“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

8 Miles of Firsts!

Well, yesterday I went on an 8 mile run!  Not only was it my longest distance, but it was also my first ever run at dawn and my first long (more than 4 miles) run on my own.  I was out of town to visit my brother and sister in law with my parents and Meemaw for my nephew's first birthday, so I was sleeping on the couch.  I woke up to my brother saying "Bethney, get up let's go" It was still dark.  He was on a time constraint so i was hurrying to get ready.  Jason fixed the hydration belt for me (I had to use his, I left mine at home).  I got ready and grabbed a Zone bar.  My question... "Is this enough for breakfast?" Jason's response.... "It has to be, lets go"... I had Gu and Sport Beans in my belt.  I was good.  Off we went, I was half asleep and running.  I had phone trouble, had to restart my phone to get RunKeeper to work.  By the time I hit the main road I had to call Jason to see which way to go.  I was nervous about my start. LOL.  Soon after hitting the main road I noticed that the front bottle on my right side wasn't fastened closed and I had water down my right arm.  At 31 degrees that was cold.  It had time to dry :)  I got to about the 1.5 mile mark and my brother had turned around.  He has a recent knee injury and had restrictions. He gave me instructions on the route to take and I was mostly worried about the following statement... "When you get to the top of the hill, turn right.... you'll know when you get to the top of the hill".. YEAH I KNEW WHEN I GOT TO THE TOP OF THE HILL.  My goodness!  At around 2 miles, I worried about getting to 8, but I focused and kept going.  I had some more firsts... running parallel to the interstate (nervous!) Needing to stop for a restroom break and not finding one, etc. I ran over the interstate for the first time.  That was an awkward feeling.  The picture below is with a NEW (curve) sign.  I thought it was appropriate for a new runner on a new length of run to take a picture with.

 I ate 3 beans after 2,4,6,7..... After 6 I was feeling kinda funny... not weak and not light headed, but I felt like my equal librium was off.  So I grabbed a GU.  I hated it last time I tried it, but I discovered yesterday that when its needed it is GOOD!!!!

At about 6.5 Dad and Jason drove by on an errand and checked to make sure that I was ok.  I was !

At 7.5 I got to run back over the interstate! Picture below!

Here is what I have to say about running over on an overpass.... Its better than running under and overpass! (I sprint under bridges to get out from under them).  But when I look down off the over pass it make my butt feel funny, like a roller coaster.

Just after the bridge I had another first! A creepy dog!  He popped out from nowhere and was a very serious looking dog.  Now, Im a dog person for sure.  I have three.  But I never underestimate the power of a random dog on a run.  I slowed my pace drastically, the cars near by slowed down and watched.... I took a snapshot incase he attacked, so we could identify the dog (I'm an over thinker!) He was a very pointy dog as I describe him.... he actually went out of his way to go around me.  Whew! I was glad.  I told myself "if this dog bites me, I'm running the last .3 miles before anyone picks me up.  I'm going 8 miles!

I sprinted my last .1 miles.  I couldn't believe I had done it!  I did it. 8 miles.  I felt as though I was an eternity from the house, actual distance .5 miles... so I took a nice strolling cool down walk back to the house where I had my sis in law snap my "8" pictures and then I cleaned up and enjoyed my nephew's first birthday.  Im sore, but not too bad.  My pace was about 45 seconds slower than I aimed for, but I finished and that is what I headed out to do.  So... next is 9!!!

Nov. accomplished 5
Dec. 6 & 7
Jan. accomplished 8
Feb........ let's see

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here I am! All 100% of me!

Being sick really takes it out of ya. While I wasn't feeling well I didn't food log well because my mind said "what's the point" well I guess the point is logging soup and ice cream (sore throat) would keep me in the logging habit. It was hard to come back to logging well after getting out I the groove. I've been eating pretty well, just not logging well. My trainer messaged me on MyFitnessPal today and said "I hope you're eating more than you are logging!". Her words helped motivate me to be 110% today!

It also takes time to get back into the workout groove. I've been doing workouts but they've been short and tiring. Today I kicked it back up a notch! Or two!

After school I ran a few errands for my jewelry business. Then I came in the house and hit my crossfit circuit hard. I got to use my pull up bar for the first time tonight! I liked it. Then I ate a clementine and headed to the gym. I met a friend and we took a water groove class. I'm not gonna lie the 80s & 90s pop music was kinda fun. Water class wasn't hard but I know that moving in water for an hour burns calories! I hit the treadmill next for a quick mile. By quick I don't mean easy. I mean pushing my pace. I did a 13.5 min pace. Good for me!

I'm excited for tomorrow. Let's see
What it brings! Pictures below of my awesome Run2Walk shirt that I sported
At the gym tonight!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You know youre a runner when...

Found these "you know you're a runner when" facts on another blog (therunnergirl.me ) and just like that newer runner on that blog I can already associate with a few of them. Some not as much. I wanted to share them just for laughs. I'm setting in the doctors office waiting to have sore throat and ears seen about.

your day isn't complete until you've put your run in.

your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant.

your 'To Do' list reads: Go Run. Everything Else.

you get upset about injuries because they keep you from running, not because you have actually damaged your body.

while driving places, you're constantly evaluating the road for it's "running route potential".

you run.....for fun.

you don't like having to take a "rest day".

you consider getting a PR almost as great as winning the race.

you have a list of all the races you plan to run for the next 12 months.

you feel an instant kinship to any other runner you pass by on the street.

whether a 5K runner or a marathon runner, you understand "the runner's high".

the high you feel after a race outweighs the anxiety you feel before it.

a nice walk doesn't really feel much like exercise.

your iPod has a "running" playlist.

your non-running friends consider every race you run a "marathon".

a good day is when you put more miles on your running shoes than your car tires.

you only wear your running shoes for running.

you have more ice packs in your freezer than frozen dinners.

you plan your vacations around races.

you have a subscription to Runner's World magazine.

you know what a GU packet is and you've tried every flavor and have a favorite.

you're around friends and family, the only thing you talk about is running.

you're not a morning person but you still find yourself up at 6:00 am on a Saturday.

you're a guy and you say things like "long and hard" to your female friends and it is not a sexual innuendo.

you double knot all your shoes out of habit.

you try to convince people to run a 5k because it's "only" 3 miles.

you spend $100 for a pair of shoes and think you're getting a good deal.

you wear your running shorts underneath your work clothes so that you can quickly get running after work.

your first thought when you look at the weekly weather forecast is, "When can I fit in my runs?

you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile.

you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar to one.

you're not embarrassed to wear spandex.

the salespeople at your local running shop know you by name.

at least one of your web site usernames or email addresses has the word "run" or "runner" in it.

you know where exactly one mile from your front door is in any direction. (so true and funny - findtheskinny)

your Facebook or Twitter updates frequently involve running.

you get jealous when you're driving in your car and pass runners.

you spend more money on running clothes than work or casual clothes.

Comment and tell me which ones apply to you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You can help!

Please help spread the word about a great new organization called Run2Walk. Visit Run2Walk.org and click on the video on the homepage. Even watching their first promo video can help. They have a goal of views by midnight EST for some pledges to be made.

Basic idea of run to walk:
Runners run their races
They get sponsored as a run2walk runner.
The raised funds provide a need for a person with a mobility need (wheelchair, etc)

The video shares some amazing statistics!

Most importantly share this sight with friends and keep following my blog and Run2Walk to see what happens next and to see what I'm so stinkin excited about!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frozen Four

Not all my pictures are on here. I'll add them when I'm not traveling.

I ran the Frozen Four (4 miler) yesterday before heading out of town for some family stuff this weekend. The Frozen Four was to benefit a student at the school where I work. He is a cross country runner. Last summer he was at cross country camp and got sick. Long story made short he ended up in Vanderbilt for 5 months with MRSA staff and beat a 10% chance of survival. He is home now but not back to school and not don't fighting for his health back. I've heard many say that the doctors said that his body beat the odds because he was in such good shape from being a runner. I think that is a pretty big deal as such a young person. We expect all young people to be healthy and resistant to health problems. This makes it so real that it is important for kids to be active.

I don't know what all they expect from him in his recovery timeline, but I hope that he will run again one day. I know that until that time I will work hard to be my best as a runner because I'm blessed to have the ability that has been taken from a kiddo that loved to run.

How many others out there would love to run, but can't? If you have the ability to run I encourage you to head out and run for someone who can't. Notice that I said "ability" to run. That doesn't mean that you have to be a "runner" you just need to put one foot ahead of the other, set a goal, and go. No need to be good at it. Take it a day at a time. Twitter folks please check out @run2walk. If you are interested in running for those that can't you'll love what they have to say. They are in the process of launching their organization. Watch it unfold and be a part.

Back to the race. I was off from running this past week for a piriformis injury. So Saturday was my first run back. I was told to run and see if it hurt. If not run ahead, if pain happene I needed to walk.

It was about 30ish degrees. Not exactly sure. I had a goal to have more than one person behind me this time. At my first 5K there was only one lady behind, I was next to last. So even two people behind me would be an improvement. I got there got ready and we took off. It don't take long for the group to pull ahead. I was far from alone though. I was just in the end of the pack. I set my pace steady. I had a group near by that was speeding up slowing down over and over. I got kinda tired of it. Lol. It was like setting cruise on the interstate and having that irritated car pass and fall behind over and over. I had ear buds in and had them turned on. The people would talk when I went by. They didn't think I could hear I guess. I heard that they were determined I pass me. Well, that motivated me. They passed a few more times but I was steady and that was worth a lot. I knew they would get tired over time. I felt better each mile. At 1 mile I called my husband (thank goodness for voice control in my ear buds) I had him meet me when I passed the spectators and grab my hoodie. I was sweating up a storm! He did just that. I felt so much better. Miles 3 & 4 were better. In Mile 3 I passed the cruise control group and continuously gained on them to the end. I also passed one more person on my last leg. Was it about beating those people? Heavens no!!! It was about setting small motivating goals for myself along the way. it worked well.

When I finished I was fairly fatigued. Nothing like the fatigue at the end of my first 5K though. I've trained up so much better and it was noticeable to me for sure.

I ended with people cheering me on at 55 min 36 seconds. My hubby was there taking pictures of me (coming soon). I finished ahead of 5 people. Improvement for me. I can only compete against myself.

I was thrilled with my pace. I have a goal of finishing my half marathon in 3'45". The last time I did a 4 mile
Training run in the cold (real cold) my pace was 17" miles. I finished in 1 hour and 10 min. So I cut 15 minutes off that time. I can run a 12-13" mile but when I do 3-4+ miles the pace slows down. So 4 miles at 55" was awesome to me. That was a 13 min 75 second pace. If I were to run that pace in the half. I would be done in 3 hours! Woah! What a thought!!! So I might need to reevaluate my half pace goal?! I'll see how my times are on the next few training runs. I guess those pain in the rear (literally) quarter mile sprints did some good even just the once.

I look forward to my runs this week to see how they go. I currently don't feel well (note the delayed post). I ran with a sore throat on Sat. It wasn't too bad, but Sat night and today I have felt pretty rotten. Any runners hve advice on running with throat/sinus crud going on? I'm sore today. I think it's a mix of first run after a resting week, fibromyalgia flare up from cold air (which I like to pretend doesn't happen) and the ickiness of feeling yucky. I iced last night. I'm hoping tomorrow is better.

So challenge yourself to run this week for those who can't. That will keep me going for sure!

Have a great Monday!

Picture from my phone below
More to come
Before race (in hoodie) one by myself one with Vetria!
After race (with a banana and my inhaler lol)

Monday, January 9, 2012

"When Can I Run?"

"When Can I Run?" *GASP* did that come out of MY mouth?! Well, yes it did! This may not be a gasping moment for those of you reading my blog and it wasn't for me when I said it. I took my gasp an hour later driving to the post office!

I have been through many physically active times in my life. I played sports growing up-high school, I always worked out in college. I began Couch 2 5K 3 times before I finished it. But when I was 10 and it rained out softball, I was kinda sad that the game/practice was cancelled but in my head down in my true self it was like PARTY TIME. Woot woot! I don't have to go! As a matter of fact they won't LET me go! Same was true for soccer and running in my previous failed attempts at becoming a "runner". I was so relieved when I was not able to do those activities for a reason beyond myself. Now Marching Band and Tennis were different. I loved those two things and I as good at them. I was genuinely upset if they were cancelled. Though I was glad to set my rear on the couch after being upset.

I haven't blogged in a few days because I was quite frankly angry at my situation. So let me give you the quick version of the story.

Woke up Sat morning early with bad leg, butt, and foot pain on my right side. I could tell it was coming from my sciatic nerve. I was supposed to run 6 miles Sat!!!!

Texted my trainer and she advised to rest and reduce my calories for the day. I also left Sunday as my originally schedules rest day. I iced and stretched.

So here was Monday. The leg/foot pain had subsided but the butt was not relieved! My trainer checked on me mid day and she also spoke with the head PT guy at the gym. I told her it still hurt just not as bad. The two of them had me come into PT today after work. I did...

After several physical tests and measurable movements and manipulations of the area the PT, Jon, who is very good at what he does. Determined that it was my piriformis muscle that had in trapped my sciatic nerve therefore irritating it.

PT orders in short:
Don't run until you have relief (5-7 days)
Do easy stretching of the piriformis. I was taught how by the PT. 2x per day.
Don't stretch too hard in that muscle group, it will agitate the sciatic more.
Do simple motion exercises (also taught to me by PT) 2x per day.
Ice it.

So I turned to the PT and said "When can I run?" that was before the suggestion of when I could run again was set. We set it at that time.

I was thankful to Jon and headed out. I had to run some errands. Once my trainer was done teaching her class I texted her to call me. That is about the time that it hit me... I was genuinely UPSET that I couldn't run. Me? Really? It wasn't just a show. I was seriously focused on when can I run again?, how much longer?

I was worried about how to get my workouts in this week. I'm running a four miler on Sat to benefit one of the students at the school where I teach. I encourage my students and their families to attend. I can't NOT be there! I can't NOT run! What to do?

My trainer called after while and we went through everything. She told me what to remove from my circuits (crossfit and strength) and how to modify it to make sure I don't agitate the muscle/sciatic. We decided that I would do my runs Tues/Thurs in the pool at the gym. (Deja Vu last Jan!)
I'm reducing my calories by 200 each day this week, and I'm going to keep in contact with her to see how it's all going. She plans to see Jon before our next workout to see if he has any suggestions for my hip flexors and hamstrings which he suggested I strengthen to reduce the risk of this injury in the future.

I told my trainer how surprised I was with my self, my TRUE self, being bummed that I can't run and looking forward to following directions perfect to lace up Sat morning.

I believe that I have experienced a character change in myself. Maybe it's a confidence change or a will power change. I don't know exactly what it is but it's a change and its real and it's for the best! This is proof that I'm changing my life! Im changing me both inside and out! What a break through I had today. God puts obstacles on our course to teach us. I'm thankful for his teaching today!

So I'm on a mission to get better by Saturday to run the Frozen Four for Jesse! It will be an easy run. No speed work this time. If I'm not better I will have to walk it :/

So I'm putting my mind and prayers to it! I'll run Saturday!

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Picture is of me today, no makeup Monday for this girl today. I just hated not to include a picture!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

400 meter repeats...

Yikes its been 4 days since I blogged going back to work this week has kicked my booty! So my trainer was very please on Monday with all that I had done. I followed her requests to a T. Especially with the workouts.

So we had a great workout together on Monday. She taught me an additional circuit. This circuit is a strength/weights circuit. It was tough but good. It was a head to toe circuit. I think the hardest part was the leg lifts for my core. That's not what it is called but I went blank on the name. I laid on my back on a bench and lifted my legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Then lowered them (while together and straight) to almost parallel, then moved them apart into a V, back together and up to perpendicular. All this while the small of my back was pressed to the bench. Not easy. I did three sets of 12 all together.

So she added that and then did a little tweaking to my run schedule. She has me changing my shortest run of the week (which is now 3 miles) to 400 meter repeats. 400 meters is a quarter mile (.25). It goes like this:
Sprint .25
Jog/Walk .25
Sprint .25
Jog/Walk .25
This goes on for the duration of 3 miles. This is my newest speed exercise. The 15 second sprint intervals helped a great deal! I hope these help a lot because they are hard to do!!! During the jog/walks I did pretty much all jogging!

Today I did them for the first time. I was using the track on campus at school. I was with the other teachers training for the half. When it was time to sprint I had to pace myself for .25 miles. I couldn't go 8 mph like the 15 sec sprints. I felt like I wasn't going very fast. I know there was a decent increase in speed though based of two other teachers that were running that have a much faster pace than I do. On one of my sprint laps we were going opposite directions and based on where we crossed paths I knew that I was going their speed. I was excited. That has NEVER happened! So I knew I was improving. It was so hard though! It made me huff and puff and huffing and puffing at the beginning of 3 miles is no fun! I made it though. The high school track team was practicing the whole time I was out there. I'm thankful I wasn't doing hurdle exercises thats for sure!!!

So after that I headed right in to musical rehearsal. Then off to grab some dinner and head home to finish a housework to-do list. My hubby was at a work obligation tonight so it was dinner on my own. So I went to Chic-Fil-A. I know I know, but I made good choices. I had grilled chicken on wheat and a side cup of tortilla soup. Now the real temptation for me at Chic-Fil-A is cookies n cream milkshakes. They are 790 calories. Yikes! No room for THAT!! So I made a substitution. I got a small vanilla ice cream cone (pictured below) for 170 calories. I saved 620 calories! Yay. I still had a few calories to spare when I was done! BTW I LOVE when the Chic-Fil-A people respond to thank you with "My pleasure"... I always get sad if they don't say it. Lol.
I'm an ice cream fanatic. I get it honest from Dad and Grandaddy! I don't find a reason to take ice cream away from myself, but rather make substitutes such as those. I really like frozen low fat yogurt. I remember as a kid getting Breezes ( fro yo) instead of Blizzards at Dairy Queen at the request of my Dad who saw the benefit. I wish more restaurants carried that option. Sad that DQ doesn't anymore. On the topic of Fro Yo. Courtney from Biggest Loser season 11 has opened (is opening) a Fro Yo shop called YoAmazing. Follow them on Twitter @YoAmazing I know Courtney was also sad that DQ removed Fro Yo from their menu.

After all that ice cream talk I should say that my day was great nutritionally. I'm striving for a 50-25-25 ratio in my daily intake of calories.
50% from carbs
25% from fats
25% from protein.

On MyFitnessPal app you can see a pie graph each day. I have found this ratio a bit tough to achieve. It's going to take work, but I think once I do it for a whole it won't be so hard to do. It's a matter of learning how to plan the day. Anyhow, today's ratio was really close to perfect! Picture is below!

Nothing too terrible interesting today. Just me and what I do!!! Thanks for reading. Follow me on twitter @findtheskinny
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Healthy Holiday

Christmas was great and healthy this year. I journaled my food the entire time! I did pretty well! When you have a traditional family meal with way more food than needed the trick becomes portion control. Here are my rules for family meals:
* food does not overlap on the plate. It is one layer of food on the plate
* easy on the starch.
* small portions of anything I want, I don't deny myself a traditional dessert or side dish, I just get a small portion.

Below are some pictures of Christmas meals with family.

Traditional meal at Christmas with my hubby's family. Deep fries turkey. I just try to avoid the skin. (best guess 825 calories, made the guess by looking up calories on my fitness pal for the closest count I could get)

Meal with my parents, brother, sis in law, nephew, and Brandon at Mom and Dads house before gift opening. Brandon cooked it. It is a healthy shrimp linguine recipe that we got from Emeril. Less than 300 cal per serving. (entire plate 416 calories)

Meal that Mom cooked. Cranberry Pork Loin! YUM!!!! Also low in calories.
(plate 432 calories)

Traditional Christmas meal with my whole family... All 28 of us! (notice my TV tray, lol) Again my rules! This was smoked pork loin and brisket. I tried both meats.
(best guess - 800 calories)

My weakness nutrition wise was Mom's traditional candies that she made for the big get together. I didn't have as many as usual and I only ate on them for a day. Mom waited to make them. I also had a nice long 7 mile run the next morning to help burn it off. Here is a picture of my small portion of Dads boiled custard (tradition) (130 calories)

Breakfast at mom and dads was the same every morning. My brother and I would team cook each morning because mom and dad worked in the mornings. I mentioned these meals in a previous post.

On to gifts. I got some healthy gifts!

* Columbia Omni heat base layer shirt and running hat.
* North Face etip running gloves so I can access my iPhone screen.
* smart wool running socks
* stretch pro calf/heel stretching tool
* foot massage ball
* Sport Beans!
Possibly my favorite healthy gift in regards to substituting. Mom have us all sport beans instead of chocolates in our traditional stocking gifts. Sweet mom!

trying out my stretch pro in PJs and Crocks



On to exercise!!!!
Exercise while I travel? Yes!!!!
My amazing trainer taught me how to do everything I needed to do with or without gym equipment. So here is how I accomplished my workouts while out of town.

At my inlaws - I had a run to do both days I was there. I did them both on their treadmill. A 2 mile run and a high intensity sprint interval set.

At my parents - we were there for 7 days. We arrived Christmas day night. I had missed my long run on Christmas eve because of logistics, and my crossfit circuit on Friday also due to logistics. So I needed to make it up. I started Christmas night with my crossfit circuit. I simply did this in the living room while I watched a movie with my family. (Win win situation) Thankful that my trainer prepared me to do the circuit anywhere anytime. I so at that point Saturday (Christmas Eve) had become my one rest day and I was now starting my next week a day off.

So Monday - long run 4 miles. downtown with Christmas music and Christmas lights!

Tuesday - pace run - 2 miles around my parents subdivision. With my husband, Brandon who is in the process of doing Couch 2 5K, so excited for him!

Wednesday - sprints. I did these up my parents driveway which is about equivalent to a 7-8% incline on the treadmill. I did these at an 8 mph pace. Dad and I practiced our math skills that night (we are nerdy like that) I normally do 15 sec sprint - 15 second rest alternated for 5 min. So 10 total sprints. So since I was having to walk back each time (30 sec) it was a little different. So I pushed extra hard on the 10 sprints.

Thursday - pace run - 1 mile in the subdivision.

Friday - Sprint intervals again. This time I went around the block (3/4 miles). I counted "one one thousand, two one thousand ...." so I did 15 second sprint - 15 sec walk. I did this for my normal 5 min. With a 2 min warm up and cool down on the ends I did the 3/4 mile in 9 min. It was pretty intense. I had never gone around that block so fast! When I got back to the house I did my circuit in the living room.

Saturday - long run - 7 mile run with my brother. We drove across town and started at a local park and ran to the mall and back.

In front of the mall.... halfway!!!
 I like running places where I've only driven before. I also like to run around businesses and people. It's motivating to me, so my brother created this great route for us!

We had a walk break in front of the Chevy dealer so I insisted we walk by the Camaros so that I could visit this dream car of mine.

I think this car would fit me well!!! Around mile 5.5
We ended back at the park, took a picture with a city landmark. Last time I was parked in this parking lot I was at my wedding reception and at my highest weight of 193!

I can't leave out my upper body workout that made my arms unexpectedly sore. He is my super nephew that I love to hold!

I felt very accomplished during my Christmas Holiday. Did I eat things I don't normally eat? Sure I did but all in moderation. I also pushed myself to new levels in my exercise!

Then it was back home for New Year's with friends (with hubby below) and today which was a much needed rest day!!!!

I see my trainer tomorrow morning!!! I didn't miss a single thing she asked me to do over the last two weeks! I can't wait to talk about it all!

Coming next after this big huge post. Thoughts on the new year.....