“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Name that exercise!!!

I lost 0.6 lbs today so I have mostly recovered from my small gain on Friday. I don't train again with Chad until next Tuesday (a full week) so I'm excited to weigh after a week ( not 4 days). 

Chad really pushed me tonight in my workout. More full body stuff like last week. He gave me a new exercise that I had never seen until today and it kicked my butt. 

Let me see if I can describe it.... I start in a full plank         (arms fully extended) , then I lower my left arm to my elbow then the same with my right arm. So that has me in a plank on my elbows, then it's left arm raises to rest on hand again, then right arm. So I'm back to a full plank. I continued this rotation for 20 seconds. Then rest and start again with the right arm going first. My body never changed. It was always in full plank position.  The movement of the arms changes the upper body level only. 

I did this twice. The second time I struggled to get to 10 seconds. Yikes!!! Chad told me that he plans for me to get better at that exercise. 
I asked him what the name of the exercise was and he didn't really have a particular name. So I suggested that we name it. He suggested "plank rotation". I told him that I would think on it and try to refrain from profanities when I name it. Lol. It Definitely deserves a descriptive name!!!! I plan to practice these at home over the next week to get better at them before next time. I really felt it in my arms, shoulders, and abs. It also made my butt seem heavier than ever!!!!

Chad told me that in order to increase my weight loss I need to do the following :

Increase my exercise on days that we don't train (more cardio)

Eat more fruits and veggies and less useless foods ( like Lucky Charms )

Eat a better breakfast with protein (not Lucky Charms)

So let's see what this week brings!

And a shout out to Amy at the gym. She told me tonight that she had read my blog. I was so excited!  We actually lived in the same dorm in college but never really knew each other. We then ran into each other at Panera Bread one night and then again the very next night at the gym. So we got to talking  in classes and such. (that was just before I got hurt) i figured that she thought I fell off the face of the earth since I hadn't been to Zumba in so long! She trained with her trainer the same time I trained with Chad tonight. She was working really hard too! Go Amy!!!!

Recipes Previously Posted

A few people have looked back for recipes that were previously posted / mentioned on my blog. So here are all the recipes and the will stay in the archive so you can access them as you want to. 

-- Pineapple/ BBQ chicken
( a crock pot recipe for busy days! And it's low in calories )

Chicken Breast - cut into bite-sized pieces (I used 3)

One Can of pineapple chunks (in juice, not syrup). I added all of the juice with the pineapple, but you can drain part of the juice for a thicker result.

One green bell pepper- cut into pieces

BBQ sauce - amount is a preference 

Put all ingredients in the crock pot. 
Cook on low for 6-8 hours

Serve over brown rice! YUM

**** got this from my super sister in law

--Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Thaw out frozen tilapia fillets (100 calories each!!)

Put a tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin) in a non stick pan

Place the tilapia in the pan and sprinkle with lemon pepper ( I use quite a bit)

Cook for about two minutes, flip and sprinkle other side. 

Cook for about 2 minutes. 

When the fish is completely white and begins to flake apart when moved it is done. 

We eat it with brown rice. 

My college roommate, Katie, used to drizzle with honey instead of lemon pepper and bake! That was great too! 

I bought two pounds of tilapia at Kroger today for $9.99

--Something Sweet

I got this out of a biggest loser cookbook

Spread fat free cool whip between graham crackers and freeze. They make great low calorie snacks (calorie count depending on brands and amount of coolwhip you use)

They remind me of ice cream sandwiches

Get creative with multiple flavors of coolwhip! Chocolate is good!

--Seasoned Broccoli and Potatoes

Cut up fresh broccoli
Peel a small potato and cut into chunks
Place together and season with a little Seasoned Salt (just a little)
Place together to steam. 
I used a Pampered Chef steamer microwave dish. A regular steamer pan or a steamer bag would work. 

Cook until tenderness that you desire and enjoy!

I really like potatoes but they are only good in moderation because of the carbs. So I find that if I mix them in with the broccoli (I did 1/3 potatoes, 2/3 broccoli). I still get to satisfy my potato craving while filling up on a very healthy veggie. So I end up eating much less potatoes!

This served with Tilapia would be excellent!

I'm going to try this with lemon pepper and also again with Chilpolte Mrs. Dash seasoning. I liked the flavor of seasoned salt but I'm avoiding sodium. Let me know if any of you find another good seasoning to use!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Workout Partners!!!! Great Monday today, and getting Gracie in shape!

Today was a great Monday!  Afterwork Brandon and I took all three dogs on a walk, probably about a mile or so.  We plan to measure our paths in our cars so we know.  Anyhow, that was nice just getting outside and getting the dogs exercise.  Especially Gracie, the Jack Russell, she needs to release her energy in positive ways.  She also tends to put on a few pounds like 1-3 each winter.  Then as the exercise picks up in the Spring she sheds it quickly.  I hate for her to "yo-yo" like that, but I haven't figured out how to get her to maintain yet.  I honestly wish I had a dog treadmill for her! Gracie is ALWAYS ready for a walk, when she sees her leash come out she jumps and twirls with excitement to the point that it's tough to get her all clipped together to go! She is so well behaved and walks loose leash with me (means that she doesn't pull).  She sits when I stop and "heals" when I go.  She is an amazing girl! 

I'm so excited that Brandon is joining me on this journey.  After the dogs exercise walk we got our things together and headed to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the eliptical with more resistance this time than before, Brandon did some more walking on the treadmil for 30 minutes.  Then we headed to the pool.  I did my workout in the pool that Chad had taught me.  He told me on Friday that it would be a good workout to continue on my own.  I taught Brandon all the fun pool workout moves as well.  I cut the doggie paddling short this time. haha.  We really had a good time working out together.  I focused on a good long stretch and cool down at the end and we left feeling great!

So, I'm enjoying my workout partners both human and canine!!! I think that workout partners can be a very important and helpful thing in order to stay motivated and sometimes just to have fun!

I train with Chad tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for me this time! You just never know with him.  He changes it up each time.  I like that though, it keeps me on my toes and keeps my muscles wondering what they'll do next!

One last thought: I'm baffled by the girl that was on a treadmill in front of me tonight drinking a Grande (or larger if it exists yet) Frappicino from Starbucks... Are you kidding me. I would die doing cardio drinking that! I drink water the entire time myself! After our pool workout, she was just finishing on an elliptical? I'm just really puzzled at how she had any endurance drinking that!?

Be sure to take my poll on the left side of the blog and check out my newly added picture of me and Gracie!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Well I still haven't hit my 5 lbs goal. Weigh ins can get frustrating especially when you weigh more often than once a week. I've been weighing at each session (about every 5 days). My trainer says I really shouldn't weigh more frequently than once a week, but it's not a big deal. 
When I weighed this week I had gained 0.8 lbs. I was so sad. However I was feeling kind of "full" when I weighed. Like a fluid type of full. So I wasn't too surprised. My nutrition had been good all week except for Thursday (the day before weigh in). Brandon had been really sick and I took him to the ER Thursday morning. So I didn't get to eat until about noon and I didn't really want to eat at home because he was so nauseous. So I grabbed Chic Fil A when I went out for his sprite and crackers. Then that evening I just didn't have much of an appetite. So I actually stayed within my calories but the type of food (lots of sodium) had messed up my fluid retention (I also had a sprite in there), the one meal in the middle of the day had slowed down my metabolism. 
Basically my trainer put it to me like this. I skipped breakfast so when I ate that bad lunch my body decided to pack it to the bad spots and store it in case I didn't eat again for awhile, which I didn't eat dinner. So it just kept storing and not burning off.  Therefore it affected my weight the next day.  
So I feel confident that the majority of the 0.8 lbs was fluid. Lesson learned though that eating every 3 hours is very important. Avoiding the high sodium foods is also important. What a difference a day makes huh?

So I'm not too frustrated over the 0.8, it just frustrates me enough for me to be a bit of a perfectionist this week with my nutrition. 

So Physical Therapy was finished on Wednesday. They send a progress report to my doctor. I will follow up with him and the Dr. will either assign more PT sessions or release me. It's a toss up. Don't know which he'll do. 

My back is still sensitive and numb in that area, but is improving for sure. My posture is improving, but sometimes I have to be reminded. Yesterday as I was talking to Chad the physical therapist assistant walked over and corrected my posture. Haha. I knew at that point that Chad wouldn't go easy on my back and shoulders. And HE DIDN'T!!! 

We did all kinds of stuff to work my whole body but also worked my shoulders and back pretty intensely.  I did a lot of squats with upper body movement and my glutes/upper hamstrings are killing me today. but that's good. To me the soreness is a sign that we isolated the muscle and worked it good. 

Chad also had me do some yoga poses and we discussed my previous involvement in Yoga. He would like for me to get back to yoga. I have a conflict right now with the class times but I know enough that I will be practicing on my own and can use my Bob's (from Biggest Loser) Weight-loss Yoga DVD once in a while to kick my butt. My conflict will be over mid April and I can go back to class. 

By the way. Brandon is doing much better. He is eating again and wants to "get out" today he said. He's excited about his weight-loss journey as well. (It helps that food poisoning gave him an 8 lbs jump start!!) He worked out for the first time with Chad on Wed. He goes back this Wednesday.  Oh and about the food poisoning... I did not cook for him. He ate out that day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What a Beautiful Day with Great Successes

Yay!!! I met with my trainer today for a workout and I weighed as usual. I LOST 2.9 LBS SINCE WEDNESDAY!!!! Yipee. So I'm at a total loss of 4.6 lbs. I'm only 0.4 away from my first reward. (The Murray State insulated Tervis Tumbler)

My trainer really increased my intensity today. I was sweating! I don't sweat very easily! I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, then we went outside with a weighted ball and I did some walking lunges, squats, etc. I loved working out outside on this beautiful day! We went back in and I did a lot of full body work with weights + step ups together. It took a lot of core muscles to accomplish some of them. He let my back rest since I'm working it with the physical therapist in the gym three times a week. He almost killed my arms. He said at the end of weight training "so... Tomorrow your arms MIGHT fall off, so go on and pack a cooler of ice to put in your car just in case". Lol. Then he assured me that once they had them reattached that he would be there to tone them! Haha. It's always nice to laugh when your working out. It makes it easier. I finished with 20 minutes on the elliptical again with resistance then a good stretch. 

It was so nice to leave the gym with the "just worked hard" feeling. Slowly but surely I'm getting back into the regular routine. 

So my nutrition went a LOT better since Wednesday. I made tough decisions like ordering a salad at steak n shake at the cast party while others ate Frisco Melts and steak burgers. It was hard but totally worth it because I held my calories within 100 calories of my allotted amount each day. (Still working toward the 7days straight at 50 within, but it will come.)

Chad was pleased with my improvements but I asked what I could improve this week. His answer:

"Replace chips with fruit". I was eating sun chips with my sub each time at subway. So now if I go to subway I have been suggested to order apples instead. Good idea. It's the little decisions like that that make the difference. 

He also said that my breakfast could still use improvement. Cereal just won't get it alone. So I'm going to add boiled eggs with the yolk removed. (Removing the yolk is my own choice for my cholesterol since I have an under-active thyroid. )

So I train again on Friday. I'm hoping to lose a little more by then. At least the .4 I have to lose to get my first reward. 

Brandon went tonight as well, he will meet with Chad for the first time on Wednesday. I can't wait to go at this together!

I have also added a "weigh ins tab at the top left of my page.

Restaurant Irritation

My husband and I went out to Cracker Barrel after church yesterday.  I ordered grilled trout, turnip greens, and green beans. I did allow myself two biscuits, I actually stayed right at 500 calories for the whole meal.  We also went to Cheddars to eat dinner with Brandon's parents last night.  I wasn't too thrilled about trying to eat out twice in one day and stay in my calorie budget, but I did it!!! I ordered a small steak (cut it in half) and steamed broccoli and a salad (with the dressing on the side).  So two restaurants in one day and calorie success was, in my book, a big success... so a few finds and frustrations in my restaurant success day.

~~~ I ordered dressing on the side at cheddars, they brought me two containers of the honey lime dressing that I ordered and I thought, how awful if all that dressing was on my salad.  I dipped my fork in the dressing before each bite, it was super tasty and I only used like 1/4 of ONE container.  So I used an 1/8 of the dressing that they would have poured on it! Well worth the request!

~~~ "Excuse me, do you know if you have nutrition facts available before I order?" Simple question right..? .... WRONG!!!! Cracker Barrel headquarters does not provide nutrition information beyond allergy information.  I spoke with a manager and simply stated that if McDonald's can publish nutrition info and be okay, then ANYONE can publish.  I explained to her that I used the livestrong.com website and found info the food I ordered and was able to order healthy options. She told me that she herself used to do weight watchers and had to search pretty hard for Cracker Barrel info on the web.  I asked her to please pass on to anyone she could that nutrition info would not be a bad thing but an appreciated thing.

~~~ "Can I order my steak and broccoli without butter please?"  I have asked this many many times and never been turned down.  I would say that I have ordered "without butter" at least 5 times at Cheddar's.  But last night when I made this request the server came back shortly and informed me that that was possible for everything but the broccoli.  WHAT??? I've been served broccoli "without butter" multiple times there.  He said that the cook told him that it was pre-portioned with butter and couldn't be cooked with out.  So there are two options here.... 1) I have been served broccoli WITH butter in the past and was told it was withOUT. 2) the cook was choosing not to take an extra step to satisfy my request.

(I plan to call Cheddar's today to figure that one out, call me crazy, but I kinda want an answer!)

So, I was successful, and I truly appreciate the healthy options served by both Cracker Barrel and Cheddar's.  I have nothing against either restaurant they both provide good food with healthy options and have great service and wonderful servers.  I just wonder what restaurants any of you have either found nutrition information to be available or not available.  The best option is obviously to cook at home, but when time or situations don't allow its nice to have the info available to make a good food choice. 

My brother told me that only fast food restaurants are required to publish info because they are considered "packaged food".  I think everyone should be required.  I plan to research the regulations and see. 

This post was a bit choppy, I'm sorry.  I train and weigh tonight, so I'll have another post this evening.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fish out of water!!! Yay!!!!

Well today was busy. Two school
day performances of our musical, then physical therapy, then training with my trainer (on dry land!!!) yippee!

So a quick bit about therapy. I got a new physical therapist today (same place I was just reassigned to another therapist) today was the day for an evaluation. So he twisted me up like a pretzel in several different ways testing "what aggravates my symptoms" his opinion is an inflamed disk that is getting back to normal but isn't quite there yet. (those are my terms) So they will be adding manual traction and soft tissue massage to my treatments. They also pointed out the fact that I am having the tendency to "round my shoulders". So I need to work on my posture. (a great deal of that being a result from the injury)
It is very interesting also that we discussed my ligaments being loose ( kinda like loose rubber bands ) they say that's just how I am but it increases the work load on my muscles and therefore makes a strong back extra important for me. So my trainer was instructed by my PT to work on strengthening my back and to avoid twisting and "fluction" I think fluction what they called it. It's when you curved your back forward.  So all my exercises have to be done with a straight back.  So those restrictions do not keep me in the water. So I trained on dry land today. !!!!

On to training. A much more fun topic. 

Oh but first. Me, A choir/band director had my posture corrected. I took it very personally that I'm not up to the standard that I set for my own students. So tomorrow my students will be getting permission (only in band and choir) to correct MY posture if they see me slip! They will LOVE that! A student impersonated me one day by simply saying "posture!" So that tells you that I drill it in!  Of course during my posture discussion at the gym with the PT one of my choir students came in and walked up to me. It was a sign I believe. Oh me!!! 

So I weighed in today and I lost 1.7 lbs!!!!!! Woohooo. And I'm still not quite where I need to be on nutrition. So this is good! I told my trainer about my goal rewards that I recently posted. He suggested buying a pair of jeans now that I like but are too small. I explained that I already have jeans thT don't fit but specifically a pair of size 8 Lucky jeans to fit into! Yikes! He told me to get them out where I will see them frequently. So I will be doing that. 

When he viewed my LoseIt journal he noticed my Hibachi dinner and suggested against those not only because of the butter but also the sodium. He encouraged me to focus hard on my nutrition to start dropping pounds. 

So I also have been instructed to do elliptical time each day and 3 of my back exercises an extra day. I meet with Chad again on Monday evening. I wonder how much I will lose by then?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Calorie bank overdraft!!!! / rewards!

So... I'm an emotional eater...

I had a "not so great" day at work today. The stress is high... it's musical week. That means time is limited and so are my patience.  So I left school late about 6:15 and had no clue what to cook for dinner. I called Brandon and suggested dinner out. So as we drove toward the mall he suggested Samari. I greatfully agreed and the following words exited my lips " I could use some butter!" OMG. No I didn't!!! Yes I Did!!! (from the same lips that request that my food be cooked without butter at restaurants?)

 I had done well all day. I even ate a healthy snack and had Cheerios instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast.....

The calorie bank was about to be overdrafted!!!!!

I ate about half my meal at Samurai. 
I went easy on the white sauce, I skipped the tempura sushi, eggrolls, and noodles. Unfortunately that rice isn't brown because it's whole. that would be the soy sauce :(

After ordering but before our cook came to our grill my phone rang. It was my trainer scheduling our next appointment!!!! Yikes!!!! I felt so bad. I was lucky he didn't ask "what are you doing?". I would have been sunk. What would I have said ? .... " setting at an hibachi grill staring at a slab o butter that will shrink in size as my meal is cooked". ???  

Today's Calories....
1252 / 1622 (over 370)

I have decided that I MUST reward myself for a job well done.  Just as I do as a teacher with my students. If I only acknowledged the wrong doings they would dislike me and dislike my class... So instead I must (as I do with students) reward the positives. So I have decided to reward myself for a few things. One being every five pound increment has a reward to do something for myself that has nothing to do with food. Another being a reward for my actions not my actual weight. 

So the first few rewards are as follows: 

5 lbs - Tervis Tumbler that I have been wanting ( may seem silly )
10 lbs - new yoga pants
15 lbs - pedicure
20 lbs - Sperrys ( some new plaid ones that I spotted at Macys )

Action Reward. First full week (seven straight days) to be within my calorie bank by 50 calories each day - I will buy a new pair of flip flops for spring. My week starts tomorrow. (Tuesday)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cinnamon Toast Crunch... going once...twice... Sold to the Strawberries with Splenda on top!

Well I had a weigh in today and.....

I gained 0.4 lbs. :( I was so sad. 

My trainer looked over everything I had eaten over the past two weeks and here is what he said .....

- get away from foods high in sugar

- eat every 3 hours throughout the day. He said even if you do something at lunch to take you over your calories you can still eat some low calorie veggies to give you nutrients and keep your metabolism up. Last Sunday I blew my calories at lunch at O'Charleys and so I skipped dinner. He didn't like that. 

- and to quote .....
Chad - "you need a better breakfast than Cinnamon Toast Crunch"
Me - " but it's whole grain... Did you know that all General Mills Cereals are whole grain?"
Chad - "it's still full of sugar"

Yeah so I lost that battle and will be skipping the cinnamon toast crunch. I knew better but I got lazy a little bit. I gotta get back to my eggs and bacon and oatmeal. 

So here is my focus for the week. 

> Replace sugary foods with whole fruits
> eat smaller meals more often. Every 3 hours to be exact. 
> eat a valuable breakfast

These go into effect tomorrow morning. I really have to find my will power for this. I'm addicted to sugar... it's official. 

Teresa and Tammie - if y'all read this and you see me moving toward the World's Finest box next week don't let me do it!!!!! Lol!

My PT has been going very well. Only 3 more sessions!!!! Then evaluation. 

So tonight Chad added some impact to my pool workout with lots of jumping an hopping type exercises. My back did well, so I am moving on to the elliptical on my own and then next training session will be on dry land!!!! YAY. 

I plan to continue some water training though. I love it!

I met a nice lady in the locker room tonight that trains with Chad and has lost 60 lbs so far. We talked about the nutrition part and she said that is what really made it happen for her. I know Chad is smart and knows best, but it was encouraging to meet a "success story" of his.  I can't wait to make these changes and see what I weigh in at next week!

So here's to strawberries with splenda!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I would rather paddle than prance any day!!!

Well, yesterday was Ash Wednesday so my trainer called and rescheduled my training so that he could make it to church on time. So I went and worked out in the water on my own. Here are some thoughts:

~~~It's worse to doggie paddle the length of the pool without a trainer standing on the edge to give people a hint that it wasn't your idea. 

~~~I love working out in water! I felt so "worked out" but so good all at the same time

~~~I get motivated just having to put on a swimsuit in March!

~~~The girls that prance into the pool area in a string bikini to watch their guy swim while they just set there in the hot tub irritate me. That string bikini might not fit forever ya know?
Oh and then when he makes you get into the pool and you act like it's going to bite you, don't you DARE look at ME funny just because I'm doggie paddling!

~~~ Doggie paddling burns really bad. So does kicking your way across the pool. Haven't decided which burns worse. 

~~~ I think swim suits stay wetter longer in a gym than anywhere else. I think it's because of that sign that says "please dry off before entering the locker room" .... Then you have to get the suit ,which is still soaked, home!!!

Im headed to PT today. 

I'm looking forward to my weigh in and training tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rain rain go away.... My raincoat fit too snug today!

Rain rain go away.... My raincoat fit too snug today!

I was headed out to the Central game tonight (they won and will go to state next week) and it was chilly and raining. I'm tired of all the winter coats so I decided to pull out my cheery coral colored rain coat from the closet. I didn't wear it last year at all and it was kinda springing but what would a little color hurt? So I got it out to wear (for the first time in two years) and I was so excited... My umbrella even matches!  Until the dreadful event occurred. I got the raincoat on and it would not comfortably button. I took it off and wore a regular cream colored winter coat to the game. I was so frustrated. :(

I hung the coat on the coat rack on the wall next to the front door. So it will stare at me rain or shine until it fits. 

So yet another goal has formed. I'm sure that there are many other cute pieces of clothing in my closet that don't fit well at this moment that I will want to wear in spring time. So I must start thinking of these things when sweets stare me in the face. 

I must repeat to myself "cute colorful spring clothes, cute colorful spring clothes THAT FIT" 

Tomorrow is another training session in the water with Chad (and a weigh in) I'm pretty sure that I will be attending at least the second half of  
"H2O Cardio" class to warm up for my training session. Anna (aqua Zumba instructor) is the teacher for that class as well. 

Nutrition today??

1604 / 1252 (over by 352)

Not too bad considering dinner (a hot dog) at the game along with a Hersey bar that I was "forced" to buy at Walgreens in order to get cash for the hotdog at the game. You would think that the latest issue of Cosmo would have been a sufficient purchase for getting cash after my rain coat fiasco but maybe that in itself is exactly why I chose the Hershey bar instead. Emotional eating.... Something I'm really good at that I dislike! Emotional eating a whole other post all in itself that I'll have to write when I have more time. 

Hoping for the best in my weigh in with the trainer tomorrow. Oh and I don't have therapy tomorrow so I get to walk right in the gym and scan my member card from the get go and NOT go into therapy first. It will be a nice change back to my old "normal". Then therapy again on Thursday. But a day at the gym with no therapy will be so exciting!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Samba in water.... Yikes!

Aqua Zumba / Calorie Bank

Aqua Zumba. I did this today to help with my Fibro Flare (see previous post) here are my thoughts about the class aside from the Fibro. 

OMG... Never in my life have I been so rhythmically challenged!!! Do you know how hard it is to Samba in water!!! I couldn't keep the beat for the life of me. Now part of that MAY have been due to me taking it easy tonight but that's like 2% if it. Lol. 

It was quite difficult to go quickly and keep my rhythm. If you have been to a Zumba class you know the movements are quick. Aqua Zumba shows just how strong the water's resistance is.  It was actually quite humorous when I think about it. How silly must I have appeared if someone was watching. 

I plan to continue with Aqua Zumba! I really liked it. If nothing else I get to listen to fun music for an hour. The instructor was new tonight an she was so sweet. She talked with me for some time after class and I think she really has a passion for helping people. 

My nutrition has been as follows. 

Saturday 2007/1252 (over by 755)
     Sad day. I planned ahead alright until I got to Solo & Ensemble and ate a donut and then went out with friends for Samari (a habachi grill... You know the grills with the SLABS of BUTTER) 
     We did go bowling afterward so I got to "exercise" a little ;)

Sunday  1715/ 1252 (over by 463)
      I thought. "Today is the day". Then we went out for lunch. So I still thought "today us the day". I ordered an under 550 meal from O Charleys. Good right?? WRONG if you realize that for 530 calories all I got was a chicken breast (breschetta) and steamed (probably buttered because I forgot to request it without) broccoli. Then you add the salad and roll and before you know it the only thing the "under 550" menus did was hold my total meal right at 1000 calories!!! So my day was beyond shot by the end of lunch.

Monday 1168/ 1252 (under by 85)
"Today is the Day" that my calorie bank did NOT explode. 
I was home with my Fibro so I had NO meals out. My day looked like this. 
Breakfast - whole wheat biscuit
Lunch - turkey sandwich and yogurt
Dinner - Hawaiian BBQ chicken and rice (posting that recipe this week, it's a crock pot recipe... Get excited!) 
Dessert - 2 no preservative cookies I baked. 
So what was the key? Eating home prepared meals. Today taught me a lot! I still need to get in my fruits and veggies better. 

So will Tuesday be another good day? 
Let's see!

Fibro Flare!!!

If you have been reading since the beginning,or you know me really well, you know I have Fibromyalgia. I have learned really well how to manage my Fibro but once in a while I have what's called a Fibro Flare. When my Fibro "flares up". Typically it has a very fast onset. Like I go to bed fine and wake up feeling like I've been beat up and run through the wringer (spelling?). Often time sudden weather changes involving cold air set me off. Well, today was a Fibro Flare. I woke up and couldn't stand to walk. My fibro flares effect my legs and hips a great deal. It basically makes them ache and have severe pain, feel bruised to the touch, and I become severely fatigued all over.   I thought a warm shower would help so I began getting ready for work and it only got worse. So I had to call in to work for a sub. Not one of my favorite things to do , especially with Festival fast approaching. 

So I stayed in and sat in a warm bath, slept for a few hours, and stretched as often as I could stand. I was scheduled for Physical Therapy today so I kept that appointment. They pulled back on a few of my exercises there and I made it through therapy successfully. I then stayed to get in the water for a while which was encouraged by my physical therapist. Exercise is good for flares but quite miserable. Often times I can take slow walks but it was too cold and Im restricted from the treadmill.  So I decide to give the water a whirl and see if I could get the exercise my flare up needed without the miserable pain. It worked really quite well. It, by no means fixed everything but I was able to be mobile and with the support of the water had little to no weight on my legs an hips. I wasn't pushing hard in a cardio manner. My goal was to be mobile for a hour.  I had a lot less fatigue when I got out of the water than when I got in. I actually made it out of therapy in time to go into a class, Aqua Zumba. I would NEVER be able to stand a regular Zumba class during a flare. It was all about the water for me. I am feeling a bit better tonight and expect that the flare will be gone by morning. 

If I were a fish I just might be Fibro free!

I'm posting a separate post about my Aqua Zumba experience (aside from how it did with my Fibro) and my recent nutrition failures and successes. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wings and Fries and Cake OH MY... Pass the celery and strawberries!

My nutrition is suffering! I do good at lunch usually because there isn't much damage that can happen in a 23 minute lunch! But I haven't been properly snacking and that makes me crave sweets really bad! 

I'm currently at Buffalo Wild Wings where I ate wings fries and chocolate cake! OMG!!!

I get 1252 calories a day. It's tough and I've been missing my mark. I told my trainer today that it was hard. He said simply this ... "DO IT" lol. I said that I feel like all I can eat is celery. Lol. I'm glad to have a trainer be so point blank with me!

  Actually... I think my food choice  problem is that I'm not eating enough fruits and veggies which would help fill me up but not fill up my calorie bank. So next I'm focusing on fruits and veggies! I have strawberries in the fridge. They are my favorite with splenda! I need to buy more fruits though. 

So let's see what tomorrow brings. 
I did not keep up with my calories today and basically ate as I wish. So I entered my whole day into my Lose It app and today totaled....... Drum roll *taps hands on table* ..... 2350 calories!!!! Almost twice my slotted amount. 

This MUST change. I have to plan ahead for the whole day. I think if I do that then I'm not making spontaneous food choices that can destroy my calorie bank. 

So logging food as I eat it and planning a day of meals and snack ahead is my plan. 

I'm gonna make it happen!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Have you ever tried "doggie paddling" the length of an Olympic sized pool?
ME EITHER... until yesterday. When Chad said "ok you are going to doggie paddle to the other end I know my face had to be priceless. He said "do you know how to doggie paddle?" I replied "I may have forgotten when I learned how to swim" I just couldn't imagine what it could possibly do to help! I'll tell ya what it can do. It can kill your arms, abs, back, and legs!
I also did lunges across the length, squats, some type of butterfly arm move with resistance weights (made of foam) under water, jogged two laps, walked like 10 laps, jumping jacks, and used a paddle board held arms length away and had to kick only for the full length.  
I was huffing and puffing! If the water was any warmer I could have sweat! 
I was so excited. I had no idea I could get such a workout in water and had ZERO issues with my pinched nerve because I had zero impact. 

My trainer has recently been the trainer for the guys team in the Train to Lose competition at the gym. He did his first two weeks with the team in the water and he had double digit weight losses from a few of the guys! I was encouraged when he told me that!

So water exercise really works. After I'm released to do weight training and regular cardio I fully intend to continue water training on my own. 

I will train in the water again next week and I can't wait! I'm a little sore today and it feels GREAT to be that way again! Finally!!!!

Stretching in the water after the workout was amazing too. The water increased my balance and I was able to stretch out really really well. Overall I just love the water!

If you are a person who works out and haven't tried the water. It's not just "for old ladies on Monday morning"! You should give it a shot! Start out with water walking and jogging. Get some other ideas from a trainer or google or go to a class. We have Aqua Zumba at my gym. I plan to try to make it to that class next week. I'm sure it's a blast!

Til next time!!!


Celebrate Good Times!!!!!

I have a LOT to celebrate today.  (actually yesterday... I wrote this last night)

My physical therapy is working and I'm finding relief. There is no longer any pain in my back only the numbness, tingling and burning. That too is getting better. 

So since I'm finding relief and my trainer and I finally got our crazy schedules together I had my first training session today since I fell on Jan 24th!!! So excited! I went to physical therapy first (same place) and was feeling great when I got finished. I had a 30 minute rest time before my training. I weighed in today before training. On the gym scales fully clothed I was 191.2. So not too much different from the last weigh in at the gym which is good considering my 5 weeks of no training. My trainer was very positive about that. I will now be doing weekly weigh ins with my trainer. I'm excited about that too. 

Nutrition: Chad (my trainer) wanted to see my Lose It (free app) food journal today and I was like "can I show you the one from the first two weeks I was hurt?" His reply.... "no..."
My food journaling really got lost in my injury. The first two weeks of my injury I was a nutrition perfectionist. I was that way since I couldn't work out. Then after two weeks I lost my motivation. I find motivation to stay on top of my nutrition from working out. Eat right = workouts feel good, eat wrong = workouts feel bad. So when I didn't have workouts I lost that motivation. 
So, today we didn't look at my journal. I started journaling again today and we will get into my nutrition more next week. 
However, I got my booty kicked back into shape today! In the POOL!!!
I will do a separate post about the water workouts. This one is already long. 

My biggest celebration of the day.... A good report from my doctor. It has nothing to do with my back, workouts, or nutrition.... It has EVERYTHING to do with my health as a woman. 

I kept this very quiet during the process but now that I got results and they were good results I'm ready to be honest and share to help someone else (I hope). I'll make this short and sweet. 
I found a lump on my breast about two weeks ago. Scary right?! Yeah I mean I'm 26!!! So I visited my doctor Monday, had a mammogram and ultrasound Tuesday, and received results today that the lump was "neither cancer or suspicious"!!!!! Wooohoo!!!!
The last few days have been very hard emotionally and mentally. I trusted God and leaned on him like crazy. I was constantly in prayer as were several family members and a few friends. 

So why would I be so open about this????

Because there is a great deal of awareness about breast cancer but I'm not sure that there is enough said to make girls my age realize that it means us too. We tend to thing it doesn't apply until we reach a certain age. Thats how i felt until recently. IT TOTALLY means us! Girls, self exams start early. If you are unsure how to self exam or what to look for ask your doctor, google it, or ask your mom. I did all three. It's not easy at first. As a matter of fact I think it is confusing, scary, and easy to NOT do. 

So educate yourself, exam yourself, and protect yourself. I did and I'm glad I did! I never thought I would find something at my age! Don't be scared. At our age there are lots of changes that can occur that are totally ok. Just communicate with your doctor. 
It's our health ladies! Nothing to be embarrassed about :)

I will be posting frequently now that I'm back in the groove. I will post tonight about my water training.

Here is a verse that I have been keeping near. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 

Happy Thursday!