“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

No Fuel......

Well. I did fairly well this week with my new diet. I LOVE Ezekiel bread (esp the cinnamon raisin kind) I enjoyed my hummus. I tried two flavors. Roasted Garlic and Roasted red pepper. Very tasty!!!

I did excellent on breakfast and lunch but seemed to struggle with dinner some nights. One night we were super busy so I grabbed Chick Fil a grilled chicken on wheat and fruit. Not the worst thing in the world, but not the best either. There was the flour that the Ezekeil bread gets me away from.

I had one really bad day. That was Saturday. On the way to the parade I got a cheese Danish and hot chocolate at Starbucks. Not exactly a breakfast with a fueling purpose. After the Christmas parade. We met all of our friends at BWWs (UK game was on) I was hungry, and hadn't planned ahead. So I ordered boneless wings AKA Sodium!!! Then of course water "doesn't go with wings" so I ordered sodium... Oh I mean Sprite.

So after BDubs I was due for my Saturday long run. *I can still feel the brick in my stomach* I felt so run down and sluggish from that heavy meal at lunch and was still lacking pep in my step as a result of a useless breakfast. I got ready anyhow. I planned for 3 miles. I knew it was going to be tough. It's like driving your car twenty miles after it says "zero to empty".

No fuel.... No Energy.... No success

I mean I had eaten food, but hadn't fueled my body with energy. So before I headed out I ate a Tbsp of natural peanut butter. I did take my hydratiob belt with water because I knew I would need it.

I headed downtown. I had never run there before. I wanted new scenery and wanted to be in a populated area with sidewalks for safety. I ran toward the local university which is VERY full of hills. I ran to the top of the biggest hill in my first mile. I ran down the otherside, turned around and ran back up and across the big hill and downtown again. I took two short (30 sec) walk breaks in the 3 miles. I enjoyed people watching along the way. I felt great cardio wise. My legs burned and overall I just felt fatigued (my fault).
About 1.5 out ( ran out 1.5 and back the same 1.5) my left foot /ankle started hurting pretty bad. A reoccurring pain from earlier in the week that I thought was gone.
I had three choices:
1. Keep running as long as it wasn't so painful I couldn't stand it. I knew it would suck.
2. Walk it back which would still hurt so it was suck twice as long
3. Call my husband to pick me up and not finish.
I chose choice 1... Sometimes it hurt pretty bad. I made a few huffy noises from time to time, I slowed down, and I walked steps instead of running the steps.

When I got done I felt good yet exhausted. I drive home and told my husband that I could eat no more junk.
He's a great husband and will do all he can to help me with that.

Today I woke up with my foot still hurting. I'm going to see the PT at the gym tomorrow, then possibly a trip to my doctor, who happens to specialize in sports medicine. I had been advised (and will also discuss w/ pt) to set out my two short runs this week to rest my foot and pick back up with my long run next Sat. I get to do that long run with my brother!!! So I will see what I'm told tomorrow.

I train again with my trainer tomorrow. Nervous and excited all over again.

My goal this week is to continue doing great at breakfast and lunch and also do great at dinner.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Oh and below is my latest running hair style. Anna Kournikova wears her hair like this and says it's because it keeps your hair from tangling. I tried it Saturday. I have to say that I agree!!! It worked great. Though a braid is heavier than a ponytail, or so it seems.

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