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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recipes Previously Posted

A few people have looked back for recipes that were previously posted / mentioned on my blog. So here are all the recipes and the will stay in the archive so you can access them as you want to. 

-- Pineapple/ BBQ chicken
( a crock pot recipe for busy days! And it's low in calories )

Chicken Breast - cut into bite-sized pieces (I used 3)

One Can of pineapple chunks (in juice, not syrup). I added all of the juice with the pineapple, but you can drain part of the juice for a thicker result.

One green bell pepper- cut into pieces

BBQ sauce - amount is a preference 

Put all ingredients in the crock pot. 
Cook on low for 6-8 hours

Serve over brown rice! YUM

**** got this from my super sister in law

--Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Thaw out frozen tilapia fillets (100 calories each!!)

Put a tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin) in a non stick pan

Place the tilapia in the pan and sprinkle with lemon pepper ( I use quite a bit)

Cook for about two minutes, flip and sprinkle other side. 

Cook for about 2 minutes. 

When the fish is completely white and begins to flake apart when moved it is done. 

We eat it with brown rice. 

My college roommate, Katie, used to drizzle with honey instead of lemon pepper and bake! That was great too! 

I bought two pounds of tilapia at Kroger today for $9.99

--Something Sweet

I got this out of a biggest loser cookbook

Spread fat free cool whip between graham crackers and freeze. They make great low calorie snacks (calorie count depending on brands and amount of coolwhip you use)

They remind me of ice cream sandwiches

Get creative with multiple flavors of coolwhip! Chocolate is good!

--Seasoned Broccoli and Potatoes

Cut up fresh broccoli
Peel a small potato and cut into chunks
Place together and season with a little Seasoned Salt (just a little)
Place together to steam. 
I used a Pampered Chef steamer microwave dish. A regular steamer pan or a steamer bag would work. 

Cook until tenderness that you desire and enjoy!

I really like potatoes but they are only good in moderation because of the carbs. So I find that if I mix them in with the broccoli (I did 1/3 potatoes, 2/3 broccoli). I still get to satisfy my potato craving while filling up on a very healthy veggie. So I end up eating much less potatoes!

This served with Tilapia would be excellent!

I'm going to try this with lemon pepper and also again with Chilpolte Mrs. Dash seasoning. I liked the flavor of seasoned salt but I'm avoiding sodium. Let me know if any of you find another good seasoning to use!

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