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Monday, March 7, 2011

Samba in water.... Yikes!

Aqua Zumba / Calorie Bank

Aqua Zumba. I did this today to help with my Fibro Flare (see previous post) here are my thoughts about the class aside from the Fibro. 

OMG... Never in my life have I been so rhythmically challenged!!! Do you know how hard it is to Samba in water!!! I couldn't keep the beat for the life of me. Now part of that MAY have been due to me taking it easy tonight but that's like 2% if it. Lol. 

It was quite difficult to go quickly and keep my rhythm. If you have been to a Zumba class you know the movements are quick. Aqua Zumba shows just how strong the water's resistance is.  It was actually quite humorous when I think about it. How silly must I have appeared if someone was watching. 

I plan to continue with Aqua Zumba! I really liked it. If nothing else I get to listen to fun music for an hour. The instructor was new tonight an she was so sweet. She talked with me for some time after class and I think she really has a passion for helping people. 

My nutrition has been as follows. 

Saturday 2007/1252 (over by 755)
     Sad day. I planned ahead alright until I got to Solo & Ensemble and ate a donut and then went out with friends for Samari (a habachi grill... You know the grills with the SLABS of BUTTER) 
     We did go bowling afterward so I got to "exercise" a little ;)

Sunday  1715/ 1252 (over by 463)
      I thought. "Today is the day". Then we went out for lunch. So I still thought "today us the day". I ordered an under 550 meal from O Charleys. Good right?? WRONG if you realize that for 530 calories all I got was a chicken breast (breschetta) and steamed (probably buttered because I forgot to request it without) broccoli. Then you add the salad and roll and before you know it the only thing the "under 550" menus did was hold my total meal right at 1000 calories!!! So my day was beyond shot by the end of lunch.

Monday 1168/ 1252 (under by 85)
"Today is the Day" that my calorie bank did NOT explode. 
I was home with my Fibro so I had NO meals out. My day looked like this. 
Breakfast - whole wheat biscuit
Lunch - turkey sandwich and yogurt
Dinner - Hawaiian BBQ chicken and rice (posting that recipe this week, it's a crock pot recipe... Get excited!) 
Dessert - 2 no preservative cookies I baked. 
So what was the key? Eating home prepared meals. Today taught me a lot! I still need to get in my fruits and veggies better. 

So will Tuesday be another good day? 
Let's see!

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  1. I started doing Weight Watchers recently, and I find it's so manageable until I want to try to go out to eat. I think the benefits of not going out to eat will be two-fold, though. I'll lose weight AND save money! =) Good luck!