“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Healthy Holiday

Christmas was great and healthy this year. I journaled my food the entire time! I did pretty well! When you have a traditional family meal with way more food than needed the trick becomes portion control. Here are my rules for family meals:
* food does not overlap on the plate. It is one layer of food on the plate
* easy on the starch.
* small portions of anything I want, I don't deny myself a traditional dessert or side dish, I just get a small portion.

Below are some pictures of Christmas meals with family.

Traditional meal at Christmas with my hubby's family. Deep fries turkey. I just try to avoid the skin. (best guess 825 calories, made the guess by looking up calories on my fitness pal for the closest count I could get)

Meal with my parents, brother, sis in law, nephew, and Brandon at Mom and Dads house before gift opening. Brandon cooked it. It is a healthy shrimp linguine recipe that we got from Emeril. Less than 300 cal per serving. (entire plate 416 calories)

Meal that Mom cooked. Cranberry Pork Loin! YUM!!!! Also low in calories.
(plate 432 calories)

Traditional Christmas meal with my whole family... All 28 of us! (notice my TV tray, lol) Again my rules! This was smoked pork loin and brisket. I tried both meats.
(best guess - 800 calories)

My weakness nutrition wise was Mom's traditional candies that she made for the big get together. I didn't have as many as usual and I only ate on them for a day. Mom waited to make them. I also had a nice long 7 mile run the next morning to help burn it off. Here is a picture of my small portion of Dads boiled custard (tradition) (130 calories)

Breakfast at mom and dads was the same every morning. My brother and I would team cook each morning because mom and dad worked in the mornings. I mentioned these meals in a previous post.

On to gifts. I got some healthy gifts!

* Columbia Omni heat base layer shirt and running hat.
* North Face etip running gloves so I can access my iPhone screen.
* smart wool running socks
* stretch pro calf/heel stretching tool
* foot massage ball
* Sport Beans!
Possibly my favorite healthy gift in regards to substituting. Mom have us all sport beans instead of chocolates in our traditional stocking gifts. Sweet mom!

trying out my stretch pro in PJs and Crocks



On to exercise!!!!
Exercise while I travel? Yes!!!!
My amazing trainer taught me how to do everything I needed to do with or without gym equipment. So here is how I accomplished my workouts while out of town.

At my inlaws - I had a run to do both days I was there. I did them both on their treadmill. A 2 mile run and a high intensity sprint interval set.

At my parents - we were there for 7 days. We arrived Christmas day night. I had missed my long run on Christmas eve because of logistics, and my crossfit circuit on Friday also due to logistics. So I needed to make it up. I started Christmas night with my crossfit circuit. I simply did this in the living room while I watched a movie with my family. (Win win situation) Thankful that my trainer prepared me to do the circuit anywhere anytime. I so at that point Saturday (Christmas Eve) had become my one rest day and I was now starting my next week a day off.

So Monday - long run 4 miles. downtown with Christmas music and Christmas lights!

Tuesday - pace run - 2 miles around my parents subdivision. With my husband, Brandon who is in the process of doing Couch 2 5K, so excited for him!

Wednesday - sprints. I did these up my parents driveway which is about equivalent to a 7-8% incline on the treadmill. I did these at an 8 mph pace. Dad and I practiced our math skills that night (we are nerdy like that) I normally do 15 sec sprint - 15 second rest alternated for 5 min. So 10 total sprints. So since I was having to walk back each time (30 sec) it was a little different. So I pushed extra hard on the 10 sprints.

Thursday - pace run - 1 mile in the subdivision.

Friday - Sprint intervals again. This time I went around the block (3/4 miles). I counted "one one thousand, two one thousand ...." so I did 15 second sprint - 15 sec walk. I did this for my normal 5 min. With a 2 min warm up and cool down on the ends I did the 3/4 mile in 9 min. It was pretty intense. I had never gone around that block so fast! When I got back to the house I did my circuit in the living room.

Saturday - long run - 7 mile run with my brother. We drove across town and started at a local park and ran to the mall and back.

In front of the mall.... halfway!!!
 I like running places where I've only driven before. I also like to run around businesses and people. It's motivating to me, so my brother created this great route for us!

We had a walk break in front of the Chevy dealer so I insisted we walk by the Camaros so that I could visit this dream car of mine.

I think this car would fit me well!!! Around mile 5.5
We ended back at the park, took a picture with a city landmark. Last time I was parked in this parking lot I was at my wedding reception and at my highest weight of 193!

I can't leave out my upper body workout that made my arms unexpectedly sore. He is my super nephew that I love to hold!

I felt very accomplished during my Christmas Holiday. Did I eat things I don't normally eat? Sure I did but all in moderation. I also pushed myself to new levels in my exercise!

Then it was back home for New Year's with friends (with hubby below) and today which was a much needed rest day!!!!

I see my trainer tomorrow morning!!! I didn't miss a single thing she asked me to do over the last two weeks! I can't wait to talk about it all!

Coming next after this big huge post. Thoughts on the new year.....


  1. Great job Bethney! Sounds like I need to find a new running partner you are moving too fast for me!!! It will be great motivation for me to try and keep up! Vetria

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