“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Personal Record - longest distance yet - 5 miles! with my big brother!

This morning I was so blessed and lucky to have my big brother take me on my first long run.  We went 5 miles today.  Up until this point the furthest I had run is 3.1 miles (my 5K in July).  I used to think my farthest was 4 miles in high school.  I'll get to that later.

I had a goal with my training for the half marathon in April to run 5 miles by Christmas.  Well, last night in talking with Jason (brother) I misspoke and stated that I had a goal of running 5 miles by December (big difference right?) I had mentioned going 4 miles with Jason, then in conversation I said "do you think I could go 5 miles" he said its not if you can or not, it's if you want to".  I was like ok, 5 miles it is.  So this morning we went to get little Everett's first haircut and then we came home to run.  Jason and Jamie had purchased my first hydration belt for me as a birthday gift and brought it to me this weekend.  I was nervous upon receiving my hydration belt.  I was thankful for the gift, but the gift of a hydration belt also brought a reality that it was time to get in some long runs.  I was nervous! Jason also brought me a neck gator this weekend because of my recent difficulties with being warm all over but having a cold face/ears/breathing cold air etc.  So we got ready.... got my hydration belt fitted, filled my bottles so I had a total of 20oz of water and grabbed a pack of fruit snacks, then placed my license in the belt as well.  I put on my neck gator and we were ready.  5 miles here we come!!!

Here we are ready to take off!

Headed down the road out behind mom and dad's subdivision, we were ready to work on my form.  My form has been pretty good, just working on smoothing out my motions.  I normally don't have trouble with the cardiovascular end of things.  I just have trouble with muscle fatigue.  I prefer it this way I think.  So today was not about speed/pace at all, just about being steady, smooth, and getting in 5 miles.

We looped around the high school, hadn't been there in a while. Just over 1 mile at that point.  Took a splash of water at that point in time with a 1 min walk break.

We headed down the main road to the elementary school, when we arrived we were at 2.3. There we took another min walk break with water and a few fruit snacks to boost my sugar and keep my mouth from feeling so dry like.  We looped around the playground where I spent many recesses off road and talked about how when I was there playing I didn't think about "can I make it through recess?"  No., I just played and did what I did and gave it little thought.  So, I should adopt a thought process about training for this half marathon like I had in elementary school, not fearing failure, but just doing it.  I also talked and remembered the days about running some of those roads back in high school for soccer.

Then we headed down Meemaw's Road, we called her she came to the window to see me go by and we exchanged waves.  Little things like that make the runs so much more special and fun.  Just past her house I got to practice good downhill form and uphill form.

Next we crossed the highway and came past one of my best friend's houses that has a monster hill next to it. At this point we were at 3.75 miles. I shortened my stride and lifted my feet, my legs burned bad by the top of the hill, but I made it. The hill was slanted so my right leg burned far worse than my left. I saw my friend, Rachel's, Dad working outside, it was fun to see a familiar face along my run in my hometown neighborhood.

We took our last walk break, another swallow of water and a few fruit snack pieces.  Then we were off to finish up.

We headed back into Mom and Dad's subdivision.  I felt myself slowing down at this point. My legs were getting tired... my lungs were GREAT though! We crossed the subdivision and went out to the road that we started on that goes along the outside of the subdivision.  When we got there I was at about 4.8 miles.  0.2 miles to go.

I could see the finish in sight.  I kept my form, didn't let it get out of control but drastically sped up my feet.  My brother went right behind me yelling "go go, you got this, don't give up now, push push, etc"  I had a bit of an adrenaline rush and it was fun.  He finally yelled "Stop!" and I had done it... I started walking and smiled big knowing that I had completed a 5 mile run.

5 miles!!!!!

I am so thankful for a brother who has invested time and energy into helping me succeed this time.

I have been rather fatigued this afternoon, I took a nap, I never take naps...... I did today though.  I feel great though! I feel better than I did when I ran my 5K in July.  I think that tomorrow I may be back to normal after a good night's rest tonight.

Today I realized this "I CAN DO A HALF MARATHON!" I can do it, I really really can.
My brother was going to take me to 6.5 miles today so that I would go half of a half marathon.  He thinks I would have done just fine, but we had family portraits an hour and 15 min after my run was over, so it was a push to get this hair all washed and dried anyhow, no time for the extra 1.5, but I'm confident that I could have done it.  I think that my cardio vascular health is the best its every been.  Now, I just need to train my legs to not fatigue so fast, it will happen though.

We looked at the map when we got home and I found out that the "4 miles" we used to run in soccer was only 2.2" !!!!!!! Seriously, so until today I thought my furthest run every was 4 miles, but I found out that it was actually my 3.1 in July... Until today!!! Now my furthest is FIVE MILES!

I'm so thankful for my health and ability to do this.  I'm thankful that God helps me through.

For those that know my childhood area it went like this (this is very general):

Mom and Dad's to
the high school
down to the elementary school
down a subdivision (across from the closed Minit Mart)
and over to and across the highway
back to mom and dad's subdivision

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  1. Yay, Betheny!! Doesn't feel good!!