“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workouts, swimming, running

Workouts are so different from day to day. Yesterday I was going like the energizer bunny. I ran my C25K run, did a few upper body exercises, Had an amazing stretch session ( found the aerobics room empty, yay for summer daytime workouts! ) then spent 90 minutes in the pool and made some progress toward swimming laps.

Speaking of swimming.... Swimming laps is on a level all it's own. I can swim well. I can swim with a variety of strokes, I can tread water for ages, I can even turn the flip and push off! All of that thanks to my parents who had me in swimming lessons with amazing teachers for like 6 or 7 years!  Now back to swimming laps... I stink at it. The technique of the breath stroke is one that takes practice. To me it's been a use it or lose it type thing. I've lost it.  Now. Swimming underwater is great. I can go 3/4 the length of the pool underwater on one breath. Back to the breath stroke.... It's a constant rhythm and timing struggle. I started out breathing on every right arm. That was terrible!!! I felt like I could pass out! So I'm breathing on every other right arm now.  That is better. I'm getting better at turning my head enough that I don't get water in my mouth, YUCK! But all in all I still stink at it. I have to stop about halfway down the pool (full size pull at the gym) and start my whole rhythm over again. Now. I'm no where near in shape to be swimming laps. It takes work. It's totally separate from running or circuit training. Its really tough. For me I think it's all about fitting into a rhythm and relaxing. Like I said before I know the stroke I just have to get better at it in the context of swimming laps. I really admire the people that get in the pool and swim 100 laps a day! Wow. My goal right now is to swim a half lap (baby steps) I hope by the end of summer to be able to swim 2 laps without a stop. I think I can do that!

So today was a whole other story... I was tired, exhausted, unmotivated, had a sinus headache all day that started in my eyes. Ya know just one of THOSE days. Brandon was ready to hit the gym and I sent him without me. But I didn't allow myself to do nothing. I still paid attention to my nutrition and while he was at the gym I took some time out for yoga. I knew I had to do something to help pep myself up a bit. So I popped in Bob's Weightloss Yoga and did a workout and it felt great. I felt much better afterward.

Gracie seemed to want to join me for yoga... or maybe just make mine more difficult!
 I think it is so hard to work out on blah days but also so important. I think I actually wore myself out yesterday. The fibromyalgia kicks in sometimes and screams at me for overdoing.  Yesterday during my run I got a throbbing pain between my accelis tendon and my calf muscle. I decided not to run today for that reason and it seems better. I'm hoping it doesn't show back up on my run tomorrow. I don't have too much time for rest. My 5K is coming up soon! 23 days!!!

About the 5K. I'm so excited. My cousin , Whitney, that is training and running with me is doing really well. My cousin, Lindsey that has started running about the same time we did is also doing really well. I'm trying to convince her to join Whit and I in July (Lindsey I hope you read this) Whit and I are excite that we have some days coming up where we will be able to run together for the first time! My next run is 25 minutes. Woah!!!!

Lots of random thoughts in this blog post huh?

I have a weigh in and measurements tomorrow and I'm training with Chad AND my hubby!!! Can't wait.

I'm also having my cholesterol checked in the am. Doctor will give me results Tuesday. He didn't think I needed it checked but I wanted it checked because last time it (my total number which is nit the end all be all) was leaning toward high (my thyroid was still of balance then) so I'm looking for an improvement. Hoping for good LDL/HDL ratio. I'll post all about that on Tuesday.

I'll post some results tomorrow! (also, I editted the recipe section)

It was so nice yesterday to find the aerobics room open and available for some good stretches!  This room is so motivating to me.  I think its the openess, the motivating sayings on the mirror that change each week and the overall feeling of the room.  So relaxing for stretching! (somehow, I managed a picture with my iphone while I streched)

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