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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Longest Run yet!!!

Thankful for January February March and most of April because I ran half of a half marathon distance yesterday and there is no way I could have turned around and gone back. Lol. My first half is April 28th. I feel very prepared having run 6.55 miles yesterday. I not only ran that far but I ran in Knoxville... HELLO hills! For real hills... er I mean MOUNTAINS!!

It was a great run. Yet again my brother ran with me. What a great brother. He was out training for his marathon with his wife Jamie. She ran 23 yesterday (choosing not to run the full 26.2 until the day) He was intending to run 26 (0.2 short of the full distance). So I wanted to run six miles. So we made plans for me to meet them at the 20 mile mark which just so happened to be Krispy Kreme donut shop. They had a plan to stop for a donut. When you are running 23+ miles it's not the end all be all to have a donut. My brother was scheduled to burn over 3,000 calories on his run. Wow!

One of Jamie's friends picked up with them at mile 11. So my dad (we made a family weekend out of this) dropped me off at 20 Krispy Kreme we all took a picture together (below left to right: Jason, Martha, Jamie, me!!!)
Starting at Krispy Kreme

Now what was my thought process at Krispy Kreme? I decided that I wasn't worried about the calories (I was scheduled to burn 1,000) but I was worried about the sugary glaze feeling heavy in my stomach. So I told my brother I wanted 1 donut hole (50cal) They wouldn't serve it to him. He said "can you not just put 1 hole in there?" they said no. So I got a plain cake donut instead (190cal). It was good and since it had no glaze it set just fine. I had eaten organic Kashi cereal and a banana for breakfast.

So we met at Krispy Kreme for my 6 mile run. Hilarious!

Off we went. It was hilly! I was thankful to be meeting them on the second half of their run. Their pace had slowed a bit. Good for this girl. It was neat running in territory that I was completely unfamiliar with. It was lots to see. We were in fairly congested areas. Had to watch traffic a lot. We passed a house on a residential street with an older man out front. He cheered each of us on as we passed. Super sweet. We finally got to the four lane with sidewalks! Whew! I much prefer sidewalks! I was keeping up with my brother pretty good. I was excited.

I enjoyed running past the mall. It was just cheery and Christmasy. Lots of thumbs ups from drivers. Some people blew kisses. I even had a kid roll his window down throw both hands up in the air and cheer. Lots of motivation on high traffic streets. Just after this point we dropped Jamie off to my Dad waiting at her 23 mile point.

It was me and Jason and the road shoulders were getting narrow (like 9" kind of narrow). I learned about a new group of people. Now I know I should call names but I named this group the "right turn idiots" this group I made up of people who pull up to the end of a business driveway to turn right onto a four-lane and for some reason feel that looking right before hitting the gas is unnecessary. After all the cars only come from the left! Well how bout those runners. Each time we approached a car waiting to turn right onto the four-lane we would NEVER assume they were paying attention. So we would make eye contact with them and either determine they were one of those fine "right turn idiots" or get a friendly wave ahead from them, wave back and go ahead. I can think of 3 times for sure that we would have been hit had we not anticipated an irresponsible driver was in the car. One time my brother stood to the passenger side of the car waiting. The lady didn't look our way until she had already given gas and rolled a few feet. When she looked over my brother waved at her. The lady probably messed her drawers! Once I had one of those "my truck is louder than yours" guys pulling out. He never looked I knew he wasn't looking. So I waited for him to go. He gave it lots of gas to make it loud an then saw me to the side (safe as I was because I was aware) he also freaked out. Please watch for runners/walkers/bikers. Don't be in the "right turn idiots" club!

Moving on. I ran through an intersection with the people collecting money for children with disabilities. Just so happened to have an emergency dollar in my hydration belt. It wasn't much but I gave it as I ran through. So that was kinda cool.

I tried three new replenishing products on this run: Cytomax (like Gatorade) Sport Beans and Gu. My reviews of these items.
Cytomax- I use the powder mix in one of my water bottles. It was nice to have flavor along the way. Sometimes I opted for my plain water though.
Sport Beans (by Jelly Belly) - awesome I had tried them once when I wasn't running. Not nearly as good then as they are when you are running. They taste good. They bring crisp flavor to your mouth, help moisten your mouth, and they give your body a boost of energy.
Gu- very effective. Felt good after I ate/drank/washed it down with water. It was way thicker than I anticipated. I expected yogurt thickness. It was more like gel fluoride in the trays at the dentist. The flavor was fine it was just such a THICK texture! But effective. I would use it again. Just wouldn't get too excited about it.

When we were at 25 miles (5 for me) I was feeling good. When we hit 26 (6.1 for me) I wasn't ready to quit. Jason went on and began walking. I ran to him and asked "where is Starbucks?" that's where dad was picking us up. He pointed. I said "donyou think that's .5 away?... I've almost run a half of a half" he said "go! Do it!". So off I went. It wasn't long that I sensed him coming up to me. He said "why wait til Jan (his marathon) let's do it now" he motioned me in front of him. We passed starbucks and not long after I hit 6.55 miles and stopped to walk. I did it. I not only went 6 miles I did half of a half marathon. Jason ended up doing 26.45 I believe. We did a walk for a few minutes and then we saw Dad waiting at starbucks. We went it. I got a tea and Jason a black coffee. We sat for a minute. I had to use my inhaler which I hadn't use in quite some time. I think it was the temp (42*).
With our Starbuck after a few minutes rest.
So we headed home. Jason, Jamie, her friend Martha, and I all set new personal records for distances run. We were thrilled. Below you will see the screen shot of MyFitnessPal from yesterday. Can't see dinner and snacks on the screen but the point of the screen shot is how many calories I burned yesterday.

Burned lots of Calories!
I had one awesome massage last night. Today I feel awesome. No foot pain the entire time (but don't think I haven't been streching and babying that foot and calf) I also only had sore knees for a short time this time.

My "6" picture
I can't wait for 7 miles, then 8, then.....

We all survived..... this is us after showers.
We couldn't quite find it in ourselves to get dressed up. lol

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  1. Nice! I'll be catching up to you soon, I bought my shoes today :)