“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Race Jitters!!! Pearls to Running Clothes!

So my race is 3 days away. I had the first hint of nervousness last night when I saw my brother's count down. 82 hours... HOURS?!! I was still cool
with that though. Then I had another busy day at work. Almost forgetting what lies ahead. I got home and on Twitter what do I see?! My brother tweeted... "looks like #RnRNash is going to be a hot one. Remember hydration is sexy". I officially became
Nervous at that point. Now this is not my brothers fault. It's just that he happens to be my running partner on this one and is super excited and I see his tweets/posts everyday after work. Just as I get out of school mode and realize again that I have a half marathon to run this weekend! Lol

So after a good Subway dinner with whole wheat bread (good carbs) I changed clothes for a run. I just wanted to head out for an easy 2 miles. When I started out I felt great. Felt like I had a good pace etc. all of a sudden my runkeeper said .5 miles and 8 min. What?!!! I'm running a 16 min pace!!! No good. I guess I just thought I was running a good pace. So I determined that a dark subdivision must just be boring. So I began imagining what it will be like to run the downtown streets of Nashville lined with 1000s of people cheering me on. I began to feel a bit peppier. So I think this whole "the actual race will be so much better because of the adrenaline" idea must be true. It was only in my head and I got pumped up... Imagine what the real deal will do!

Now back to that subway sandwich. I ate it right before my run. So my stomach wasn't feeling too hot. So at 1 mile I was .25 miles from home and determined it would be best to get home. Sometimes its not much of an option. So I walked a quarter mile home where my stomach is continuing to be in knots. I think it was partially the running right after dinner but partially the race jitters. Jason (my brother) tells me that it will only built from here. Yikes. This is on a much higher caliber than my nerves before my first 5K!!!
Jason said his nerves always go away when he crossed the start line. I can agree with that. I was that way with my 5K. After I started I wasn't nervous but focused and excited.

I called my sister in law as I walked home tonight. Bless her heart she listened as I rambled and rambled and said "sorry I'm rambling because I'm nervous". Thankfully due to a huge deadline at work this week I am able to keep it off my mind during the day. But at night time it's all I think about!

So the hardest part of my day....
Going from pearls to running clothes. It was scary to do that easy run tonight. I was afraid it would go badly. It was ok though. A bit tight in my hamstrings and knees but it was good.

I feel as though my blog post is also nervous rambling. I just glad to know that jitters are normal.

Spreading of running clothes... I usually wear a running skirt with built in compression shorts that are short and I use body glide. So tonight to avoid a long getting ready process I just threw on my old compression shorts that I purchased a year ago. I only went about .1 miles and they were all ridden up as short as my skirt compression shorts. At first I was frustrated and found myself pulling and tugging at them until just as I began to tug once I noticed how loose they were on my legs. Oh my goodness!!! My compression shirts are too big!!!. I was super excited for that. I have lost inches in my legs so that was great! So the only negative was the pulling and tugging.

I also mentioned carbs. I've been increasing my good carbs. Just a little today. Friday will be intense with carbs. I'm also working on hydration already.

So those are my random thoughts less than 60 hours from race time.

You can add to the build up and excitement if you choose to donate to run2walk for my race to help the first person are able to provide mobility needs to. Visit run2walk.org. Watch my video there. Every little bit helps!!

Below you see Pearls to Running clothes (notice my new Brooks running hat that I got on a great sale last weekend!)


  1. WOW, I'm so impressed with your progress & determination! I think you want to WIN this race! Smiles • Elaine

  2. You look so pretty!:) You will do great!!! Cant wait to hear how it goes!!!! Good Luck!