“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post 13.1 thoughts

I'm way too tired and exhausted to write a good post 13.1 blog post so I'll do that later and add in some of the good pictures my hubby and dad took with the good cameras. So in the mean time as I ride in the car I'll just give a few thoughts and a few pictures from my brothers iPhone as we ran.

What was on my mind at the start line:
"I've really gotta pee"

After I peed it was "oh my goodness oh my goodness!"

Funniest thing I ate today: Salt

You've not seen a gross port a potty until you've run a half/full. Yuck!

"hydration is sexy" a quote I've heard a lot but it is so true. Because dehydration is NOt sexy. Saw some
Of that.

Wet wax paper cups are slick as can be.

When someone says excuse me because they need through for Pete's sake don't draw your arms in and STOP. (I almost ran smack into the back of a girl who did that)

Never judge how someone is running they all have their reasons. :)

Talk to the people around you. It helps everyone.

Apples and peanut butter are my new favorite combo!!

Busted/melted GU on the pavement is gross

If you are going to forget something (like your time chip) make sure your dad is an emergency ninja like
Mine is. Lol. Thanks Dad! (he brought my chip... Picture below)

Favorite Spectators of the day:
The girls in fat bikini costumes. Their signs said "run like there's cake at the end" and "you're sexy and you know it". They were playing LMFAOs Sexy and I know it on repeat.

I finally got a pink 13.1 sticker on my car thanks to Jason and Jamie

Funniest Quotes by far by fellow runners:
"hey I'm going to run in the discount tobacco store I'll be right back" (and the guy split off to the store)

"aren't we supposed to get a second wind somewhere"

"somebody please sing!!! Or
Something" - during a spot with no entertainment which are very RARE in Nashville.

"he's your carrot". Someone to me
About my brother keeping my pace with me.

"that doesn't look fun at ALL"-me

Best thing said to me all day - "you've inspired me to run up the hill" 2 miles later "remember me, you inspired me back there"

All in all a great experience with lots of laughs to be had for years to come.

Serious post to come in a day or two.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Race Jitters!!! Pearls to Running Clothes!

So my race is 3 days away. I had the first hint of nervousness last night when I saw my brother's count down. 82 hours... HOURS?!! I was still cool
with that though. Then I had another busy day at work. Almost forgetting what lies ahead. I got home and on Twitter what do I see?! My brother tweeted... "looks like #RnRNash is going to be a hot one. Remember hydration is sexy". I officially became
Nervous at that point. Now this is not my brothers fault. It's just that he happens to be my running partner on this one and is super excited and I see his tweets/posts everyday after work. Just as I get out of school mode and realize again that I have a half marathon to run this weekend! Lol

So after a good Subway dinner with whole wheat bread (good carbs) I changed clothes for a run. I just wanted to head out for an easy 2 miles. When I started out I felt great. Felt like I had a good pace etc. all of a sudden my runkeeper said .5 miles and 8 min. What?!!! I'm running a 16 min pace!!! No good. I guess I just thought I was running a good pace. So I determined that a dark subdivision must just be boring. So I began imagining what it will be like to run the downtown streets of Nashville lined with 1000s of people cheering me on. I began to feel a bit peppier. So I think this whole "the actual race will be so much better because of the adrenaline" idea must be true. It was only in my head and I got pumped up... Imagine what the real deal will do!

Now back to that subway sandwich. I ate it right before my run. So my stomach wasn't feeling too hot. So at 1 mile I was .25 miles from home and determined it would be best to get home. Sometimes its not much of an option. So I walked a quarter mile home where my stomach is continuing to be in knots. I think it was partially the running right after dinner but partially the race jitters. Jason (my brother) tells me that it will only built from here. Yikes. This is on a much higher caliber than my nerves before my first 5K!!!
Jason said his nerves always go away when he crossed the start line. I can agree with that. I was that way with my 5K. After I started I wasn't nervous but focused and excited.

I called my sister in law as I walked home tonight. Bless her heart she listened as I rambled and rambled and said "sorry I'm rambling because I'm nervous". Thankfully due to a huge deadline at work this week I am able to keep it off my mind during the day. But at night time it's all I think about!

So the hardest part of my day....
Going from pearls to running clothes. It was scary to do that easy run tonight. I was afraid it would go badly. It was ok though. A bit tight in my hamstrings and knees but it was good.

I feel as though my blog post is also nervous rambling. I just glad to know that jitters are normal.

Spreading of running clothes... I usually wear a running skirt with built in compression shorts that are short and I use body glide. So tonight to avoid a long getting ready process I just threw on my old compression shorts that I purchased a year ago. I only went about .1 miles and they were all ridden up as short as my skirt compression shorts. At first I was frustrated and found myself pulling and tugging at them until just as I began to tug once I noticed how loose they were on my legs. Oh my goodness!!! My compression shirts are too big!!!. I was super excited for that. I have lost inches in my legs so that was great! So the only negative was the pulling and tugging.

I also mentioned carbs. I've been increasing my good carbs. Just a little today. Friday will be intense with carbs. I'm also working on hydration already.

So those are my random thoughts less than 60 hours from race time.

You can add to the build up and excitement if you choose to donate to run2walk for my race to help the first person are able to provide mobility needs to. Visit run2walk.org. Watch my video there. Every little bit helps!!

Below you see Pearls to Running clothes (notice my new Brooks running hat that I got on a great sale last weekend!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom packed my lunch!!!

So Mom was in town last night. We stayed up until 1:00am cutting vinyl letters to decorate a few spots in my house (I included pictures). It was a lot of fun, but 6:40 came early. I showered last night so I was ready in 10 min. I hit the kitchen at 6:50 to cook breakfast and make my lunch. Only to realize that I was on bus duty this week an it meant I needed to leave RIGHT then. I grabbed a Greek yogurt to go and headed out.

Today was a no carb (very low carb) day. I'm doing this for 48 hours in order to rid my system of not only any simple bad carbs but the old
Carbs that are deep in my muscles and difficult to access during my race. I will begin my carb loading on healthy whole grain/wheat carbs tomorrow at dinner. That will then allow more of those healthy carbs to store up an be helpful during my race. This is a method that my brother uses on his marathons and halfs and I used for my 13 mile training run ( only that was an abbreviated version).

So on my way to work I thought. Surely the cafeteria will have some healthy veggies and lean meat I can make a meal out of. They are good about fresh veggies etc. I go to school an found out it was chicken tender day!!!! Oh no!!!! So I checked the menu.
Side one: chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, Lima beans, carrots, banana and a whole wheat roll.
Are you serious. Let's check side two.
Side two: cheeseburger, potato smiles, and peaches.
(I often get great fresh veggies and fruit in my cafeteria, today it was like the carbs were chasing me!)

Text to my mom: "what time
Are you leaving town. Can you pack me a lunch, this no carb thing won't work here today"

My mom is awesome so she did just this. I called the secretary and let her know to call me when my mom
Brought my lunch box (am I twelve!)

So for lunch I had just as I requested:
Spinach salad with feta and black olives
Lite basaltic with my TBSP measure
Hard boiled egg
2 oz of turkey lunch meat
Cinnamon almonds.

It was good. I was thankful for my Mom being so supportive of me and being willing to help.

After school snack:
Pickles and cheese

Salad w/ chicken and two strips of bacon.

So food is really my biggest focus this week. Training is over its all about correctly fueling all week long. And hydration. All water this week.

Update on my Run2Walk page:
I'm 1/8 of the way to my sponsor goal. Please sponsor me. All donations are helpful. Don't assume someone else will help. Get involve with changing someone's life. It only takes a few dollars from all of my readers to make a difference.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One week from today!!!

My race is getting SO close!!! One week from today I will be finishing my first 13.1!!! It's hard to believe that it is here and I'm ready!!!! I haven't been able to train as much as I would have liked this week. I had a very intense work week (all of my choirs attended festival for ratings), a healing knee (from a fall, silly me), and no thyroid medication in my system this week due to a prescription mix up (feeling completely exhausted). But I have to remember that it's not what I do two weeks before its what I've been doing for the last year that will get me done with 13.1!

Today starts my particular eating. I will be doing less running this week and some cross training. I'm tapering my running and will increase my carbs all week. Not a good weigh in week for sure!!!

I was supposed to hit the pavement for my last long run this morning but it's 40* and raining. I have places to be this afternoon so I will move this run to tomorrow. 65* and sunny in the forecast. Perfect.

My race is in the 10 day forecast on my phone!!! Yay. I remember when my wedding made it into my ten day forecast. I always base how close events are by the ten day forecast. How funny! (picture)

I have a brunch this morning with my fellow jewelry ladies. I'm excited about that! I was in the top ten this quarter in my group. I'm proud of that. So after brunch everything that hits my mouth will be made in my kitchen. I had a fun TGIF (end of workweek) meal last night with my hubby at Hooters (followed by a little shopping) and was so sick afterwards. My body is no longer accustom to grease, butter, and fat. Amazing how our bodies react to these things! Those of you that have followed me for a while know that boneless wings are my weakness! I'm learning to dislike them.

On to the shopping trip I mentioned. My sports bra finally hit it's last leg on my 13 mile training run. The metal in the back became exposed and cut my back (no good) and I've been having to wear two at once! I found one at Academy that I liked in Knoxville that is Under Armour brand.(but didn't get it!) Same brand I've used for years! Went to the UA outlet at the mall last night. They didn't have them :/
So I decided to try VS and see if they had the VSX line. They did not. The sales lady insisted that I try a Pink sports bra. Yeah right?!! I showed her exactly why they are not intended for high intensity activities such as running. The fabric has so much give in it. The closest VSX store is in Columbus Ohio. (disappointment). The VSX line carries a line of sports bras with function and support. I tried one on once and thought I loved it. Promptly heard a tornado siren and was rushed out of the store only to never find one again. Now that I've griped about sports bras.... Lol. I'll be headed out here at home today to hopefully find one that I love. Wondering why they sell sports bras that don't actually serve any purpose. :/

Anyhow. These are my thoughts the morning a week away from my race. Have a fantastic Saturday.

Please visit www.run2walk.org
Watch my video and view my page. Please sponsor me if you can. Even a dollar will help. If all of my regular blog readers would donate $10.00 to my race cause I would hit my goal very quickly! Please donate if you can and share with others!

Thanks to all my readers!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Run2Walk is LIVE!!!!

Ok. Lots of you have been following my journey for health for over a year and my half marathon training since September. You learned about my role with Run2Walk in February. Now I can finally get sponsors!!!!! Regardless of rather you can sponsor or not go check it all out at the site below. Make sure to click on the Sponsor Bethney button to get more info after the video. Clicking that button does NOT obligate you. If you can sponsor even $1.00 DO IT !!!
All donations big and small will all change someone's life forever. I'm so excited I can barely type!!! The time has finally come!!! I will be blogging daily updates so keep coming back and share my blog and Run2Walk with everyone that you know! Thanks to all of my readers! Those that have been with me since Jan 2011 and those who meet me today! Let's all change someone's life together!

Go to www.run2walk.org

Watch the short video

Click on the Sponsor Bethney button

Then continue to follow me!!!

This is me right after I got the coolest text ever from Jason that we were

Friday, April 13, 2012

A twist in the Salmon Biggest Loser contest!

So Biggest Loser in the Salmon house (that I blogged about before) took a funny turn this week. Brandon and I were out of town for a trip to visit my brother and the Smokey Mountains last Sat - Wed. So our weigh in was Thursday morning. During that week I did carb loading for my 13 miles on Sunday. Then Monday we had a cheater meal at a local BBQ restaurant and again on Tuesday a cheater meal in the smokies (healthy breakfast and dinner each day, just cheater lunches) Wednesday we had a healthy brunch with some of Brandon's family in Knoxville and a healthy dinner (I Cooked stuffed turkey peppers, look for that recipe in the column on the left). On the ride home late Wed we did something terrible and odd for us. We went through a drive through at about 9pm while traveling. Yikes. I had chicken strips (no fries). So Thursday morning rolled around..... Weigh in day. Brandon had gained a few pounds, and I got to thinking... What if I gained? Who gets this week's $10? I decided that if I also gained we would put the $10 with the other $10 that gets posted to the fridge for the overall winner at the end. So I weighed in...... (not gonna lie, I made sure I peed as much as possible first lol)
.... I gained exactly 1 pound.

I was happy it wasn't more. I reminds myself of the carb load and of the cheater lunches and last min chicken strips. But that meant we both gained. I went to the living room an told Brandon. He had already decided the same about the money. So we placed both $10 bills on the fridge. (picture below, you can see the BL money collages with my first 5K bib, training schedules from my trainer, and the news article about my training with Run2Walk, very inspiring fridge door!)

So the overall winner gained $10 extra! I need to be that person. It's either me or hubby. Needs to be me!!! I love him and I'm proud of his 45+ lb weight loss since Dec. but I need to win!!!!

I haven't won a week yet. He's won 5. This is my time to shine. Our rules state that your percentage lost must come off of your lowest weigh in number to date. So my weigh in was 185.4. Last week was 184.4. So my weight loss percentage this week gets calculated by the 184.4. Kinda like a one pound disadvantage. Now I won't say how much more because he didn't sign up for this blog mention (he never does) but he gained more than a pound so I have an advantage from the start because I held closer this week. So it's an earned advantage. So I'm determined. I'm winning this week!!! Woot! So stay tuned. Weigh in is Wed.

In case he reads my blog today...

I love you babe but it's on and I'm winning this week. I'm winning the whole thing too. Just saying!

I love competition!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

13.0 - DONE 0.1 to go!!

So I had my longest training run yet on Sunday. I won't lie. I was nervous.... NERVOUS!!! I did a carb load type thing ahead of time. Wed-fri morning was carb depletion. This was to rid my system of the useless carbs to make lots of room for fresh healthy carbs. So then Friday-Sun was healthy carb loading. I'm glad I practiced this before the big day because I wasn't prepared for it. It's not easy to change your eating when you are in a routine. Saturday night I arrived at my brothers house and he had whole wheat spaghetti waiting for me along with wheat thins and natural peanut butter. I was so full already. It was not fun to eat. I know it helped me though. At that time my brother told me that he would be running with me. I was so excited. I hate long runs alone. So Sunday after church we ate a nice light and healthy lunch and got ready to head out. So here is how it went.
Mile 1 - awesome time.
Miles 2-3 had some big hills and my time settled in.
Mile 4 - body was very tired... I think mainly from the early hills. A dog joined us. Cute little wire-haired terrier mix. Maybe 6-7 lbs, no collar, seemed to be less than a year old, and seemed less than concerned with any type of a boundary or home.
Mile 5 - feeling good. Was totally distracted by the dog that was still running with us. I forgot how tired my body was feeling. I flinched every time a car went by. I just knew that puppy was going to get hit.
Mile 6- people were yelling at us about the dog when they had to stop (the dog was weaving in and out of the road. Every time someone would yell/honk/throw their hands up one of us would say "it's not our dog!" finally a lady turned around and took the dog in her car to help find its home and keep it safe. I was relieved.
Mile 7 - beginning to get numb to the muscle aches. Ran out of my water, grabbed a bottle from my brother.
Mile 8 - still moving
Mile 9 - stopped at McDonalds to use the restroom and refill the water bottles. Tough to start back up. Felt very slow.
Mile 10 - wanted to quit. For real!!!
Mg tailbone was hurting. Weird but true. My brother got ahead of me a bit. I caught back up at a stop light. I shared my frustrations.
Mile 11- slowest of all, hurting badly.
Mile 12 - numb again, went by quickly was super excited to have a new distance record.
Mile 13 - pure heck!!! Giant hills for the last mile. Some people say Nashville is hilly. That haven't run in Knoxville much. 100 ft. Climb in that last mile. My ending spring was on a big hill. I was so excited to hit 13.0. As a reward I got to see a sneak peak of my Run2Walk intro video. I can't wait to share it!!!

I drank a total of 70 oz of water along the way. At 1.5 packs of Spirt Beans and one Gu gel. It's all about steady fuel in and steady fuel out.

We began at my brothers house and ran to his friends house and met everyone there, showered and then enjoyed a great traditional Easter meal. Loved it! Thanks Becca and Joe!

I was quite sore the next day but went to the zoo and walked around and then the second day went to the Smokey mountains. Key for getting over soreness for me is to keep moving.

So I have .1 miles that I haven't done yet. That's all!!!. I can totally do this!!!
So I will now be tapering my long runs distance wise for the next two weeks.

Picture below of my brother and I at the end with the hill i sprinted to the end behind us. I look terrible but what else can I expect?! Also a screen shot of my splits with elevation changes listed.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gracie and the April Challenge!

Gracie wanted to say hi and let y'all know that she has lost 1.8 lbs since I first posted her weight and need to lose weight on the right hand side of my blog. She now weighs 20.2 lbs. down from 22 lbs. her goal weight is 19 lbs. (she is at the line to drop down in her flea/heart guard med to the next weight category, kinda like a dress size for us I guess).

So we've cut out treats for the most part. She gets pieces of her all natural food or frozen green beans (sometimes tiny pieces of cheddar cheese to hide her Claritin pill). It's getting pretty out so we've also been making it a point to take the dogs for a walk together each night.

April Challenge (and how it ties in)

A former student of my husband has a weight loss blog http://.jaymootojayme.blogspot.com
She has opened up an April challenge to her friends/readers/followers to walk 30 min a day. You report time/distance each week along with weight loss. I think she has a small prize for the winner, but I'm not worried about a prize. I like the accountability. So my hubby and I signed up. This 30 min of walking each day is in addition to my other training. So I decide to make it the dog walks. So April is going to be a healthy challenge for our furry friends too!!! This will help us make a healthy habit with our puppies. I'm so excited about the April challenge and adding to my routine!!!

So check out Jaymootojayme she is doing great things!!!

And Yay to Gracie for her 1.8 weight loss. Almost 10% of her body weight!!!

Now on to bed or this crazy 4 day week at school!