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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Whole30 Favorite Things (sorry if I were Oprah you would all get them for free! Sorry I'm not Oprah)

In talking with friends and Instagram followers who are on whole30 we typically discuss specific food items that are compliant and helpful. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are my favorite places to shop. I have to drive about an hour to get to these stores so we go maybe once a month. These two stores are so very helpful on whole30!

Below each picture is a little about the food item and how we use it. I hope this is helpful. Please comment with your own favorites and ideas. Also other bloggers please consider a similar post as we are all in this together!!!

Skipjack Tuna from Trader Joes only 1.49 and does not contain soy as most canned tunas do. I am trying this variety for the first time but will use it like the other variety below. 

Albacore Tuna from Trader Joes. 1.69 per can and also does not contain any soy. I use this tuna for last minute meals. When a plan fails or I fail to plan I grab tuna, drain it, put it in a skillet and sprinkle with lemon pepper and almond meal. Stir and warm and it's so good with some last minute veggies. We are talking a 3 min meal here. I also use this as a pre gym snack. I'm looking forward to attempting my own mayo and tuna salad? Maybe? Any recipes?
New item to try. My mom uses canned salmon I think for compliant salmon patties I think. Chime in *here* Mom! 

This picture shows how simple these canned fish ingredient lists are. 

Almond Meal - 1 pound for 4.99. Ingredients are: almonds
What more could you ask for. I use this for sprinkling on the tuna (above) and to sprinkle or lightly coat zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower to be baked. I also do zucchini with Chesapeake seasoning in a skillet. Oh and on chicken wings with hot sauce! It just adds texture.  This is the cheapest I've found it. 

My husband's favorite. The ingredients are : plantains. Easy as that. For when you need a to go snack or a bit of crunch. Possibly SWYPO food but it didn't bother us at all. $2+ Each if I remember correctly. 
Freeze dried fruit. Not dried fruit but FREEZE dried. It's awesome. It's purely fruit. The ingredient picture is below. It is very light. Almost like space food or marshmallow texture (lucky charms type marshmallows). A great snack. Technically the whole bag is one serving but I got like 6 servings from one bag. A nice snack for when you are hungry after work or everyone at work is eating something sweet and you need something. $2+ each
Spices are next - all Trader Joes

21 salute is amazing on pork chops. It's 21 seasonings in one. Basil goes on a lot. Curry is a favorite chicken seasoning for us. I'd like to try it with coconut milk to make a super good curry dish. 1.99 each

Purely pepper and garlic here. 1.99 each
The lemon pepper is huge for me. I use it on fish, chicken, tuna, broccoli, and everything else I can. Haha. This one has no junk. A lot of them have sugar?!?! Why would they put sugar in lemon pepper? (Lemon pepper ingredients below) 1.99 each

New spices to try this time. (1.99 ea, smoke flavor is 2 something)
Ghee from whole foods. A little goes a long way and can help make flavor more savory. Trader Joes also has ghee. 
Hallelujah!!!!... bacon with no sugar! This is the only compliant bacon I have found. It's at Whole Foods. Below you can see the ingredients listed. It's nice to have a piece with breakfast or to add to a dinner entree or into a salad. ($6 a pack so it's a treat but well worth it) my friend Melissa who introduced me to Whole30 brought me a package of this my first week on Whole30 and hung it on my classroom door and all of a sudden a light appeared in the long tunnel. Haha. 

Love these fully cooked chicken meatballs from Whole Foods (about $5). They go great on spaghetti squash with a compliant tomato sauce!

Chicken Brats from Whole Foods are a good grill food as well! Paired with some grilled veggies. Super good! 
Trader Joes almond butter. This one is my husband's favorite brand. We've tried a few. It's creamy. My husband likes to eat it with bananas and strawberries. I don't remember the price but it's cheap. 
Super simple ingredients!
A peak at my "yes" shelves in our pantry. 

I hope this post will help someone in some way. Again please share either in comments or on your own blogs or Instagram with your favorite things. 

Oh I almost forgot one! 
Our dogs eat wellness whole dog food and they love these treats from trader joes. They are only like $3 for the whole box ! I highly suggest Wellness brand food. Our dogs are very healthy with great skin and coats which is not an easy task in the yorkie world. They've eaten Wellness for about 6 years. 

Have a great whole day! 

Today is officially day 1 for my round 2. I attempted it earlier in the week and had some obstacles but here I am. Day 1!!!
Who's with me?!?

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  1. Hi there! I linked over to your IG/blog from the Whole30 FB page. Congrats on all your success thus far! I am considering beginning Whole30 tomorrow (new month/new commitment, right?!). Thank you for all the info and inspiration -it IS helpful. Cheers to your 2nd round of Whole30 and wish me luck!