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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Chub Rub" and the affects

Lol. I can't even believe I'm writing this post. Here goes...

"Chub Rub" - n. the fat on the inner thigh that rubs together as you walk.

That is my definition. I believe that a college roommate and I coined this term a few years back.

So is chub rub bad or good? Well initially it seems bad. It's fat! Chub rub is part of my second grade memory that I spoke of a while back where I remember comparing thigh size with a friend at school and we discussed having "fat thighs". In 2nd grade!!!!

Chub rub is the reason that I purchased compression shorts for running. I did this after developing a really bad case of chaffing on a hot sweaty run this summer. Still seems bad.

I personally think that chub rub is normal. Ive seen plenty of girls who's legs don't touch when they walk but there are plenty of athletes who's legs do touch. I think it may have something to do with muscle tone. I personally have never been slender. I have always been a thick/muscular body type. I've played sports since age 3. Never skipped the opportunity to build muscle on my legs. My mom is built the same way, and my dad too. Big thighs is pretty much my destiny.

I have recently heard some studies (dr. Oz, The Doctors, news reports) that find that thighs less than 24" have an increased risk for heart disease and death. Many factors also include a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes. (My thighs measure in at 25.5") I'm no doctor or scientist so look it up on your own:
But in short I believe it has to do with the type of fat around the thighs and the insulation of important arteries. So now chub rub seems to be okay.... Maybe it should be toned chub rub?
One other thing that connects a bit. If anyone watched Oprah you probably saw types of fats be discussed. (belly fat is much riskier than lower body fat)
So now chub rub seems better... Maybe even a good thing.

One thing I KNOW for sure is that I have no intentions to be skin and bones ever in my life. I prefer being toned and having shape to my body as intended. I will NEVER compare myself to runway models. I bet most of them couldn't run a half marathon or do 50 pushups throughout a circuit! (no offense to any readers, just my thoughts here). When I "find the skinny" it will be a healthy toned skinny. Probably not even what the world considers skinny. I will be strong though! So I will likely never lose my chub rub. So that leads to one last thought followed by the picture that led me to this blunt and honest post....

Clothing companies need to respect the chub rub. Why do all of my jeans wear holes at the chub rub area. SERIOUSLY!!!!! This is what my jeans all look like when I retire them from my "appropriate to wear to work on casual Friday jeans collection". This pair has been retired all school year. But one time I wear them they are fine, the next time it's like "where did the holes come from!" *the jeans are off my person in the picture*

Comment and let me know your opinions and thoughts!

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  1. This is an interesting post. In high school I had the same problem with all my jeans. I wore holes right there in every single one of them it seems like. I am just like you, I don't think I will ever have skinny thighs that don't touch. Through all the biking and running and I am always making sure my legs are strong, those small legs will never come to me. Plus as women, I feel we carry more fat in our hips and thighs and it seems to be the last place weight is lost (at least in my experience). I do know that the my thighs still touch, but I never get that pain from chub rub or the holes in any of my pants anymore. I think it's just like you said, the muscle tone vs. fat in your thighs might be what is causing it. As you continue to tone up I will be curious to see if it does make a difference!

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  3. DUUUDE. That happens to all of my pants and I'm so excited for it to NOT. I'm like you and will never be stick thin, my thighs will always touch, but maybe if they touch less, it won't happen as fast..haha.
    Literally, every pair of jeans I have right now has a patch right there. But what's the point in buying NEW jeans when I just want to get smaller??

    Anyway, I love your blog!