“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday morning thoughts

So I'm sick on this Sat morning. I got sick last week but it was the type of sick where you feel good by 9:00am. But them Thursday I woke up with no voice and chest congestion. I've had a fever around 102. Lots of fun. So I'm totally hanging out doing nothing at home today. My hubby went to the farm so I have somewhat of a desire to clean while Im here alone. We'll see.

Here are some topics I mentioned that I was going to talk about.

So I've thought a few times about the benefits of going Gluten free. It's always caught my attention because it is suppose to be good for skin and for reducing belly fat (I need some serious reduction in that area). From everything I've seen the way you know if you are sensitive to gluten is simply by trial. Seeing if symptoms improve with the elimination of Gluten from your diet. I guess if you eliminate it and nothing changes your not sensitive. Then at my last cardiologist visit the Nurse Practitioner that always starts my appointments suggested that I read Wheat Belly and that trying a gluten free diet might prove to be helpful for me. She is awesome and takes great interest in nutrition. I love chatting with her.

So I went to KMEA (my music educator state conference) and when I returned home and the last day I was there my skin was all broken out yay for adult acne! That is about the time I was researching Gluten free diets and what contains gluten I had always been afraid it was basically no carb which I am not interested in. I not only learned that there are carbs that are gluten free but that malt vinegar is high in Gluten due to the Barley. Who knew? Really?

Well guess what I ate THREE times in Louisville? Fish and Chips and of course malt vinegar. Not sure why but Louisville has awesome pub restaurants. So it hit me. I had maybe an unusual amount of gluten and an acne breakout. So I think I definitely need to try going Gluten free. I can combined that with weight watchers very easily. I haven't started though because I'm trying to research and know the dos and don'ts before I start so I can do it correctly. If anyone who reads my blog has info or advice on this topic please share. I'd like to go Gluten free by March if not sooner. I figure Ill try it for one solid month and see if there are any changes unless my research indicates a different time frame.

Kettle Bells: when Chad was my trainer I used to do a lot of kettle bell work. So my sweet hubby bought me the new Jillian Michaels kettle bell set. I used it early this week and loved it. It comes with an instructional DVD from Jillian but it has a lot of downtime. It's not really a workout video. I need suggestions for good kettle bell videos. Doesn't Bob Harper have one?


So I have yet to decide if I'm going to run in or be a spectator at the Country Music Half in April. (My brother and sis in law are running) There are a lot of factors in my decision:
Am I ready?
Do I have time to get ready?
The day before I have some work things that I missed last year in order to register on time. Do I want to miss it again?
Etc. ill decide soon. In my brothers words "you better get to deciding"

I did a 5K in Dec and I feel that Im at a point where I can just up and do 5Ks on a whim. I'm still not fast so I might want to decide to work on my 5K time. However I was so encouraged by a WKU long distance track team member that I met at a jewelry show I did yesterday. We all got to talking about running and I asked her what her 5K time is. It's like 17 mins and some seconds. Nuts! I shared my time of 40+ minutes. She said "hey it's just great that you do it. No matter what your time is". That made me happy. She probably didn't know what her statement meant but for someone so good to encourage someone like me meant something.

So upcoming 5Ks I am doing.
March 23rd: 5K that my gym puts on to raise money for Courageous kids. Running that with my cousin I think.
June 8th : Color Run with co workers.
July : I'd like to run the Trooper Sunset again. It was my first ever and it's a fun night time run.

So I have plans. Now to keep them and run to be prepared.

Weight Watchers:

It's going fine. WW is working super well for my cousin Tracy! She's lost a lot of weight since Jan 1. Go Tracy. She's being a huge motivator for me.

My friend Nola is also doing good. She had a great week this week. She and I are accountability friends for WW. We text when it's hard or when we weigh.

Nola got more strict on herself this week and had a great week. Tracy and I were talking about how up and down I am. She said "I've been really strict".

Common idea. Strict. I'm not strict like I should be. It's not hard to be strict on WW it just takes determination and dedication. So I'm utilizing my sickly three day weekend to make a better plan for myself to be more "strict" and disciplined. I truly believe that if I get to losing that it will keep coming off.

So here's to better planning.

A shout out to Karie and Kim for helping me with WW with ideas and such too.
I promise all 4 of you ladies that Im going to get better at it!

Now back to my hot bath and lazy sick Saturday!

Here are some pictures of my weigh ins so far with WW. I need to see some more negatives and less plus signs.

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  1. If you are serious about kettlebells PLEASE stay far far far away from Jillian michaels and bob Harper!! Suggest checking out Steve maxwell. He originally brought KBs to the US and has some amazing KB and overall fitness videos. Met him last yr and he is truly a living legend. In his 60s in AMAZING shape and sweetest person I will ever meet.