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Thursday, January 5, 2012

400 meter repeats...

Yikes its been 4 days since I blogged going back to work this week has kicked my booty! So my trainer was very please on Monday with all that I had done. I followed her requests to a T. Especially with the workouts.

So we had a great workout together on Monday. She taught me an additional circuit. This circuit is a strength/weights circuit. It was tough but good. It was a head to toe circuit. I think the hardest part was the leg lifts for my core. That's not what it is called but I went blank on the name. I laid on my back on a bench and lifted my legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Then lowered them (while together and straight) to almost parallel, then moved them apart into a V, back together and up to perpendicular. All this while the small of my back was pressed to the bench. Not easy. I did three sets of 12 all together.

So she added that and then did a little tweaking to my run schedule. She has me changing my shortest run of the week (which is now 3 miles) to 400 meter repeats. 400 meters is a quarter mile (.25). It goes like this:
Sprint .25
Jog/Walk .25
Sprint .25
Jog/Walk .25
This goes on for the duration of 3 miles. This is my newest speed exercise. The 15 second sprint intervals helped a great deal! I hope these help a lot because they are hard to do!!! During the jog/walks I did pretty much all jogging!

Today I did them for the first time. I was using the track on campus at school. I was with the other teachers training for the half. When it was time to sprint I had to pace myself for .25 miles. I couldn't go 8 mph like the 15 sec sprints. I felt like I wasn't going very fast. I know there was a decent increase in speed though based of two other teachers that were running that have a much faster pace than I do. On one of my sprint laps we were going opposite directions and based on where we crossed paths I knew that I was going their speed. I was excited. That has NEVER happened! So I knew I was improving. It was so hard though! It made me huff and puff and huffing and puffing at the beginning of 3 miles is no fun! I made it though. The high school track team was practicing the whole time I was out there. I'm thankful I wasn't doing hurdle exercises thats for sure!!!

So after that I headed right in to musical rehearsal. Then off to grab some dinner and head home to finish a housework to-do list. My hubby was at a work obligation tonight so it was dinner on my own. So I went to Chic-Fil-A. I know I know, but I made good choices. I had grilled chicken on wheat and a side cup of tortilla soup. Now the real temptation for me at Chic-Fil-A is cookies n cream milkshakes. They are 790 calories. Yikes! No room for THAT!! So I made a substitution. I got a small vanilla ice cream cone (pictured below) for 170 calories. I saved 620 calories! Yay. I still had a few calories to spare when I was done! BTW I LOVE when the Chic-Fil-A people respond to thank you with "My pleasure"... I always get sad if they don't say it. Lol.
I'm an ice cream fanatic. I get it honest from Dad and Grandaddy! I don't find a reason to take ice cream away from myself, but rather make substitutes such as those. I really like frozen low fat yogurt. I remember as a kid getting Breezes ( fro yo) instead of Blizzards at Dairy Queen at the request of my Dad who saw the benefit. I wish more restaurants carried that option. Sad that DQ doesn't anymore. On the topic of Fro Yo. Courtney from Biggest Loser season 11 has opened (is opening) a Fro Yo shop called YoAmazing. Follow them on Twitter @YoAmazing I know Courtney was also sad that DQ removed Fro Yo from their menu.

After all that ice cream talk I should say that my day was great nutritionally. I'm striving for a 50-25-25 ratio in my daily intake of calories.
50% from carbs
25% from fats
25% from protein.

On MyFitnessPal app you can see a pie graph each day. I have found this ratio a bit tough to achieve. It's going to take work, but I think once I do it for a whole it won't be so hard to do. It's a matter of learning how to plan the day. Anyhow, today's ratio was really close to perfect! Picture is below!

Nothing too terrible interesting today. Just me and what I do!!! Thanks for reading. Follow me on twitter @findtheskinny
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