“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm now Aunt Bethney.... how I'm sticking with it on my trip to see Everett!

Here are a few pictures of my nephew, Everett Jamison Terry.  He was born yesterday at 10:13 am eastern time.  He weighted 8lbs 7oz and was 21.5 inches long.  He already has my heart.  My brother was so sweet to want me to come when I could stay a few days and he has encouraged me to do little things like lotion his feet to help me get comfortable with him.  I'm getting comfortable thats for sure... so here are the pictures and below continues my blog post about how I'm sticking with it when all I have to do is set and hold my new nephew. :)

Look at that cute mouth!

When I first held him on his birthday

Day 2!

What a tiny little foot!

So in the pictures above I am encouraged because I feel like my face is beginning to thin out a little, but it might be the angle.... I don't know.

So here I set with family, out of town, and we're doing a lot of sitting. 

Well, the sitting isn't too bad because as my last post stated, I'm already restricted to walking only. So that's no big deal at all.  But when you leave town how on Earth are you supposed to eat healthy, which is what I'm really focusing on this week.

Well my first step was planning ahead.  When I packed I packed snacks to bring... it was simple... bananas (90 calories), clementines (35 calories), and 1 cup servings of multigrain Cherriod (110 calories)... oh and my water bottle (0 calories)
Those snacks work great for in between meals so I don't grab a Starbucks in the lobby of the hospital or grab a candybar out of the vending machine etc.

I have also stayed right on top of my Lose It app on my iPhone.  I have eaten out three times on this trip,  Chic-fil-a, KFC, and Olive Garden... heres what I did....

Chic-fil-a, which yesterday I wanted to call "Chic-fill up my calories for the - day", but anyhow. I ate it on my way out of town with my hubby, who I miss dearly right now.  I simply ate what I wanted. Spicy chicken sandwich and fries with a sprite.  So being that that was quite the calorie full meal I simply ate a homemade turkey sandwich for dinner last night and didn't go over my calories at all. By the way, I love Chic-fil-A and I love their atmosphere and Christian run business. "my pleasure" is my favorite.

KFC... now what on Earth do you do here other than not order... I ordered one grilled chicken breast (210 calories) mashed potatos with gravy (120 cal) and a biscuit (180 cal).  Its possible. I ate 510 calories total for lunch.. did you know that a fried chicken breat (just one piece) alone is 510 calories.  I also drank water from my own water bottle, saving me calories, sodium, and $.

Olive Garden...... Oh MY those breadsticks are good... here's what I did.... I ate a small amount of salad because it is coated in dressing. I have ordered my salad separate with fat free dressing on the side before, but for simplicity purposes tonight I let it be.  I ate very little croutons.  (117 calories, for the portion that I ate) I ate ONE breadstick (150 cal) and then I requested that no more be brought to the table.  That helped a lot. and thank goodness for the support of my Dad who is actually the one who vocalized the request because he knew.  Then I ordered CHEESE RAVIOLI (I must be crazy right,... wrong!) I normally order the apricot chicken, but I really wanted pasta and cheese. So when it rang in at a whopping 660 calories I requested that a to-go box be brought WITH my meal. I separated out half of my ravioli before I tasted it.  So, I ate 330 calories worth instead.  So dinner was 597 calories at Olive Garden.

So, there it is.... you can eat out and eat healthier than you may realize.  I surprised myself today as a matter of fact.  All of my calorie counts came from the Lose It app and from online nutrition charts found on most restaurant webpages.

So, here was my one cheat of the trip so far. On the way back to the hospital from Olive Garden my MeeMaw wanted to stop and get Krispy Kreme for the morning. Dad and I were talking about how they literally melt in your mouth. We pull in and the "Hot and Fresh" sign was on. Of course, right?. So MeeMaw and I ate a hot and fresh glazed donut each in the backseat.  (200 cal) thats right, Krispy Kreme has a nutrition chart on their website!..... couldn't find it on lose it. we found humor in that.  Anyhow. I enjoyed a great donut with my grandmother and I'm okay with that.  I went over by 200 calories today, but I can guarantee you that it was a huge success for me to stop at one donut.  Sometimes (most times) our successes don't make us perfect, sometimes our successes just put us a step closer to our goal.  Today was my first day to go over for the week. So tomorrow, maybe I'll take the stairs at the hospital to help burn it off :) *and Mom is reading over my shoulder, so she'll make me* (that means she goes too)

All in all I feel that I am having amazing will power (with God's strength) on this trip and I am proud of that.  I look forward to stepping on the scales Monday morning.  Normally after a 4 day trip out of town that is a very scary thing to do. 

Thanks for reading. Always feel free to comment, comments encourage me, and follow me!

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