“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LDL? HDL? what the......?

On Monday evening  I went to an Aqua Zumba party at the gym.  I took my mom and my cousin Whitney with me.  We all had a blast but by the end of two hours we were so exhausted! We did win some prizes... We all won zumba bracelets and I won a free spray tan! Whitney won a CD as well.  Fun times! I think mom and Whit enjoyed it.

So, we had physicals today.... It went well.

The only bloodwork I had was a cholesterol break down and it went great.


Total Number 173 (down from 199 a year ago, but total number is rather uninformative)
HDL 53
LDL 104
Triglycerides 115

These are all in the normal/ideal range. 
HDL is the good cholesterol (above 60 is the very best, so i would like to see that move up a little)
LDL is the bad cholesterol (ideal for me is below 130, if one has a high risk for heart disease their "ideal" would be 100 or below)
Triglycerides are in relation to sugar (they should be below 150, so I'm golden there)

HDL and LDL what the.....?
Dr. Oz explained HDL and LDL in such a simple manner on one of his shows.  I'll see if I can share his explination.  Imagine an icecream scoop and a melon baller....one is scooping butter into your arteries the other is scooping it out... which one do you want to do each job.  Well of course! The icream scoop scooping it out and the melon baller putting it in right? Well that is the idea of having a high HDL and a low LDL which is good.  If you had a low HDL and a high LDL that would be the ice cream scoop putting in the butter and the melon baller working as hard as possible to scoop the butter out but it would never be able to keep up.  I hope that wasn't too confusing... maybe it even helped (esp, for people my age that are just now thinking about these things).  My doctor explained that all of my numbers were great but I also looked up ranges on the mayoclinic website.  So I'm good, I would like to increase my HDL though.

I will tell you a quick story, when the nurse first went over my bloodwork she told me that my fasting glucose was 108 (i could have died).  She began going over my eating habits, no soda (check), no whites (check), use Olive Oil (double check), whole grain pasta (check)..... so what on earth could I do better!  So, she said the doctor would likely check me again at the end of July and I started to cry.  I freaked out, ME???? the one who tries so hard to be healthy and encourage others to do the same? the one whose Mom and Dad swapped me to whole grain everything 10 years ago? What in the world.  Brandon was looking at me kinda funny cuz I was crying...the nurse felt all bad for me.. then all of a sudden i hear these words from the nurse, "oh, i am SOOOO sorry, I have made a mistake.... that glucose was from your April bloodwork and was not fasting, so it is perfectly fine" WHEW!!!! I got a big ol' smile and was so excited.  The nurse apologized like 100 times and I said "well, dont focus on scaring me, focus on the fact that you go to give me really good new afterward!"

So my glucose is NORMAL, he had tested it one afternoon when I had a bit of a panic attack just to make sure it wasn't off because I was rather shaky.... it was fine then to.

The only other thing that he told me was that he does think that I have exercise induced asthma and I now have an inhaler to take before each run.  Thank goodness, because the tightness after my runs was getting worse and worse the longer my runs got.  I will be trying out the inhaler for the first time tonigh.

I asked him about my slow weight loss (even with the loss of lots of inches). He told me to stop fearing a rapid heart rate and push my intensity up.  He said that it will help and that I also have to realize that I AM building muscle, so I am still losing fat, I'm just replacing it.  So I texted my trainer this afternoon and told him to plan something hard for tomorrow.  I told him what the doctor said.  His text back "cool, will do". Should I be scared!??? I think so.....

Below is a picture that I recently posted on facebook.... Left side is about two weeks ago, right side is in Jan. with my old trainer.  Not a lot of pounds lost but the inches are pretty great! I am so thankful that my new trainer has pushed me and helped me find results.  Thanks Chad!

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