is rather stressful because if you forget something it could be the difference in being miserable or enjoying the race.  I made my list and double triple checked it and had others check to make sure I didn't leave something off the list. Finally I was packed.

We headed out of town.... I was ready but very nervous.  Not nervous like I had been early in the week, I was now more excited than anything.  I was really going to do this!!!

 I was glad my hubby took a day to go with me as well.
I was still being all girl on the way to the race, I freshened up my nail polish and had to dry my nails out the sunroof, it was quite effective!

 I got butterflies when I saw the Nashville skyline, only 45 minutes from home, I've been there a million times, but this time was different.  I would be running through the skyline this time and it was a bit different.

After a snack at Chic-Fil-A, I was ready to head in and get registered!

 Once I had my bib and my shirt there was no turning back!!! I was so excited!!!

 HERE I AM!!!! Ready to Rock'n'Roll!!!
 I was amused by the fitting room in the Brooks merchandise area.
 I got a super cool gait analysis at the Brooks area.  I got on a treadmill, they used an ipad attached to the back of the treadmill to video my running.  They then paused it on each foot and used their angle thingy that you see here to determine how much I pronate.  It turns out that I do pronate, but not as badly as I thought I did.... the girl there told me that she has seen ankle bones touch the ground before OMG!!!! They talked about types of shoes that would be good for me (my Sauconys that I run in fit my gait well... yay! Good to know the night before a race... can you imagine them being like "your shoes are a terrible fit for you" the day before.  YIKES.  They emailed me my pictures and info.  This is just a picture I took while she talked to me. You see below that my hubby also did the gait analysis and found out that he too runs in good shoes for his gait!

 I found some Cancer Society ribbons for my bib that I was excited about.  When you run across things like that it makes what you are doing so real and it makes you so thankful to have the ability.  My buddy Zach is a former student that is fighting Leukemia at St. Judes and Nola is one of my best friends from College (and before) that is my age and currently fighting bladder cancer.  She found out she had cancer just a week or so before my race.  She has undergone one surgery and is scheduled for a second this week. Please keep her and her husband in your prayers.

I really liked seeing the convertible Nissan Miranu.  Very cool idea.

 Here are my bibs the night before.  I added my ribbons and then also had a St. Jude bib to wear in honor of my buddy Zach. (i ended up not getting to wear it, but sent it to him afterward)
 Here are my people I was thinking of while I prepared for my race... they are frequently in my mind and heart.

Ready to load the shuttle

Below you see us riding the shuttle, at that point it was a nervous feeling... my brother was still feeding me WHeat thins (spoken like on the family guy commercial) and I knew there was no turning back, even though there had been no turning back since Nov. it felt real now.

So our dad has this amazing ability to be an "emergency ninja" when the need be, well the need was that morning.  I left my time chip in the bedroom at the condo.. oooops, so I was freaking out, my brother was calm and my sis in law was in the middle... lol. Somehow, dad got out of bed, found the chip, got dressed, drove downtown and was at the swag bag check before the shuttle got us there.  crazy skills dad.  thanks.

Jason attaching my time chip, now its really really real

 I think I'm ready. Notice the super tight shirt, we had a printing fail with my shirt that I had picked out for the race, so my brother loaned me one of his.  My brother is a thin guy, I'm an overweight girl who's  chest measurements aren't the same as my thin brother. This made for a very tight shirt, but it worked out well, it was comfortable, it felt like a second skin..... looked like it too, LOL

Port a potty line!
 Waiting in line, candid video, didn't know he was videoing. lol Shout out to Cousin Dave who's facebook status I was reading.... the funny part is the last second "are you video taping me?"

 More port a potty lines

 Dropping Jamie off at her corral
 Port a Potty 360* picture, seriously everyone needs to pee

Jason and Jamie

 360* view of the corrals
 READY or NOT here we gooooooo!!!
At this point I needed to pee....
 I still needed to pee and look at all the people looking for a place to pee, even if they look ready, they weren't I guarantee you they needed to pee.
 We tried a few spots to pee, Panera was deceiving, looked empty, had a long line... Jason said "Sometimes when you are really hydrated you feel like you need to go but you don't, just get started running and we'll see"
My response, "no, I gotta pee, please believe me!"
I found a secluded parking lot tucked between a few buildings.  Thank goodness for super short compression shorts under my running skirt, treat it like a swim suit, pull the clothes to the side, squat and go!!! (can't believe I"m posting this, but its the honest truth of the day) Funny part was I wasn't alone back there, but all those other girls didn't have the luxury of pulling clothes to the side, bless their hearts!
My brother laughed for quite some time.
 Now, relieved from my need to pee here I am focused on the task ahead.
See the gal in the NY had and blue tank right behind me.  Ok ... true story.  I follow at runner on twitter @katierunsthis and she posted something the day after the race about being thankful for our bodies abilities to run,  so I posted back and said I was thankful for my soreness.  I gained a follower or two from that post and noticed that one of them had just run her first 13.1 the day before as well.  (keep in mind 40,000 people ran in Nashville).  So, I tweeted to her and asked where she ran.  Well I couldn't believe it, she ran in Nashville.  I mentioned that I ran in a run2walk shirt after learning that I was at her finishing pace when I began and we started in the same corral, so then she remembered seeing me run by in the run2walk shirt.... so next, I look at her profile picture and recognized the NY hat and looked at this picture and tweeted it to her.. That is her RIGHT BEHIND ME! Unbelievably SMALL WORLD!!!!! 
 Off we goooooooooo!!!!!
At this point in my mind "13 more miles to go... oh my goodness!!!!"
 Hydration was so important, but I normally had to slow down a bit to drink water... I drank at EVERY SINGLE STATION... so important. Let me tell ya though two things:
*** wet wax cups get slick!!!
*** sloshy stomach is no good (i only got it once from gatorade, it went away quick)
 This is a couple that always sets outside dressed to the nines with champaign... tried to take a picture with them, ended up as a video.. oh well.
 Here I gooo, still feeling good
 uphill.... I had a rule, "I will not be a hill walker" lots of people walk up the hills and run down and on flat ground.  I didn't want to do that.  As far as Nashville being hilly.. yes it is, but I trained some in Knoxville on some super mean hills.  So I did fine.  At mile 6 I stopped at a port a potty!!! DISGUSTING! Runners dont have time to be neat about it... but my brother was like "I'm so glad you had to pee!, because a lot of people at this point aren't hydrated enough, the fact that you peed at the half way point is awesome" Lots of pee talk!

Mile 10ish, I was exhausted and these girls are HILARIOUS!!!
Their signs said "run like there's cake at the end" and "you're sexy and you know it" They were playing LMFAO "Sexy and I know it" sooo funny.

After this point when I got GU (my favorite part), my brother had me pick up my pace to the end.  It wasn't easy but I went.
 Almost done here... feeling good.

I got VERY tired at the end, my legs were hurting, I was just exhausted, but the people cheering for you the last few miles makes it easier, Also sprinting the last .25 miles is awesome!!!!

Ice the knees at the end, you can see the exhaustion in my face here for sure, soon after this picture, very soon is when I hit the medical tent for the next hour to get my heart rate steady again.

At the condo afterward.... ready to shower!!!!!!! 

 My bib and metal afterward.... a bit of wear!!! My brother had my metal engraved for me.  Very nice!

 Jason and Jamie bought my 13.1 sticker for me and gave it to me there... Dad put them on for me! YAY!!

 check out those dirty sweat marks.  That's a sign of hard work in my book!

 Epsom salt and Runner's world in the bathtub the next day.  Relieve the soreness from yesterday and plan for the next time I run.
 I went to the doctor for the heart episode I had after the race.... he ran an EKG (normal), bloodwork (normal) and told me to reduce stress, so I headed right to get a pedicure, it was sooooo great!
Below you can see the super fun heart monitor that I've been sporting for two weeks now.  I only have a few shirts that completely hide the monitor and so I just had to embrace it and sport it.  After getting the monitor I'm not going to lie, I got a bit down about it all.  I had been excited to run another half, but now I'm scared to run one because of the episode that I had after this one.  My doctor cleared me before I ran nashville, so I'll just have to get his clearance again. I don't want to live in fear of these things.  God doesn't want me to live in fear, so I'm trying to have the best faith that I can that whatever caused the episode will be determined so that I can run again with no episodes.
I quit running, I quit eating right.  It started out as a week "off" and now thats turned into three weeks off, as my blog readers know I have taken three weeks to make this post.  That is unusual for me and I apologize.  School gets out tomorrow and I have full intension to get back at this full force, I saw myself in some photos on the band slide show during the band banquet earlier this week and was not pleased with what I saw.  I've lost inches since then for sure, but I know I don't want to go back and I have so much further to go.  Sometimes I wonder if I can ever get to that goal weight and be thin.  It seems so far away, but not exercising and not eating right certainly won't get me there.  Two weeks ago my husband go a pink slip at work, its kinda complicated, but he is a GREAT band director that just happened to be lowest on the totum pole in our county.  Long story short after 4 days of stress and emotional eating the superintendent personally gave him his job back and had figured out a way to keep him.  So that is no longer an issue thank goodness.... those of you that follow me on Twitter were praying for me and didnt' know why, but that was why.
I have a plan to get faster at my 5K time, so I will be starting couch to 5K again along with continuing some long runs.  the couch to 5K is not because I'm on the couch and can't do the 5K, but it is an excellent interval workout and will help increase my speed.  My trainer texted me in the midst of my stress with the job situation and asked what she could do to help.  I just requested that we meet asap and continue training during the summer months while I'm off work.  I hope and pray that this summer can be a real breakthrough for me and my workouts/weightloss.  I'll be back on myfitnesspal this weekend and will be blogging much more frequently... please help me stay motivated until I start to see success again.  I truly appreciate my twitter followers, my facebook friends, my friends on myfitnesspal, and my friends and family to keep me accountable.  I have accomplished a huge goal, it is no time to stop.  I must go on!!! I will go on!!! Below is a picture of me this past Saturday in Nashville (that shirt hides the monitor super good) I was at a car show at LP field with my husband and father in law.  The finish line is still on the pavement.  Nothing like walking back across that finish line and getting a kick in the booty to remind me that I'm off track.  

Run2Walk, our half training for teachers, and the choir's Zumba night got blurbs in the healthy living section of my school's year book! YAY!

Thanks for reading my VERY long and detailed post about the half marathon.  Please ask questions about anything that I may not have discussed that you wondered about.  Please keep in touch and keep me accountable as I move on to set and accomplish new goals!