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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vanity Sizing?

Did anyone else see Dr. Oz yesterday?  Seeing a few daytime shows here and there is one perk that I enjoy about summer... anyhow, they talked about "Vanity Sizing".  What is vanity sizing?  It is when designers size their clothing larger so that you feel like you are wearing a smaller size than normal and purchase more or stick to their brand to get a size 10 or 8, when you normally wear a size 12.  This is not only frustrating but can be an unhealthy view of "how you are doing".  Here are a few facts from Dr. Oz that I found interesting.  They are all based off of a size 12 (which is what I wear)

1950s size 12 = 26 inches (so when you hear someone say, "but Marilyn Monroe wore a 12" it wasn't a 12 as we know it)
1970s size 12 = 28 inches
1980s size 12 = 33 inches
today size 12 = 36 inches

YIKES! right?

They measured over 25 brands of size 12 pants and found a 5" variation.... OMG Gap was a 38" waist according to Dr. Oz, I don't remember GAP fitting big, but I guess it does.

So, with all of this said... how dangerous for our heart to base our waist size on the inconsistant sizing of clothing.  This is why I DO pay attention to what the scales say.... and why I have my trainer take my measurements.  This way I can NOT be fooled.

Dr. Oz shared some articles of clothing that are good to base your size off of to compare if you refuse to measure or weigh.:

* a belt - on the same belt pay attention to which notch you use and even mark a goal notch
* shoes - if your feel start bulging on at the edges of your shoes it could be a sign of water wieght gain
* a blazer style jacket - pay attention to how the upper arms feel and how the jacket feels if you place your hands straight out and put your hands together (Dr. Oz says this will indicate fat around your back and sides)
* jeans that do not contain lycra (stretch)
* button up white shirts, will stretch or gap at the buttons if they start to fit too tight.

So, with all of that said.... I prefer my scales and a measuring tape, but this is just something to think on.  Its crazy how the fashion industry can affect people huh?

About waist size, Dr. Oz says that your waist measurement should be no more than half of your height in inches... So I'm 5'3" (63 inches) so my waist should be no larger than 31.5 inches. Kinda scary, and they talked about how heart heath is most at risk with extra weight around the abdomin (as opposed to weight around the rump and thighs)

I hope that some of you found these things interesting... I did. (find more at http://www.doctoroz.com/)

So, the summer is going well for me so far.  Not having a daily routine does WONDERS for my nutrition.  I guess its because I have nothing to stress/worry over and I have plenty of time to plan meals.  I went to a morning Zumba class today that was great.  I've been running on schedule and I've been within my calories for the last 3 days.  I'm really looking forward to my weigh in and workout with my trainer tomorrow night!

Stay tuned! I will hopefully make a stride toward my 15 lb summer goal!


  1. Sizing is so frustrating for me, especially when you're talking about pants. When I weighed 175, I wore a size 14. Now, over 30 pounds lighter...size 12. I would probably need to lose another 10 to fit (comfortably) into size 10 pants. I think basing health, weight loss success, etc. off of pants size is totally bogus because everyone is shaped and loses weight so differently. Or maybe I just need to find those stores with the larger sized clothes (oh, and I thought Gap stuff always ran *small* -- oops!)

  2. I saw that show as well. I have started counting points with Weight Watchers again and gotten back on my exercise routine. It is amazing how much the stress of your husband losing his job will cause you to totally abandon routine. But on the flip side how much your husband then getting a job almost immediately will cause you to celebrate and eat with reckless abandonment!!! In 1 month I have gaine about 10 pounds which now I am intentionaly trying to shed. good grief!!!