“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

So heres the new deal....

Ok, so I went to the endocrinologist today (I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow when people are actually awake).  I had very mixed emotions both on the way to the appointment and when I left.  Thanks to my brother for helping me sort out my feelings afterward (and Nola too).

I've been so determined to do all of this weight loss on my own with no help.  I've done that now for over 18 months solid.  The last two months have not been as intense because of my crazy busy schedule, but I've still be trying none the less.  So 18 solid months and 2 months of trying less intensely.

Along the way, I've had all the cardiologist stuff too., which is going well.

I've posted before about how strong I feel.  I ran a half marathon, I've done some awesome workouts with trainers, I can totally keep up in RIPPED class.  Its just that I feel like I'm in a fat suit.  I seriously feel like a skinny girl inside a fat suit.  I dream of the day that I run without my 60 extra pounds of fat going with me.  I dream of going to yoga and being able to stretch to my full potential because no stomach fat will hold me back.

So, after my regular doctor (who is awesome) and my cardiologist both suggested an endocrinologist appointment my regular doctor scheduled it for me.  I got there and was nervous.  If something is wrong maybe they can fix it and it will help, but I don't want something to be wrong.  Ya know.  Weird mix of emotions.

I got there and the Dr. was nice.  He listened a lot and we discussed all of the million tests that have been run so far.  EVERYTHING has been normal so far.  My thyroid is still balanced by the smallest dose possible of Synthroid.  My doctor said that means that my hypothyroidism is so minor that there is no way that it is causing the issue.

So here is his opinion:  He believes that I am genetically predisposed to being overweight and to having a struggle to lose (like my body doesn't like to burn fat).  I've had plenty of the simple calorie in / calorie out being correct for loss and nothing happening.  He asked about my family and I shared that I'm the biggest one.  You can look below and see that I just look swollen compared to my other family members.  I told them that Mom and Dad both have had weight loss success from time to time and that my brother has a BMI of like 3.6, not 36 like mine.  My brother recently told me that he was planning to lose 1-2 lbs for his next marathon.  I almost went through the phone. LOL, just kidding.  I'm so happy that he is in so much control of his weight.  I can't wait to be there myself.

So, the plan..... He is running test on my Pituitary Gland and my Adrenal Gland.  He does not expect any imbalances there.  He said they would be rare, but he wanted to run the tests to be sure.

So, the next step when we determine that there are no imbalances that we can fix and it will be confirmed that it is a genetic issue that keeps my body from allowing me to lose weight (I used to think that was a lie that overweight people said to make themselves feel better.... now I feel bad because its actually true).  The doctor has determined that my body needs help.  He said that I need Medical intervention to lose weight.  So I have a medicine he gave me (not a diet pill) that is intended to help boost my adrenaline function and metabolism to go along with my calorie counting/healthy eating and work out regimen.  He wants to see me back in two months and expects that I will have lost some weight at that point.  He wants me to lose 60-65 lbs.  Thats so much, but to have a specialist tell me I can do it was really good.  I have hope again.  There is a possibility that this medicine can raise my heart rate back up, but for now I'm just monitoring it and giving it a shot.

I hope that none of my readers judge me because I've allowed an endocrinologist to prescribe me assistance in my weight loss.  I called my brother and said "I've been so determined to do this on my own with no medicines or drinks, or pills. How do I blog about this?" My brother's answer , "Your blog has always been about being open and honest right?" That's all he had to say.  I've not jumped into one of those million products that I've blogged about staying away from by doctors orders.  This is actually a medication to help my body get up to speed.  I have hope again that I can do this.  There are so many reasons that I want to lose weight and it is important to me.  They are listed below:

Reasons to Lose:
-I want a healthy pregnancy when its time
-It will help me manage my fibromyalgia better than ever
-I might feel pretty again and feel good about myself
-I want my body to be as healthy as possible so I can live my life up to my potential.

As I was telling my husband about this tonight I said "I just dont fell pretty" His response "I think you are pretty"  What a great husband!

I look forward to seeing some  improvement.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm really glad that they are helping you out! Don't feel like you are "cheating" or "taking the easy way" because, clearly, you are putting the work in!

    I'm with you, I used to think that "genetics" being an excuse was just that, an excuse. And I think for a lot of people who don't put the work in, it is. But you've been diligent for a long time! It's really a problem, and hopefully, they can fix it!

    Don't feel discouraged, this isn't a quick fix or anything, since you'll still have to work hard and be on top of your game!

  2. I don't think you're taking the easy way out either. Maybe you can help someone else who is going through the same thing!

    I totally feel you - I've been with the trainer, working my butt off for almost a year and feel like I've gotten nowhere. I can tell changes in my body when I look at old pictures and stuff. Even when I'm being strict, nothing happens. So why be strict???

    I've pondered going to an endocrinologist for awhile. My doctor is ok... but I want someone specifically to help with my diabetes, etc. We'll see! Keep on, keeping on!!