“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Choosing to find a good ratio and not be 100%

I was in the midst of my 6th whole30 and I chose to stop. I chose this because we had some things coming up that I didn't want to miss out on vacation meals etc.

Here's what I know from my 5 rounds of whole30:

Sugar affects me greatly... GREATLY

My allergies are non existent since I learned these principals and stick to them lost of the time. Even when I'm lot 100% they are gone. 

I lose weight well at 100%

My discipline is great at 100% but haven't found a good structure for 80% or 90% 

I feel amazing when I eat great and if I do a bunch of junk eating I feel heavy and sluggish. 

My training for my triathlon goes better when I eat well (or whatever exercise) but it also makes me more hungry that what is comfortable. 

 I think what I need most is to find the best ratio of compliant/clean eating : treats/splurges I've always heard 80/20 but I often think it should be closer to 90/10. 

I try to figure out ways to track this because honestly if you do t track it you'll find yourself at 70/30, 50/50, 70/30 and so forth down the hill to junk food land. 

I haven't been so great at keeping a good balance and I believe it's because of vacation but I have continued making great choices some times. I continue to only drink water unless there is a special circumstance and I NEVER drink soda. I know that my choices are much better than average and my weight is sustaining but I need to find a balance that allows me to continue to lose. 

I've thought the best way to track was to allow x number of non-compliant or treats a week. I thought that might be simplest. For example. If I eat 4 times a day (I usually do) then that is 28 times a week. So easy math 25 meals per week would allow 5 non compliant meals per week for 80/20 and 2 or 3 for 90/10. I think this is reasonable. I've also considered when do I want those treats? Not breakfast! I love my eggs and bacon and veggies for breakfast. So I think if I focus on breakfast and lunches being compliant it may give me more of a structure to keep things routine. 

I would love to hear how others have successfully found a balance or a ratio. Please comment and tell me about it! 

See below where not being 100% allowed me to try crawfish for the first time instead of missing an opportunity and honestly there were no negative affects. This is why I want to find a balance. To enjoy but feel good. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Postpartum Anxiety and OCD - learn and be aware

When you're expecting a baby you hear all about postpartum depression and the signs etc. Husbands and Daddys are educated about the signs as well. We all know about the normal baby blues too and expect some different moods and feelings. 

When you arrive home from the hospital life can be overwhelming and difficult to adjust to. But what happens in a few weeks when you still feel overwhelmed but you are far from depressed. You're happy as can be and you don't have negative thoughts at all about that precious new baby. Well, I assumed overwhelmed was normal and knew I didn't fit the postpartum depression sign and symptoms so I kept moving ahead. 

Was I normal for worrying that my baby would become a SIDS statistic? Probably.

Was it normal that I kept my eyes on her a lot to make sure she was still breathing? 

Was it normal that I double checked her straps on her swing, car seat etc. 
I'd like to think so.

Was it normal that I put a few steps in place to assure that I didn't forget that super tiny super quiet baby in the backseat of my car?
Some don't think so but I'm the type that believes it's dangerous to say "I could never do that"

Was it normal that my mind was consumed ALL the time with scenarios of how she could get hurt or die?


Was it normal that my OCD (actually diagnosed, not throwing the acronym around) then kicked in and I became obsessive compulsive about preventing the scenarios in the intrusive thoughts? 


I knew I wasn't normal when I checked my backseat 5 times between the sitters and work (3 miles) to make sure she wasn't in the car after I had just dropped her off. 

I knew it wasn't normal that intrusive thoughts of her suffocating, falling and hitting her head, or not breathing entered my mind more than 3 times per hour. 

I am a Christian and fully believe that God is in control and nothing I do can change His plans if he takes her to heaven. This was relieving and I fully understood this but I could not stop. The obsessive compulsive behaviors and intrusive thoughts were too frequent to stay focused on the truth. So many people encouraged me to pray and let God be in control. I did those things but I still needed help. 

That's when I got help. Asking for help from my doctor was such a relief. I cried. He was very kind and reassuring. I began a medication which ended up helping but not being right for my whole body. I then, after a reaction, began seeing my general practitioner who referred me for counseling. 

Counseling helped a lot. It was more work than the medicine but yielded greater results. I still struggle today. She's almost 15 months and some days I feel accomplished when I don't double check things after my husband. Some days I pull the car to the side of the road to check her car seat one more time, and some days I let her play in dirt and take risks. Each day is different. 

I have also found that eating well and exercising keep me in a good place with all of this. There is a lot of research connecting exercise and things such as depression, anxiety, etc. 

I'm thankful for the help I have received from my doctors, friends, family, counselor, and God. And my husband.... He's amazing. He doesn't get offended and he knows when to go along and when to pull me back to reality 

I want other moms to see that postpartum depression isn't the only thing to watch for. I was officially diagnosed with postpartum depression but I was happy, I was obsessed with keeping her safe. Postpartum Anxiety and OCD was under that depression umbrella that's why it's diagnosed that way. Be aware moms and dads and friends. Get help and talk about it. If you know me feel free to talk with me and if you don't know me post here etc. Talking and being aware is powerful. 

Here she is miss sassy pants herself. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Ok so many know I've done 4 cycles of whole30 and each time I get better. When we began our first Whole30 we divided our pantry and has one shelf of compliant food. After two years, four cycles, and lots of learning we now have four compliant shelves and one non compliant at any given time. Thai is because the habits formed in the whole30 stay. I lost 13 lbs in my last cycle in Jan and haven't gained a single pound back even though I ate non compliant many times over the last 10 weeks. Because the majority of my choices have been better and healthier. 

The coolest thing about whole30... It's free. All information is available online. Over the two years I finally purchased the latest book a few months ago but before then I referred to their website, connected on Instagram, and stopped in Barnes and noble to references the book a few times (when I was pregnant and nursing esp) Nursing for 11 months slowed my process down a bit and I'm excited to hit the ground running again to continue this weight loss journey and journey to my best health. 

So I have a few friends that have become intrigued and will join me on Day1 of Whole30 on Monday April 18th. Want to join us? Go to whole30.com to read all about it. They have forums and blogs and even a daily email you can sign up for during your whole30. If you know me personally text or message me on facebook to know your beginning with us on Monday. If you only know me from my blog or Instagram comment here or on my Instagram. Use #Whole30onadime to connect with me! Why Whole30 On a Dime? Because it's doesn't have to break the bank. My bank is already broken enough so this is how I do whole30. On a dime! Seriously many meals we cook cost about $3-$4 and feed both of us for dinner and the following days lunch. 

Below are my Jan results. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

We made it! Day 1!

I woke up early to get to the Dillard's sale and I thought "oh my goodness! I committed to Whole 365!"


I grabbed a banana and headed to grab a deal. We are traveling still for the holiday and so I was not able to prep kitchen wise. 

So after deals my hubby and I went to do a little shopping. We told my sister in law that we would cook dinner so she didn't have to worry about our requests. Then we found out more family would be in town and we were excited to cook enough for them too. 

We cooked chicken bites, roasted Arlie veggies and steamed red potatoes for dinner. Everyone loved it. We loved it! 

Happy times with Family on Day 1

We made it ! On to Day 2!

Whole 30 - day 0

Whole30 has been extremely helpful and a means of success for my husband and I to lose extra weight and become healthier. However, life has happened and made it difficult to keep up the habits after reintroduction of food groups. The first time we immediately left for a three week vacation and soon learned I was pregnant and I developed bad food aversions to veggies (yikes) and the second time k was nursing our baby girl 5 times a day and just struggled with being busy as a new working mom. Both Whole 30 cycles were great but the after days weren't. 

So I'm still nursing and working but the balance is better so we decided Jan 1 we'd do Whole30 again  and be more deliver with the days afterward. 

Then... My husband challenges me. Let's do Whole365!!!! What?! We are nuts Vito took the challenge. At that point we realized (traveling and at my brothers house) that my dad has purchased Krispy  Kreme donuts and out them in the microwave for breakfast this morning so as we watched the New Years countdown I chose to eat my two donuts in advance. So at the stroke of midnight Whole30 began. 
Hubby had his donuts too

And a last sip of soda from the movie we went to see. 

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Along the way! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm DRAWING A LINE, You Can't Critique my 7th month old's body!

Yes my blog is titled "FindTheSkinny", once you're at the blog you'll see "Here's the Skinny" of course this is a play on words being a fit blog and a blog that tells it straight like it is.  I don't hide much.  So, its not really about being "skinny" of course, because I'm a size 12/14.  Would I like to be a smaller size? yes!, Do I need to shed additional pounds? YES YES!, but ultimately what you'll find on my blog are my thoughts as I strive for a HEALTHY lifestyle. You'll find the ups and downs and all arounds.

With that said... I have ZERO intention of discussing any of my own body image struggles with my little girl.  She doesn't need to know when I "feel fat" in an outfit or what I don't like about my body.  What she does need to know and what I pray I can equip her with is how to eat healthy, fuel her body to be active and strong, and love herself.

So, I think that this is something I'm going to have to watch out for in the upcoming few months as she begins to understand my words.  I think that soon enough we will begin teaching her the positive bits of knowledge listed above.  I think one day society will turn this into a bit of a battle when society tells her different and its our job to teach her well.


"you need to feed her more, she's too skinny", "you need to not let her eat so much, she's getting a belly"

I assure you these people don't know how it feels to have your husband drive you, crying, with your baby girl to the lactation consultant because you're worried she's not drinking enough. Then see you smile when they weight her before and after a feeding and the little princess eats like 4-6 oz in 10 minutes! They also aren't there when her little precious heart can't seem to dirty a diaper for a few days and it hurts her tummy. (thats the other side of those comments that they don't get)

These are words spoken to me and my husband by people holding her. So those words hit her little innocent ears before they hit ours.  I was so mad both times.  Who is someone else to question our child's nutrition to us??? I'm breastfeeding, I'm not sure there's any better way to ensure that she gets the right amount of the right things.  We introduced a bottle of formula a few times a week when I returned to work (5 months old), but I'm ok with that too! When we introduced puree foods at 4 months I was super careful about how we introduced in order to help her acquire a great liking for a variety of veggies and fruits.  So far she only dislikes green beans and peaches.  I feel SO good about my child's nutrition.

So when I tell you she drinks approx  5-6 oz of breastmilk each feeding, don't suggest 8 oz! (unless you're my lactation consultant or pediatrician) and when you hear or see her LOVE her pureed fruits and veggies don't make comments about that either.

Can we let this innocent, beautiful, perfect baby girl live a little before she starts begin judged? Can we? !

I shared with my husband how this was an ah-ha moment for me... according to others she's "too skinny", she's "getting a belly". Guess what we think??? She's "Beautiful and perfect and thriving and 7 MONTHS OLD!" I told my husband that I realized in these moments that body image issues begin for little girls during infancy. How sick is that? really? My husband had a response of support for what I was saying. He hadn't really thought of it either, but now that it's our little girl being judged and critiqued on her body that's not even developed enough to sit up strong or quite crawl, He and I agree its unacceptable.

Can our 7 month old comprehend what these comments mean right now? No. When will she comprehend them? We don't know.  For some reason people feel that its ok to make comments about her body. When will that stop? Will it stop the day before she comprehends? Doubt it! She will begin to comprehend it before anyone loses their comfort in making the comments. So basically what happens is people think its okay because they are "just a baby" but then they don't stop soon enough and if affects a little girl.

It is unacceptable to comment on my little infant baby girls body and how you think its "too this" or "too that" or "getting this".

Does anyone agree with me?

Now, before anyone thinks I'm crazy. I get that my little girl is a petite little bundle and there will be appropriate comments along the way that go along with that. She's 1 percentile in length and 7 percentile (up from 1) in weight.  I do NOT get offended when I get asked frequently if she's a preemie, or when people say "oh, she's the tiniest little thing", or "she's so little and cute". I don't. Those comments are very different from "You need to feed her more because she's too skinny" or "You need to feed her less because she's getting a belly" WAY different. So I'm not saying no one can comment on her at all. But there appears to be no line where people stop, so this mom is going to draw the line for those people.

I told my husband that in order to protect her from these comments people seem to think are ok I am prepared to be vulnerable and put myself out there by immediately correcting people when they make these comments. For example: If someone makes one of those "across the line" comments I will simply say: "I appreciate your concern, but she's an infant, she's thriving well, and we choose not to make negative comments about her body in front of her, please respect our wishes"

I'm sure that will get some looks, but I'm DRAWING A LINE! My little girl will not get judged about her body while I can stop it.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hometown Cravings and Whole30

Hometown Cravings!

Seriously, I was doing so good without cravings as Day 15 crept up.  We headed to my hometown for a visit and that when I realized a few things…. That coupon for my favorite side at my favorite tex mex chain FREE would have to sit in my wallet a while longer, I could not get my favorite local BBQ OR Butterscotch milkshake while at home.  Those milkshakes are for real! When I was 39 weeks pregnant my dad was headed to join my mom at our house for a visit and went to get me one, requested it made a bit thick and put it in a cooler and brought it to me, it was perfect when it arrived (2 hours away). On Thursday nights my aunts and uncles and parents all eat dinner at my Meemaw’s house. I asked mom if she would host and cook compliant food and she graciously did so.  Dinner was AMAZING and I’m thankful my mom has been through Whole30 and knows the rules.  There are many more treats here I’d love to have and its funny how they seem stronger than my usual cravings. I think its because I don’t get them very often.

Mom did fix an awesome side with some serrano steaks last night that was amazing. It was Mango Slaw. Yes. Super summery and super good. 

It's a mango sliced thinly and cut into "match sticks" (I find it easier to cut when the slices are cold), 1/2 red onion thinly sliced, half a lime zested, a lime
Juiced, a little bit of cilantro stems chopped, 1/2 (or less) of a serrano pepper minced without the seeds. Mix it all in a bowl! Yum! 
(You can look up the recipe at HelloFresh website.... Serrano Steak w Mango Slaw - we left out the rice)

Mom also made her awesome roasted broccoli and cauliflower. She cuts it up tosses with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and baked. Yum!!!

I requested both of these sides again for family dinner tonight. Meemaw loved the Mango slaw. Our family has south Florida history and loves mango! My dad is the master mango cutter! Haha. 

Here's tonight dinner. Above was last nights. 

Love my avocado on my meat. Pepper and onions on the grill!

So. For now I'm fighting the hometown cravings with new favorites at Mom and Dads house! 

My minute steak recipe has been requested as well. It's easy peasy. Mix salt and pepper into almond meal
In a bowl. Spray olive oil onto cube steak on both sides, press both sides into almond meal and cook on medium on stove top in a non stick skillet until crispy and juice runs clear. Picture below.