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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Save where you can...

So we went to O'Charleys...

It's so insane to look through the nutrition information for restaurants. Seriously an entree that has 2,300 calories? (new York pizza pasta)

I truly believe that all menus should state the calories next to every item. (thank you Ruby Tuesday for doing this!) I had to ask our server for more time to decide on what to order three times because my husband and I were going between the menu and their nutrition info on my iPhone. Are they afraid someone will not want their 2000+ calorie entree item?! Probably.

Here are my thoughts on that. I think that 2000+ calories should be known! It's not lying not to have it printed on the menu but if they are afraid someone won't order it because it's 2000+ then maybe they shouldn't serve it. This is not intended to bash OCharleys. They have healthier options and the health info is readily available on their website. I know of other restaurants that serve 2000+ calorie entrees. It's everywhere!!!

So I ordered grilled Atlantic salmon with Chipolte sauce. My sides were broccoli and a cup if potato soup. I added a house salad with apple honey vinegrette dressing. I also splurged and ate one roll. If I ordered this all without any adjustments and ate it all it would be 1012 calories. That is quite a bit, though since this meal served as a brunch and I allowed more calories for the meal. Still too much though and these were some of the lowest calorie options.

So here is what I did...
-I ate half of the salad,
-half the cup of soup,
-half the Brocolli,
-got the Chipolte sauce on the side and used maybe 1/10 of it.
-Ate the full 6oz of salmon and the roll. These adjustments brought me down to.....735 calories!!! So I saved 287 by making simple adjustments.

After brunch I was satisfied but not miserable. I am most satisfied with my smart choices. I have right at 900 calories left in my day plus a full afternoon of cleaning out boxes of my husbands childhood belongings from his parents house for our yard sale. So I'll get a chance to sweat! Yay!

Have you had any successful eating out/simple adjustment stories? Share your tips in the comments section please.

Have a great Tuesday! My teacher summer has officially begun! Yay!

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