“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 ounces? No how about 6 ounces!!!! Really?!

Being particular with portion size is really important for weight loss i have had a scale for quite some time but it is small and not digital and really quite useless. 

So we purchased the Biggest Loser digital scale at Bed Bath & Beyond last week (it's cheap) and I love it. You can use any bowl, plate, container, papertowel, or whatever else you can think of to set food on to measure. You place the bowl (or whatever) on the scale then press the "on/tare" button and it zeros it back out. Then you place your food in the container and it weighs it to the tenth of an ounce from .1 ounce all the way to 6.6 pounds. I have measured spaghetti, veggie chips, almonds, lunch meat, cooked ground beef, chicken. It works for everything!  Now let me tell you about measuring. 

So my Terra veggie chips have a serving size listed. It's "2 oz - about 17 chips" so I always counted out 17 but was left puzzled by the fact that the sweet potato chips are small but the taro root chips are large an there are three others in between. So how could a number be right. So when I measured my chips it was a different number of chips for each serving depending upon which veggies I grabbed. So now I eat 2oz of terra chips. 

About Spaghetti. If you have never seen 2 oz of whole wheat Spaghetti prepare yourself for disappointment. Previously I have been eating 4-6 oz thinking I was eating 1 serving. Yikes! A serving is 180 calories so three servings by accident would be 540!!! That's a big mistake. The way I prepared my Spaghetti was I placed my bowl on the scale, zeroed it, measured 2 oz of pasta, zeroed, measured 4 oz of meat, then sauce. So it didn't take but like 30 seconds longer to fix my food and I knew exactly how many calories I was eating. 

So, I'm hoping this scale will help me a lot with my nutrition.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

I ran the ENTIRE 5K!!!!!

So, I ran my 5K on Saturday night and it was great.  The morning of  the race I woke and and hopped on the scales hoping to see a decrease in weight.  I had purchased a new running skirt as my 10 lb goal reward and had yet to meet that goal.  I was so excited to see 181.4 on my scales at home which is 10 lbs down from my start weight.  Now, I'm not recording that weight on my blog because it was not an official weigh in on the gym scales, but I went on and went by that weight to allow myself my 10 lb reward.  So i got to wear my new running skirt for the race and I loved it.  I saw several people at the race that we know.... that was fun.  One of which was my first trainer, Greg.  I was happy to update him on my progress since he left and I began with Chad.  He congratulated me on the success.  It was nice to get to update him.  Below are pictures and the story of the night and how things went.  I'm sorry that I've been slow to blog.  I haven't been slow to work or train though, Band camp has started and made time management a bit of a struggle.... but I HAD to make this post and I hope to get posting back into my routine more often.  Thanks for reading.  Read below for the race story:

We arrived plenty early to register and get ready.  I am like soooo excited in this picture.  I couldn't believe that I was there.  I love my New Balance running skirt in this picture.  It has the compression shorts built in but you don't have to worry about the bulk of a second pair of shorts on top of the compression shorts.  I loved it.

All registered!!!! I'm getting more excited.  We were quite nervous though.

Stretching next to the car.... we were observing all of the very interesting pre-run routines that people go through.  Very interesting and somewhat imtimidating!

One last picture just before the race started.

Starting the race- that's me there in teal, I wish my physical therapist could see that posture! Whitney is directly to my right, you can see her forhead and shoes...

Brandon headed down the road to take some action shots, here I'm about .5 miles out.  At this time about 3 people were left behind me. I was definitely holding a steady pace.

He had me look for a picture... a bit blurred.  I was feeling good but a bit overwhelmed at this point in time.  This was on the way out.... we went out to the 1.55 mark and turned around and went back.... you'll see me in this spot in a minute.. or like 20...
You know what I loved.... the people along the edges of the course (you can't see them in my pictures) They cheer for you like you just hit a grand slam.  Also, when the race turns around everyone that is in from of you runs back past you and a lot of them cheer you on.  Especially people you know.  When Greg passed it was something like this "yeah... Bethney! You got this girl! Do it! lol. He made me laugh. Then people you don't know that run back past you cheer you on. It is so motivating. 
This is me headed back.  Not long before this two of the people behind me picked up their pace for the second half.  One of the guys was older (about Dad's age.. LOL, just kidding dad!!!) and when he got to me he was actually power walking at the same speed that I was running. OH MY! anyhow, he stayed with me for a few minutes, he complimented my steady pace and form.  He told me that he had been behind me and watching me the whole time.  He complimented me that I hadn't walked at all, not even for water.  He was a really nice guy, not long before this picture he told me good luck and ran ahead.  (Whitney ran with an older guy that was running his first race since getting a pace maker, yikes!)  I think this picture is funny because there is only one lady left behind me and you can see her in her white shirt just in front of the police that were pushing up the end.  It looks like I'm running from the police in this picture and it just makes me laugh. 
At this point I was tired but had hit the runners high pretty good where I couldn't feel anything much, I was in a rhythm and I was running and that was it.  After I passed back by Brandon here he headed back to the finish line with Mom and Whitney to watch me finish.
going.... going.... running.... running.... breathing.... breathing

Just after I passed the finish line... I was really scooting.  I sprinted harder that I had ever sprinted for the last leg, about as far back as the police lights are... I really pulled away from that other lady.  Now let me tell you about this last leg.  As I rounded the corner all alone knowing that I was next to last I saw two guys running toward me.  It was Greg, my old trainer, and Matt another trainer at the gym that I know.  They came and got on either side of me.  I was already picking up me speed... I said "Did y'all come to get me!, I just want y'all to know that I ran the whole time, I never walked".... Greg told me "when you get to that tree you are going to sprint as hard as you can".... I got to the tree and they sent me on my way.  I ran as hard as I could.  People cheered as I crossed the finish line.  It was crazy how amazing it felt. 

Did I care that I was next to last? HECK NO!!!! I finished!!!!!! I did NOT walk!
I MET MY GOAL!!!!! (take that fibromyalgia!)
I have to give God the glory for this accomplishment.  He goes on every run with me and gives me the strength.  I praise him daily for the accomplishments and abilities in my life. 
There is my time 42'48"
After crossing the line I could not slow down... I had to walk circles forever.  They handed me a time card... I had to fill it out, I was barely able to write, I was so wound of and shakey.... then I was off to find the water and fruit, I ate an apple, then a banana, a water, then half a gatorade.  I had a bit of an asthma feel in my lungs right after I stopped, but I did some good slow deep breathing and it got better soon.

Here is Greg and I . I was glad to see him, you may remember him from my picture on the left side of my blog from Jan.  Notice the apple here.

Whitney and I afterward.  Her time was great, like 36'58" (I think)
I've gained a banana here.  We were so proud of our accomplishment.

That night:  I was so tired, we ate dinner at about 9:30 when we left the race.  I got home, hit the whirpool, then went right to bed. 

The next day: I woke up and rolled over to Brandon and said "I feel like I got hit by a bus", I got up, took some ibuprofen and headed to church.  I can't lie, I had a little trouble focusing on the sermon because my body hurt.  I have never had knee pain in all my life but yesterday my knees were sore. yuck.

Today: I'm back to normal and ready to run again. 
My next race I am planning to sign up for is Sept 10th and I think Brandon (my biggest fan at my race) might just run with me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

100 Days of Oatmeal Challenge

So, I purchaed a 9lb box of Quaker Oats.... see picture below (gallon of milk shows you how big the box is)
There are 100 servings in the box.  So its a challenge for myself.  Oatmeal for breakfast 100 days in a row beginning tomorrow (7-8-11).  On the quaker site Bob Harper from Biggest Loser has challenged people for one week of oatmeal. I might just see how many different ways I can eat oatmeal.  I'm thinking that fresh fruit in the oatmeal is something good that I haven't tried yet.  I have a few purposes for this challenge... One of my toughest meals to get right is breakfast and oatmeal is one of the best breakfast staples you can eat... So I'm thinking that if I challenge myself for 100 days I'll surely make a habit of a good breakfast. Also, the benefits of oatmeal are great and will be sure to have a positive impact on how I feel.  So, here goes....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well vacation went well. I haven't  posted on vacation so I'm a little behind. On my last weigh in before vacation I had gained a pound. I get pretty stinkin sick of gaining!  Anyhow... Moving on...

I ate fairly well during vacation. I didn't snack at all. My family eats pretty healthy so that helped. I treated myself a few times to ice cream but it was vacation so I treated myself. 

I tried Larabars for the first time and they were amazing!!! They are all natural bars with no preservatives. No sodium  The ingredients list has like 3 fruits and 2 nuts and that's all!! They are great!

As far as exercise goes I did mostly running ( I did some weights with my dads dumbbells one evening ). I ran 3 times in the 5 days I was there. A total of 5 miles. I ran once with my brother and sister in law. They helped me a lot. They ran some hills that I wouldn't have done on my own and they helped push my pace. I did an 11.5 minute mile with them. That is a bit slower than their normal but faster than my normal. Like 2 minutes faster! It felt great. I also got to run with Whitney ( my 5K buddy). We will do well in our 5K if we can keep from laughing. When the deer ran across the road in front of us we laughed so hard (I'm afraid of deer). 

One of my other cousins was telling me at home that he started Couch to 5K. So that is another of the cousins running. I think we are 5 for 6 now. Lol. 

Brandon and I purchased our new running shoes on our trip. After much shopping and trying on over the past few weeks I purchased Asics. Brandon also purchased Asics. 

We also purchased a new kitchen scale today for measuring portions. We had one but this one is digital and will be much more accurate. I'm excited about this. Mostly for measuring meat. Meat is one of those portion trouble foods. It's not as straight forward as a 100 calorie pack. So this will help with that a lot. 

We are planing to start cooking and portioning our food ahead of time especially with band starting up soon. I'm excited for this change in our kitchen. 

Overall I feel great about this week and I'm looking forward to training and weighing in on Tuesday. 

I also got my Murray State Tervis Tumbler this week. That was my 5 pound goal reward that I earned a while back some time ago but you can't find Murray state things in western country. Lol. I have purchased my 10 pound reward but can't use it until I reach my goal. Soon hopefully!

Thanks for reading. There will be lots of posts this week.