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Friday, December 7, 2012

New puzzle piece.

Ok. So I've been treating hypothyroidism for a few years now with no significant weight improvement as I'd hoped. I've got fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome which I've learned over the last 12 years how to live with almost to the point of forgetting / ignoring. Both of these things can make weight loss more difficult. The Fibro / Mps also become better with weight loss success. Well what the heck?! I need to lose weight to make it better but it makes losing more difficult? Nice! Anyhow moving on that's old news.

So I went to visit my OBGYN a few weeks ago to deal with some pain etc. I was dealing with cysts on my ovaries. Something I'd dealt with before. Well while I was there the doctor and I discussed my struggle to lose weight. I've always made it clear on my blog and to my doctors that one of my main goals is to be at a healthy weight when Brandon and I decide to have kids. He did something nice. He assured me that my current weight is perfectly healthy for a healthy pregnancy. Good to know. Then..... We discussed how he thinks we are dealing with PCOS. I immediately burst into tears. Thank goodness my OBGYN is the kindest person ever. Brandon was sitting there and was mortified I'm pretty sure that I was having a break down in a public building where he was less than comfortable anyhow. So. I then get this sentence out.... "Add that to my list of reasons it's hard for me to lose weight". He passed the Kleenex and we continued. He shared that weight loss would also improve the PCOS. Me: "add that to my list of reasons I need to lose weight!" Bless his heart he just listened and nodded. We discussed possible medicine options that could be helpful but at the moment he was more worried about me feeling better from the immediate issues I was having which also added to my emotional sensitivity. Lol. So he wants me to get back into any healthy habits (exercise and nutrition) that I may have slacked on. He shared that simply being in shape can make many aspects of my health easier. He encouraged me that I've been working hard, doing great things, and just to keep it up and see him in Jan.

Moving on..

I left work on Tuesday afternoon throwing up.

No I'm not pregnant!

I went right away to my general physicians office to make sure I didn't have the flu it's running around pretty crazy right now.

The nurse practitioner saw me. I like her I've seen her before. She walked in and said let's double check your meds. Wanted to make sure her computer was updated. She listed the med the endocrinologist put me on in early Oct. I said "yeah, just picked up a new prescription at the window when I checked in (offices connect). I don't think it works but oh well. Whatever."

So it led us into the infamous weight conversation. She said she wanted me off that med. she agrees with the cardiologist who couldn't "recommend it". She worried about it affecting my heart. So off of it I go.

Then she says. I just happened to notice something interesting on your blood panel from May... She turned the computer around to show me. My glucose was 126. It was the 3rd out of 4 panels if had since establishing care with them. Two were normal two were high. We aren't sure if it was fasting. We don't think it was. Had it been fasting it would have indicated type 2 diabetes. Thank goodness it wasn't so it just indicates higher than normal levels. So she says this with no knowledge of the OBGYN appointment. "Have any of your doctors ever discussed the possibility of PCOS with you?" I almost fell out in the floor. I said yes and described my recent discussion with the OBGYN.

In case you don't know PCOS causes insulin resistance which causes weight gain especially in the mid section.
She talked with me about the same
Med that he did. It is actually a diabetes med that helps with insulin I guess. I haven't read a whole lot yet. She said that if they use that medication and it works I will begin to lose weight because my body will use insulin properly and it will decrease the ovarian cysts.

She said that she thinks this may be the missing puzzle piece to my weight loss success. So I have to eat low glycemic index foods. Kinda like a diabetic eats. She then continued with a discussion about weight. Here was her advice...

Put your scales away. Focus on goals like "running this distance", "going down a pant size", "meeting work out goals" etc. she talked about setting aside society's expectations for my weight and focusing on getting healthy. We talked about her experience recently with working extra hard to she'd an extra 25 lbs. we talked about how when I look back at the half marathon in April I weighed the same
But looked and felt better. I didnt even notice my smaller waist so much because I was stuck in 195 lbs that I was when I ran. All 195 lbs of me ran all 13.1 miles that's all I could think of.

She did give me a plan to combat the icky stomach virus I had and I'm almost 100% again.

So now my plan. To reevaluate my goals listed here on my blog. I'm not going to have goals for every five lbs now. I'm going to have achievement goals. I'm going to set the scales aside and weigh again in a few months. I also see my cardiologist this week. Hoping my heart ejection factor has improved. )That is the strength my heart has when it pumps.) Then I'm making an appointment to discuss PCOS options with my obgyn in Jan. in the mean time I'm working to structure my workouts, nutrition, and goals to accommodate my latest puzzle piece.

New goals coming soon. Accepting all ideas you have.

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