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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Recipe and other thoughts....

Weight Watchers is going well.  I continue to here from friends that weight watchers is what worked for them.  I'm getting so much support right now and I truly appreciate it.  It is something to get used to though and any help from my readers is welcomed.  I'm so used to counting calories that this is so different.  It's so easy I almost feel out of control. Haha.  Today I felt like I had done bad, but I actually had 3 points remaining. 

For those that don't know how it works you have a set amount of points to use each day.  You are supposed to not go above but not really below either.  You also have weekly points that you can use but you don't have to use.  I've heard from many that they have lost best when not utilizing the weekly points.  The weekly points are intended to be used for a "cheat meal" or a special dessert, or a meal beyond your control etc.  The point of them is to use them and then continue as normal following your daily points.  If you go over on your points one day they come out of your weekly points. 

Yesterday at work I had Thursday's dinner left overs for lunch and grabbed a sprite from the soda machine.  MISTAKE.  Who knew a can of sprite was 4 points!!!! I do now!!! That is why I think weight watchers will work for me.  It keeps me accountable to those little things that I used to do and I guess knew mattered but pretended that they didn't.

So remember mine and Brandon's challenge to not eat out for Jan.?  Well, we had a "beyond our control" situation arise and we ate out.  Every year during all district band weekend we take Brandon's students to dinner at Shogun.  Of course I could have eaten at home quickly and sat and not eaten at Shogun, but this goal is not about being miserable.  So, I decided to just enjoy it.  I did manange to resist soda at Shogun by using Lemonade flavored Mio in my water.  Hibachi is one of those foods that I need a flavored beverage with.  Can't explain it.  Its just how I am.  Can't do pizza and water either.  After the sprite accident at lunch and my view of the chunk of butter fixing to hit the hibachi grill I figured I'd better make a good beverage choice. 

I get 31 points a day.  When all was said and done, the hibachi, the sprite... I went over my points by 6.  I used 37 points yesterday.  I get 49 weekly points.  So I used 6 weekly points.  So all and all.  Not that bad. 

Back to the no eating out challenge.... This one out of our control situation is isolated.  That is not stopping the challenge.  It resumed this morning and will continue. 

So back to todays points.  I had what I felt were too many sweets but still came in under point budget for today.  So that just tells me that what I can control is making sure that I eat plenty of lean meats, fruits, and veggies (basically eat enough) so there is no point room for sweets.  Another thing that keep my points down was sleeping in today.  I slept late enough that I had a brunch kinda of morning meal and then dinner.  I had a snack of a few pretzels in between.  But 2 meals obviously has less points than 3.  I'm a breakfast eater for sure so I normally don't miss meals.  Hoping that keeps my points up and away from sweets.

Ok, now to the best part of this post.....our dinner tonight.

Its Heidi Powell's Garlic Lime Chicken.  I like to call it Spicy Lime Chicken because the seasonings seemed more spicy than garlicy to me.  I give her all the credit.  It is amazing.  Me from the kitchen into the living room to Brandon as I cooked "I feel like I"m on food network".  I got to do some cool things.  Here is the link to her recipe:
Garlic Lime Chicken

The only thing I did different was instead of putting the seasonings into a baggy and shaking and baking.  I placed the chicken breast in the pan to cook, rubbed seasoning on top of all four pieces then immediately flipped over, rubbed the remaining seasonings on the opposite side.  To me this just ensured that I would have enough seasoning to spread across all pieces.

I also cut the two chicken breasts in half in order to have four 4 ounce servings.

The best part, creating the sauce at the end (the reason I used my stainless steel rather than non stick pan) You use the "stuck" seasoning in the sauce.  Super cool!  I used tongs to constantly move around my chicken as it cooked to keep it from actually sticking. 

I served with green peas and carrots.  Super good.  A four ounce serving of the chicken is 7 points.  One of my veggies was free, one was 1 point.  Can't remember which was which.

Juicing my limes... This awesome juicer that my husband wanted when we
did our wedding registry is awesome. 
I got 8 oz of lime juice from 3 limes.

Love measuring tools and pinch bowls... this isn't the half of it.

Cute huh?

This is when I got the beginning of the Food network feeling...
my stainless is just so shiney

seasoned and cooking

This is the cool part... Food Network feeling complete when I used
the wisk to pull the "stuck" seasoning up into the sauce when
I added the lime juice and broth... My sauce appears darker than Heidi's...
wondering if I cooked the chicken at too high of a heat....
the stuck seasoning was dark and the sauce reduced very quickly.
It tasted great though.... was not burnt at all.

complete dinner... this is a small plate by the way. makes the plate seem more full.
of course I used measure cups and measured my veggie portions exactly

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