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Monday, July 23, 2012

Cardiologist Appointment went well!

So When I arrived at the cardiologist's office I was not cool with being there really.  I'm 27... I don't like to be in waiting rooms with lots of  "old people" it makes me feel like I have a weird health issue that I shouldn't have.  It's just my own silliness.  My doctor's office staff was great, they didn't make me feel bad for being there.  They were very nice.  I did pulse rate (of course it was like 97), blood pressure was good, did an EKG (nothing quite like being exposed within 5 minutes of arriving).  The physicians assistant was fantastic.  I loved her!  She reminded me of my Aunt Janie in her mannerisms.  When the doctor came in he, too, was very nice.  I was complimented on how healthy I am and how bubbly I was.  They say they don't get bubbly patients very often.  I guess not huh?

So here is what they determined.....

My heart rate is too high (odd for a person in good shape) my resting heart rate is in the 90s usually. 

I do have tachycardia which causes something called "skipped beats" which really aren't skipped at all. Its kind of an extra beat but not really that either.  Its actually a palpitation. Think of it this way...
     *your heart beats once per second (just an example)
     *this "skipped beat happens after only .5 seconds and has very little blood to push
     *so the next beat then happens after 1.5 seconds and pushes extra blood out like a canon, that is
       why I feel that beat in my throat.

On my 2D echo the cardiologist also noticed a slight "wimpy-ness" as he called it.  It is a very slight weakening of the heart due to a consistent rapid pulse.  This is how he knows that I'm not imagining my symptoms.  It is not damage to my heart to worry or be concerned about but an indicator that the rapid rate has been for an extended amount of time.  He said this is not a big deal, nothing to worry about, he said it was so slight he almost noted it normal.  He said on a scale of 1-10 it was a 1, I asked him if we could call it a .5 and he said yes.  So we are calling it a .5 :)

He actually got to hear a palpitation while I was there... It was one that I did not feel, which kinda freaked me out because it made me feel like I must have more than I realize :/

So what now?....

I will begin taking a "beta blocker" to slow my heart rate down.  He said "I don't want to slow it down to much and crimp your style".  Everyone that knows me knows that I'm hyper, but my doctor thinks that is good and wants to keep me that way.  If you met me only once you might think I'm a coffee addict which is not true, in fact I do not consume caffeine.  Imagine if I did. OMG!

Once my heart rate is slower it will decrease the palpitations and will also allow my heart to strengthen back up.  Yay. Maybe I can go from .5 to .0!

I think its funny that I do so much to strengthen my heart but its actually weak from resting at to high of a rate.  Its all kinda funny.  I asked the doctor why a rapid rate doesn't just burn more calories and make the weight fall off....

So on to that point... the weight....

He is concerned that I haven't had any weight loss success at my activity level and nutrition habits.  So he has ordered tests that have to do with the endocrin system.  My cortisol levels which indicate adrenal gland function and other things along with a few other hormones that include T's and H's and have to do with my thyroid, and my electrolytes.  He things between him, my regular doctor and an endocrinologist that we can  find something that may not be in balance that can help.  He understands my desire to be at a healthy weight before having children and wants to help me get there.

So basically this is the beginning of what may prove to be quite a journey. 

I'm a bit nervous to take the beta blockers but I know they will make me feel better.  I go for blood work in the morning and then we go from there.  I'm not restricted at all, in fact he wants to make sure my dosage of beta blockers does not affect my energy and keep me from exercising. 

So, please keep me in your prayers and I'm going to keep trying and keep blogging and one day I'll findtheskinny!  Right now I feel like a healthy person in a fat suit, one day I'll feel like a healthy person in the right body!

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. WOW, your ARE on a little journey for answers. You will get them. Your attitute is awesome which I admire very much! My grandbaby's mommy has recently been dignoses with tachycardia and now is on a low dose beta blocker. She is doing just fine with it and you will too. Elaine